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Contribute tracks to the Getty Images Music Portal to gain worlwide exposure.

Find music blogs in Germany to pitch your album to at

Submit your Berlin events and gigs to EXBERLINER, Berlin’s English language lifestyle magazine.

Whatever you do, stream it. Share live audio with Share panels and talks with a Google Hangout.

As a club owner in Berlin, booker, or nightlife event organiser you should meet up with Clubcommission Berlin. The association is promoting the club sector and supporting members with PR and lobbying.

To get your music business started in Berlin, join the Berlin Music Commission network.

Music Pool Berlin offers a free 45-minute orientation consultation. Also, check out their workshops for more music know-how and networking.

Musicboard Berlin is Berlin’s platform for festival fundings, grants and residencies for musicians. With Pop Kultur Berlin, they’re running the biggest festival and conference for music in Berlin together with a talent support. Contact them to see what’s in there for you!

Crowdfunding can be a great PR tool, too. Check for album fundings and releases.

Have your DJ artist profile at Resident Advisor, Berlin’s best nightlife promotion platform, and make sure to list your gigs.


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