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Become a partner

PRontheGO launches the partner network.

Are you a PR or marketing expert? Come on board and participate in a bigger network.

Benefits for partners

Promote yourself

PRontheGO educates entrepreneurs about the benefits of Public Relations. This also helps to promote you. As a partner, you get a free business profile on our website.

Get featured

As a partner you can contribute in the campaign blog. We will feature you in interviews and publish your expert articles. Make your expertise gain added attention for your PR consultancy business.

Receive goodies

All partners have access to campaign marketing materials (banners, brochures, roll-up banners, give-aways, posters and much more), all free of charge. Take it with you to events and show that you are part of an international network.

Earn commissions

Each partner will have access to the PRontheGO affiliate campaign. Recommend the PRontheGO services such as media list downloads and mentorships and earn up to 20% commission.

Be ambassador

As a campaign partner we will connect you with other engaged PR consultants in different cities of the world. Position yourself as the local PR expert: Report about the startup scene and media landscape from your city.

Network globally

PRontheGO will be hosting several network opportunities internationally with local media and the local startup scene. As a partner of the campaign you will be invited to participate and help to shape the future of Public Relations.

Recruit new clients

Raise your own visibility among entrepreneurs both locally and internationally. Become a PRontheGO mentor and get recommended from the PRontheGO team for PR consultancy requests.

Get support

Give and receive support throughout the partner network for your Social Media and Public Relation campaigns. Participate in our international network and have your messages spread all over the globe.

Partners pay an annual fee of $99. Payment is made in advance of services. Memberships can be cancelled annually.

How to become a partner


Let us know about yourself and your work. Fill out the application form below. We will review your application within 1-2 days.

Start the journey

A PRontheGO team member will be in touch with you to take you step-by-step on the PRontheGO journey.

Grow successful

Start enjoying the benefits of the partnership and the global network.

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