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Pitch your lookbook to Fashion Stylists for coverage in editorial productions. Get the stylist’s contacts at our media list section.

Discover fashion and beauty blogs and get hands on blogger contacts at Bloglovin.

Pitch your beauty products /beauty brand to TUSH Magazine.

When it comes to market fashion and beauty products, rather focus on an Emotional Selling Proposition (ESP = emotional) than on an Unique Selling Proposition (USP = functional).

When you plan to invest in an A-level celebrity testimonial, start with social media deals where the VIP posts your outfit. The Handbook provides celebs contacts at an affordable fee.

The Fashion Model Directory provides an international fashion magazine overview. Use it to expand your media list!

Swiss lifestyle magazin Trendmagazin offers free online publications. To get published, hand in your German language fashion news here.

Have your label be present on as many fashion platforms as possible. Partner up with Rebelle, online marketplace for first and second hand designer fashion, to have them sell your showpieces and pieces from old collections. Contact

List your label at and find your listing in the directories of different fashion magazines online. Also reach out to the stores they list on their website!

Get in contact with outfit-bloggers in your target markets at and offer them collection pieces in return for outfit posts.

Open a boutique at ASOS Marketplace to sell your pieces online.

Have a look at the PR distribution platform to pitch your product and image photos to fashion editors.


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