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21 Tips To Make Good Public Relations Even Better

How to increase your ongoing PR activities and PR success

We asked our PR and growth experts to advise entrepreneurs on how they can extend or improve their ongoing PR activities. What are new PR trends entrepreneurs should adapt to? Are there new PR tools out there for entrepreneurs to try?

Find the inspirational insights here.

1) AI Technology

Emily Reynolds Bergh, Founder of R Public Relations Firm

"AI is a growing PR trend that can be harnessed by entrepreneurs in nearly any industry. The technology can be used to source data, organize lists, and profile media preferences, making it an incredibly useful tool for any PR professional or burgeoning business owner. AI technology all but eliminates the need for shot-in-the-dark, lackluster, and ill-informed pitches. Entrepreneurs are often pressed for time, so the ability to push out one or two well-targeted, highly-personalized pitches can save them lots of time and money while capturing the attention of the media that matters."

2) Leverage Media Coverage

Meg Prejzner, CEO & Founder of Hackett Brand Consulting

"Extend the life of your media coverage by hyping up the news on all of your own channels before and after the media goes live. Don't be afraid to be your biggest fan, because if you're not sharing the news, how can you expect anyone else too?

You can share your news across email, social media, marketing pieces, website, and include it in your email signature. When posting on your website, you can do it in a blog or press room or "as featured in."

The biggest takeaway is to be proud of your PR coverage and making it in the news - don't be afraid to share it!"

3) Taking part in community and industry events.

Kenny Kline, President & Financial Lead at BarBend

"In my opinion, Events are a wonderful chance to advertise your brand, network with influential industry experts, and engage your target audience. It does not mean you may plan your own activities and call it a day. It is also beneficial to donate to and participate in events sponsored by other local businesses. The easiest way to do this is to speak on problems that you are knowledgeable about, to ask questions during panel discussions, or to set up an information booth. This sort of action will help you get exposure"

4) Bring attention to your charity activities.

Jeff Mains, CEO at Champion Leadership Group LLC

"The public's interest in supporting a local business might be aroused when it learns about the company's charitable giving and community involvement. For instance, a public relations campaign that informs the public about a small business's monetary commitment to a retirement home would portray the company in a positive light. This can boost a company's image of trust and respect, improving public perception."

5) Newsjacking

James Angel, Co-Founder of DYL

"I think that in public relations, newsjacking is a must-have strategy. Keeping an eye on breaking news and capitalizing on opportunities to position your brand at the forefront of conversations by contributing expert analysis and opinion is key. This necessitates promptness, flexibility, and a level of professionalism. Although preliminary work may be required, the payoff is well worth the effort. It's a foolproof method of gaining Google's and potential consumers' respect and trust. Useful insights and professional comments from credible spokespeople can result in links and brand mentions in breaking news articles. As a result, your brand's organic search ranks might rise rapidly, bringing in more revenue."

6) Game Content Upgrade

Tia Campbell, Director of Marketing at Practice Reasoning Tests

"Investigate content design, which includes coming up with concepts for the content you create. You are going to require new kinds of material that are of a high standard, can be used in a variety of contexts, and are interesting because of the distinctive viewpoints they take. In addition to this, it should be able to accommodate a variety of content formats, including written, visual, and aural. It's important not to undervalue the role that content plays in driving shareability and action."

7) Participate In A Customer's Success

Sandra Rios, Director of Client Services at Buzz Agency

"In my opinion, this is the single most effective strategy for enhancing public perception. When you can clearly explain how using your product or service has benefited a customer's personal or professional life, you will see a dramatic uptick in your marketing results. While doing so, I gained a better understanding of how our solution compared to others previously tried by the customer."

8) Share Your Story to Introduce Your Brand

Mike Owens, Digital Marketing & Growth Director at HostingRevelations

"This, in my view, is the single most important piece of guidance for improving the standard of effective public relations. Inform the audience about your background, experience, and the relevance of your work. As a result of their focus on the product, most leaders of startups never talk about where they came from. Early on, I found that telling stories helped establish rapport with clients and earn their trust."

9) Show How Your Solution Benefits People

Steve Rose, Vice President at MoneyTransfers

"If you ask me, this is the best way to boost your PR right now. Public relations is not an aim in itself and must be woven into the fabric of your organization. In the end, it's all about the customers. You'll have a higher market value if the problem you're solving for them is more significant. Promote your idea by explaining its significance and how you came up with a way to implement it. Show them that you have assisted them in the past."

10) Find Creative Angles

Rene Delgado, Founder & CEO at Shop Indoor Golf

"If you want to get the media's attention, you must create a distinctive angle. Avoid being careless and sending identical press releases to many journalists through email because most of them will disregard it. In your pitch letter, be sure to mention the media outlet and, if possible, the journalist. A tailored pitch shows that you have thought through your approach and put organization and time into it.. Many publications want to write about something that would genuinely engage the audience, rather than just a simple notification. Make sure your message is appropriate by doing some research to find out what kinds of stories the media outlet covers."

11) Get Input From Stakeholders.

Bram Jansen, Co-Founder of VPNAlert

"In my experience, this is the single most effective way to boost PR. Do not wait to solicit input from customers and other interested parties. Check that it is consistent with the goals, strategies, and core values of your business, and if it isn't, start thinking of methods to change that right away. One of the most important aspects of public relations "on brand" is genuine engagement with internal and external stakeholders. Tell others about your experience and how you were able to turn things around."

