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How Does An Entrepreneur Communicate Effectively With The PR Team?

PRontheGO Julia Voloshchenko

Public Relations Specialist in IT with 4+ years of experience. With excellent communication and strategy skills, Julia helps technology companies spread their message to major media outlets.

The effectiveness of a PR campaign depends not only on interesting information, but also on the communication between the entrepreneur and the PR team. In order to be on the same page, it is important to interact with the PR team and support it. In this article I would like to tell how an entrepreneur can help the PR team and build communication with it.

1) Share statistics, revenue figures and other numbers with the PR team

As you know, journalists love numbers and statistics. But not all entrepreneurs want to share revenue and other numbers, which makes it difficult for the PR team. What to do in that case?

Your company can prepare a report about your field or your technology and share it with the media without disclosing your revenue figures. Alternatively, you can prepare a document with the data that the entrepreneur is willing to share and give access to this document to the PR team, so they can quickly communicate with journalists.

2) Keep in touch with the PR team, asking about results and thanking them for successful PR campaigns

“Keeping in touch” means communicating with the PR team on a daily basis, but don't overdo it with constant monitoring. Believe me, PR specialists are professionals who know what they're doing. They are just as interested as you are in making sure the company gets as much media coverage as possible and that your personal brand develops and grows.

Have a meeting with your PR team once a week and hear about the results, but remember that PR is a long process, and you can't get results in one day.

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3) Set real KPIs

KPIs in PR are still a matter of debate. For some, the indicator is the number of publications issued over a certain period of time, and for others the citation index or site traffic.

Before launching a PR campaign and PR promotion, decide together with your PR team what goals and KPI you want to achieve. This allows you to adjust your PR strategy and stick to certain plans.

4) Discuss strategy, goals, and mission together

This seems difficult at times, but listen to the PR team. They are more likely to interact with the media and know the specifics of their work.
Together, adjust your PR strategy, discuss goals, and think about the company's mission and values.

The more effective and organized your interaction with the PR team, the more results you'll get. It's important to work together as a team, so that you can be confident in each other at all times.

Remember to provide up-to-date data and information, communicate your expectations and desires, and adjust your goals and strategy in time. Then you will avoid crisis situations, and you will not have to resort to anti-crisis PR.

Common and established work will help you achieve amazing results, which will be a long-term investment in you and your company.


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