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PR on the GO is the new disruptive initiative from the people who brought up The Coup. PR on the GO is a soon to be released app that will get you direct access to media channels in your city. This keeps you in PR control! So no costly agencies needed.

How does it work?

1) Everyday you receive 1 or more PR hacks for the industry and city you subscribed to. 
2) If you like the hack, apply for it asap (yes you have to be quick, as they are mostly limited offers).
3) Get media attention.
4) Grow your business and make money. 

Great, when can I start?

To get you started, we have made a first selection with useful PR tips and links on this website. By signing up you are supporting us and you receive first PR hacks to grow your business. We go live with the app with 30,000 subscribers.

Any thing extra for me?

Yes! Because you are one of the first 30,000 subscribers, you get the first 6 months of free access to all cities!

From now on, PR is just a decision. 
Happy Growth Hacking!

“Print technology created the public. Electric technology created the mass.“

Marshall McLuhan, The Medium is the Massage

“Incredibly, the agency model has been one of the slowest businesses to adapt to the new world around us. The next generation of clients and CMO’s don’t need legacy pre-digital agency networks but new and fast ways of delivering results.“

Bethany Poole, Global Head of Marketing, Google

“The main job of PR professionals isn't impossible for an entrepreneur to do themselves. It's better to develop relationships with those folks directly than try to train a PR person to learn your business and figure it all out. Of course, there are always exceptions, but for the most part, do it yourself.“

Mark Cuban, self-made billionaire entrepreneur


Receive first PR hacks to grow your business and become a beta tester for the upcoming PR on the GO app!