12) Anticipate User Needs And Post Regularly

Tia Campbell, Director of Marketing at Practice Reasoning Tests

"In my opinion, this is the single most effective method for strengthening the PR initiatives that are already in place. Being proactive in public relations is a huge plus. Video and audio podcasts can help you establish yourself as an expert in your field. Keep up a regular posting schedule, whether that's once a day or several times a week. This manner, when you receive publicity, everyone can immediately gauge your current significance."

13) Determine Your Message

Jamie Penney, Owner & Operator of MyHomeDwelling

"The value proposition and brand values that you will communicate to the public may be created after you have the perfect depiction of your consumer and market. Depending on the sort of outreach you're looking for or the type of campaign you're running in this situation, verbal and nonverbal communication will alter. It is crucial to have a broad mission statement that outlines your audience's underlying values. Therefore, bear in mind that the messages you convey in support of your particular initiatives will differ accordingly. For instance, submitting a press release to a magazine to advertise a new brand campaign differs from trying to secure a speaking engagement. Create messages you know your ideal consumers want to hear using the information you've gathered about them."

14) Perfect Your Pitch.

Andrew Johnson, Owner & CEO of Prime Seamless

"You can't assume that the media will voluntarily want to highlight your company. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to contact the media with the news. Explain to them why your business is the greatest option for their coverage. Your pitch is your first effort to successfully get in touch with a media outlet and ask them to write a story about your company. Write concise proposals to convince a newspaper, magazine, TV, or other networks to produce content around you. Assess the relevance of your campaign to their intended readers and/or viewers. Use your brand's value offerings to highlight your desire as well."

15) Make A Strategic Media Contact List.

Austin Fain, Owner of Perfect Steel Solutions

"As you create new items or start new promotions, you'll constantly be searching for fresh, original methods to keep up a positive public image. Therefore, be careful to create the basis for developing your contact list of reliable media links. This will provide you with a supply of resources to draw from later on when you want to expand your reach. Create an orderly spreadsheet of possible connections and industry influencers in this regard. You should pick those that you believe could be interested in your offering. Find out as much as you can about these possible media connections, just like you would your audience. Most crucial, find topics to relate to them so that you can count on their support and appreciation for your efforts. Reach out to them using your pitches."

16) Share Testimonials

Andrew Chen, Chief Product Officer of Videeo

"The best kind of publicity is that which comes from people outside the business. As a result, what a company’s employees, customers, and suppliers have to say about them is considered very trustworthy. Encourage people who interact with your brand to share their experiences with others online. It is a good idea to share reviews and testimonials from happy customers expressing their enthusiasm for your products. You should always be sure to ask permission to use a testimonial on their behalf before publishing it. If possible, try to get video testimonials, and feature customer case studies. A good testimonial can boost your reputation as a successful company."

17) Increase Engagement

Troy Portillo, Director of Operations of Studypool

"Improve your ongoing PR activities by building a solid social media presence and website engagement. So many of the trends that are most valued have to do with engagement over promotion. Whether you're using social media, podcasts, newsletters, or digital media, your content must be intriguing and meaningful. Engage with your audience, respond diligently to their answers and concerns. Consistent communication and collaboration within your PR team that revolves around brand collaboration on social media is a great way to start improving your PR activity today."

18) Value Delivery

James Dyble, Managing Director at Global Sound Group

"Go above and beyond with value delivery. Recipients anticipate receiving value due to your public relations (PR) efforts. However, if you go the extra mile to satisfy their relevant prerequisites, you will suddenly turn good PR into exceptional PR."

19) Value Communications

Matias Rodsevich, CEO at PRLab

"An ethical audience is emerging. Consumers are actively seeking out brands that are purposeful against those that are not. Know your brand values inside out, model these values, and communicate these values to your audience to take this audience into account.

Using Muck Rack, you can find journalists, get press for your story, monitor the news, and evaluate the impact of your PR. Their database has an extensive list of journalists, podcasters, influencers, and other media professionals. Muck Rack lets you build campaign reports and offers high-quality, targeted outreach, not simply spray-and-pray."

20) Adopt Sustainable Techniques

Sean Harris, Managing Editor at FamilyDestinationsGuide

"Adopt sustainable techniques to improve good public relations for your company. Your company needs to update sustainable policies to distinguish out as a conscientious organization as the number of eco-conscious people rises daily. This can enhance your brand's reputation and PR. To contribute to a sustainable world, one can begin by updating sustainable workplace practices, switching to green commuting, and taking the recycling initiative. Being sustainable is a terrific way for companies to fulfill their social obligation to society and improve their reputation."

21) Extend Your Owned Media

Brianna Regine Walston, Founder & CEO of BRVC

"PR allows entrepreneurs to proactively control their narrative. Traditionally, this is done in the form of earned media opportunities that result in interviews, commentary, features or bylines on print, digital and broadcast media. I encourage entrepreneurs to seek earned media, but to not solely focus on it. Instead, it should be a strategy that works in conjunction with owned media– aka a branded blog, podcast or newsletter. If you intentionally use owned media platforms to showcase your brand story and value, you’ll constantly serve your target audience with information they care about. More importantly, you’ll have assets that demonstrate your expertise, which is attractive to the editors, producers and hosts of third-party platforms.

Though costly, tools like Muck Rack and Propel PR are effective when it comes to finding earned media contacts quickly and creating recap reports. However, if your budget is tight, with resourceful research skills, tenacity and patience, you can reach your target contacts without these tools. If you decide to use owned media, most website hosts have blogging capabilities; Mailchimp and Convertkit are great for newsletters; and is great for uploading your podcast onto all streaming platforms."


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