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Public Relations Hacks: How To Best Pitch International Business Press

How to best pitch international business media

What kind of topics are the best fit to reach out to business journalists? What are the most relevant global business media outlets? Why can business media coverage be a game changer for startup success? We asked our PR and growth experts to provide entrepreneurs with their top tips.

Best For Launches & "Hot" Topics

Francis Perdue, Publicist & Owner at Perdue Inc.

"For business journalists a topic should be based on exciting incidents such as a product/service launch, new product/service, breaking news, exclusives or a new twist on a "hot" topic. There are lots of relevant global business media outlets in a traditional public relations standpoint but there are non-traditional outlets that have great audiences and reach as well. Some international outlets include but not limited to BBC, Al Jazerra, Daily Express, Daily Mail, Google News (IBT)International Business Times, Business Insider (varies in countries like India have their own version) and NTD, is a favorite because their topics vary and they are internationally distributed through Youtube."

Business Media Coverage Signals Growth

Sarah Mawji, Managing Director of Tech PR Firm Sevans PR

"Press coverage in business media is crucial because it signals growth. Startups typically start off with being covered in local media or niche trade publications. Once your startup begins securing tier 1 business media opportunities it means the business has credibility to inform broader audiences and therefore legs to gain higher-level exposure.

The best way to pitch international business press is using investors, customers and/or executive spokespersons situated within the key international markets that you want to target. Journalists are often bound by jurisdiction. If you have any recent announcements, growth metrics specific to a journalist's market or can provide thought leadership insights on stories they may be working on, these are key tactics to use to extend your company's presence across the global marketplace."

Make Use Of LinkedIn

Daniel Foley, Director at

"Using common locations of engagement to showcase your brand or business is the most effective strategy to expand your PR outreach. For business professionals, Linkedin has always been the go-to place. It's no surprise that it's become a source of information for making connections and cultivating contacts, with over 675 million members worldwide. Linkedin, for example, provides a straightforward way to communicate with people outside of your network in more significant ways, from journalist contacts to possible prospects. This is a fantastic method to begin developing a public relations campaign strategy by interacting with your target audience as well as the media who will ideally be covering you."

Tap Into Markets Internationally

Lattice Hudson, Founder at Lattice & Co

"Pitching your business to international journalists can be a great way to both gain recognition and tap into markets internationally. Magazines such as Business Insider and Forbes are internationally recognised and read by people all over the globe. When pitching to these internationally recognised journalists, The trick is to tailor your pitch to the journalist and his or her publication. Send the email to the journalist directly and ensure your pitch is uniquely tailored and relevant to the requirements of that publication. You can read a few of their articles that are relevant to your niche and explain why your company is comparable or what you liked about them; this gives you an advantage over other pitches that come in."

Understand The Culture Of The Media

Benjamin Di’Costa, Senior Account Executive for M-Squared Public Relations

"Oftentimes many companies and brands expand globally without the understanding they are entering new markets in a Public Relations deficit based on a number of factors like cultural understanding, lack of understanding of international media, and expanding into too many markets without a solid intentional media relations strategy.

When growing into a foreign media market it’s imperative to research the major media outlets of those territories. Oftentimes major media in foreign countries can be controlled by political elites or business families. Aside from the control of media, it’s also important to understand the culture of the media based on region, territory, or country."

Incorporate The Story With Cultural Insights

Daniel Carter, Marketing Specialist at

"After you've done your study, you'll have a better understanding of the people in that culture, their rituals, and their values, giving your team the cultural sensitivity they'll need in the pitch.

Try to incorporate expressions from that culture into your narrative to show the writer that you are familiar with the culture and the outlet's readers, even if you aren't a local of the market."

Target Audience Investors

Marco Genaro Palma, Head SEO Manager at PRLab

"The perfect content for business media outlets is content that marks a brand’s achievements. This is simply due to the reason that the most likely expected target audience for a business outlet are investors. Such a target audience is especially important for startups that need a breakthrough. Thus, you want to release content that puts emphasis on what your brand is achieving. Relevant business media outlets across the world include Financial Times, The Economist, Fortune, Forbes, etc. So if you’re pitching to a business media outlet, make sure to stress on your success story."

Trending Ideas Related To World Happenings

Leslie Radka, Founder & Hiring Manager of GreatPeopleSearch

"To attract journalists, I would say to present the latest and trending ideas related to what is happening in the world. For example, entrepreneurs can present ideas related to the Metaverse, The Great Resignation or what they can do for the business world when the competition is increasing every passing day. There is a lot to say about when you are pitching to International journalists.

Tribune, The New York Times and DailyMail are the most relevant and reliable global business media outlets which I prefer for my business."

Provide Original Research

Leszek Dudkiewicz, Head of Marketing at Passport-Photo Online

"A topic, to be engaging and captivating, should include original research, expert commentaries, visually-appealing infographics, and newsworthy stories.

Some topics can be sutured - just think of the work world. However, it is necessary to make it original, proving a new and unique viewpoint, with data and stats support. Moreover, pitch your topic to the right journalist, those who have already covered that topic, showing your original perspective and why your idea can add value to the journalist's previous article.

Getting press coverage by global business outlets such as BBC, the New York Times, or CNBC, for a startup means growing visibility and credibility too."

Leverage Start-Up Business Journals

Michelle Devani, Founder of lovedevani

"Pitching can be tricky because it appears simple at first, but it is crucial in the long run, particularly when pitching to a foreign business media. I recommend that you choose topics that are relevant to the subjects covered by most business journalists. When it comes to locating the perfect journalist, I have a trick: I utilize Google News to search for relevant journalists in my niche. Also, leverage press coverage for start-up business journals because it gets your word out to a broader audience and strengthens your company image and operations."

Thank you! Find contact addresses of international business media outlets to pitch to in our Media Lists section.

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