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Submit your startup or product to to gain visibility amongst early adopters.

You built a pioneering IT solution? Ask your clients to review it at Gartner Peer Insights.

Founders who want to be interviewed, message Startups #nofilter on their Facebook page.

Use Klout to become an industry expert - Share valuable social media content in time and connect with influencers.

Make press releases available in different languages by using DeepL Translator.

Startups in Germany can add their profile to the database of

Ask for feedback to get interaction with and gain insights from your users by setting up a Typeform.

Find marketing assets to promote your iOS app here.

Submit your Mobile App or Messenger Bot to FbStart for the chance to get free credits on Facebook advertising.

Selling digital products? Try SendOwl – they do the painful job of automating ecommerce and have amazing support.

Set up a free startup profile with to connect with corporate brands and investors.

B2B startups might use to accelerate their beta!

Do not only pitch your product to journalists. Offer yourself as a protagonist. Share your founder story, niche know-how and your experiences.

With your MVP, start to collect Testimonials and publish them on your website.

To have in mind when building your MVP: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler“ -Albert Einstein

Find short, available single-word domain names at

Forget newsletter tools for press releases and pitches. Send personalized text emails to journalists and write authentic letters to the editors instead!

Startup space Factory Berlin is now giving away startup memberships for 50 € per month including a working desk and free entry to all their high level industry events.

Submit your startup for a review and backlink to Geekopedia.

Since most startups are disrupting an industry where they're newbies, carefully analyze the industry publications before pitching.

Are you already on Reddit? You can share your startup's elevator pitch in the monthly 'Share your startup' thread at Sub-Reddit Startups.

Get beta users! Submit your beta to BetaList to get subscribers for your early stage startup.

Find tech editor's Twitter profiles at

Provide a free or discounted deal for your product or service to the F6S community.

Take action to be found: List your startup in the section you're active in at AngelList - The industry uses it as a research tool.

Promote your B2C startup in your local startup scene: Distribute vouchers /flyers to co-working spaces in your city.

Grow your email list with LinkedIn: Export your LinkedIn contacts & import them into a workable Excel file

Introduce your startup to your local startup scene, e.g. in workshops and office hours presented by Startup Safari.


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