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Author: Nefeli Papagheorghiou

Nefeli is pursuing a Master's Degree in PR and Mass Communications at DEREE, The American College of Greece, with a passion for community, events, and screenwriting. She starts her PR ON THE GO journey with a focus on entertainment and indie film.

Let's navigate the cinematic cosmos with must-read magazines for emerging filmmakers.

The charm and the originality of independent film scene are not always recognized however, resources are available to aid and inspire creatives throughout their cinematic journey.

The list of indie magazines listed below was carefully crafted for you in order to drive you to your big break. You will take a trip through the pages of the most influential indie film magazines, showcasing the intersection of innovation and storytelling, where emerging talent can shine. These publications function not only as windows into the world of independent film but also as guides, directing artists towards prominent trends, opportunities and a spirited community that takes pride in the independent cinema.

Let's delve into the pages of these media outlets and open a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration for the independent filmmaker.

Beneficial Shock!

Beneficial Shock! is an annual magazine for film lovers and illustration enthusiasts that promotes progressive thinking by contemporary image makers. It explores crucial elements of cinema that are often marginalized or overlooked.

Filmmaker Magazine

Filmmaker Magazine is a detailed guide for filmmakers, examining the creative and commercial aspects of cinema. It serves as a valuable resource, providing expert perspectives, industry trends, and practical advice to navigate the complex world of filmmaking. The magazine accompanies filmmakers on their cinematic journey and presents behind-the-scenes analyses of the industry's most influential filmmakers, including case studies, interviews, and profiles. IndieWire annually publishes the "25 New Faces of Independent Film" list, which identifies and highlights promising emerging talent.


IndieWire is a versatile platform that covers the intersection of entertainment and culture. It is a place where cinephiles can engage with the latest in cinema, television and beyond. IndieWire provides a varied and captivating platform for film enthusiasts and industry professionals and extends its influence through podcasts, interviews, reviews, industry analysis and video content.

Film Threat

Film Threat is a magazine that celebrates the unconventional and challenges the norm in film. With a punk-rock spirit, it embraces a rebellion against the predictable. Its pages contain interviews, features, and reviews that offer a fresh perspective on the ever-changing world of cinema. The platform places a firm emphasis on independent and underground cinema, making it a go-to resource for those seeking alternatives to mainstream film culture.

No Film School

No Film School serves as a hub for filmmakers in search of knowledge, inspiration, and community. It is a reliable resource for tutorials, industry insights and a platform that allows filmmakers to connect, share their ideas and learn from each other whether you are an experienced professional or an aspiring filmmaker.

MovieMaker Magazine

MovieMaker Magazine is a filmmaker's tool, offering insights, tips, and interviews with industry experts. It serves as a guide for aspiring filmmakers and provides a behind-the-scenes look into the world of filmmaking. Moreover, the magazine aids filmmakers in the movie-making industry by publishing its yearly “Best Places to Live and Work as a Moviemaker” list, which guides filmmakers towards optimal locations for their projects.

The Independent Film Magazine

The Independent Film Magazine celebrates the diverse voices and narratives of independent cinema. It goes beyond mainstream reviews to provide a platform for indie filmmakers and thought-provoking articles that celebrate the unique and unconventional in film. It actively promotes the indie film community, making it a must-read for those looking for new viewpoints outside of the mainstream cinema.


A haven for film lovers, Cineaste explores the cultural and social impact of cinema. It goes beyond the typical film review, offering nuanced criticism, in-depth interviews and analysis that delve deep into the art of filmmaking. The magazine's commitment to in-depth analysis also extends to its book reviews and film festival coverages. The magazine connects scholars and movie fans, encouraging a better comprehension of cinema as an artistic expression and a cultural impact.

Bright Wall/Dark Room

Film and storytelling come together in Bright Wall/Dark Room. It's not just a journal; it's a canvas on which words bring pictures and stories to life. Each piece takes readers on a journey into the essence of storytelling and provides them with a unique, engaging experience. Bright Wall/Dark Room focuses on personal essays about the emotional and psychological aspects of film. The magazine often features well-known writers' contributions, offering a unique and reflective way of reviewing films.

Screen Daily

Screen Daily provides daily updates on cinematic news and insights to keep readers informed of the latest happenings in the world of movies. From recent breaking news to detailed analyses, Screen Daily is a comprehensive guide, offering behind-the-scenes access to the constantly evolving landscape of cinema.

Little White Lies

Little White Lies an enjoyable magazine on cinema that merges film and art, offering thought-provoking stories, beautiful images, and unique interviews and opinions. Each issue is a celebration of the extraordinary present in cinema, challenging the mundane and redefining the way we experience and appreciate movies. The magazine brings together the realms of cinema and art, delivering a stimulating experience.

MUBI Notebook

Notebook is a publication dedicated to the art and culture of cinema, created as an extension of the indie film streaming platform MUBI.

Cinema Scope

Cinema Scope is a magazine that provides a comprehensive guide to the latest global cinema trends, offering thought-provoking critiques, exclusive interviews, and thorough analysis that surpasses the big screen. Cinema Scope isn't just about films, it's a cinematic journey waiting to happen. Immerse yourself in a world of film culture with the magazine’s annual list of the top 10 films, a tradition that has been going on since its conception in 1999.

The Film Stage

The Film Stage is a top resource for independent and world cinema. It offers comprehensive festival coverage, interviews, reviews, podcasts and features.

It is distinguished by its thought-provoking features, including retrospectives and in-depth explorations of film movements. It is aimed at cinephiles seeking a deeper understanding of cinema's historical and cultural contexts.

Reverse Shot

Reverse Shot is a publication of the Museum of the Moving Image located in the United States. It offers an innovative approach to film criticism as a space where conventional opinions are challenged, and cinema is explored from new angles. Reverse Shot's distinctive method entails filmmakers critiquing each other's work, creating a sense of camaraderie within the industry. It presents a fresh perspective on films and encourages dialogue between filmmakers and critics.

Sight and Sound

Sight and Sound is a prestigious British film magazine published by the British Film Institute (BFI) renowned for its in-depth coverage of cinema. It provides critical analysis, reviews and features on a wide range of films, including independent and international releases. Sight & Sound combines scholarly articles with accessible content, bridging the gap between academic and mainstream audiences. It covers a wide range of genres, periods and cultural influences in cinema.

A Rabbit’s Foot

A Rabbit's Foot takes a quirky approach to film appreciation, exploring the enchanting and magical aspects of cinema.


Retrospective Magazine is a haven for classic film lovers, delving deep into the history of cinema. With a dedicated focus on retrospectives, the magazine provides more than a glimpse into the past, offering enriching analysis, insightful interviews and features on timeless films that have not only shaped the medium, but also left an everlasting mark on the hearts of cinephiles. It is an essential companion for anyone who appreciates the timeless beauty and enduring impact of cinema's golden moments.


Seen is a journal of film, art, and visual culture, dedicated to platforming nuanced and rigorous writing by and about Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities globally. Its unwavering commitment to inclusivity ensures that a rich tapestry of stories is not only seen, but celebrated by a global audience, making it an essential hub for those passionate about discovering fresh and diverse voices in the cinematic landscape.

Doesn't Exist

Doesn't Exist magazine challenges traditional notions of storytelling and reality in cinema. Focusing on experimental and avant-garde films, the magazine explores the limitless possibilities of the cinematic medium. It not only pushes boundaries but questions the very nature of existence in the world of film, making it a trailblazer for those seeking a transformative and thought-provoking journey through the avant-garde landscape of cinema.


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