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Start an AMA (Ask Me Anything) at AMAfeed's MovieAMA channel to promote your expertise.

Try cross-media storytelling for your film promotion. You may create a Podcast from featured material.

Use your storytelling and production skills to create stories on Snapchat to catch a larger audience.

Post your shorts at Reddit's Sub Shortfilm - Have your work seen by the community, get feedback and exposure.

Filmmakers may check out Film Festival Life to plan and distribute films to festivals internationally.

Filmmakers who are located or shooting in Berlin: Medienboard is your go-to film institution for contacts and funding.

As a professional in the film industry in Berlin you should have your profile listed at the bbfc Berlin Brandenburg Film Commission.

Find an overview of all international film festivals at IMDb.

Post your Berlin projects and connect at this Facebook group: Junge Filmschaffende in Berlin.

Screen your short film in Berlin at the Open Screening in Sputnik cinema Kreuzberg. Every 3rd Wednesday,


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