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Learn From The Masters Of Product Launches

The art of a flawless product launch is nothing short of a finely crafted masterpiece. In this expert panel, we'll explore exciting examples from entertainment and tech, offering practical insights you can use for your business.

PR Advice

Metrics that Matter: How Entrepreneurial PR Efforts Can Shine with Data Insights

Understanding the metrics that truly matter can be the key to unlocking the full potential of your entrepreneurial PR efforts. Learn more in this expert panel

Startup PR

How Build-in-Public Can Benefit Your PR Strategy: Insights and Examples

In this expert panel, we delve into how 'build-in-public' initiatives are not only redefining the way startups present themselves but also amplifying their reach and impact.

PR Expert Panel

Sweat the PR Game: How Fitness Challenges Propel Brands

Discover how fitness challenges offer a novel PR strategy merging vitality with brand promotion.

PR Expert Panel

Get Fit for PR Success: Public Relations Explained Like a Fitness Journey

Welcome to a unique exploration of the world of Public Relations, where we've teamed up with PR and growth experts to shed light on this dynamic field through the lens of a fitness journey.

PR Expert Panel

How To Push Boundaries In Your Industry With PR - Top Campaign Examples

In this expert panel, we delve into the realm of visionary PR campaigns that exemplify the art of pushing boundaries.

PR Advice

Top of the Menu: Proven PR Tactics For Food & Beverage Brands

In this expert panel, we delve into the world of public relations and growth strategies specifically tailored for food and beverage brands.

PR Advice

Unlocking Opportunities: When and How to Organize a Press Trip for Optimal Business Growth

Press trips offer a unique opportunity to showcase the essence and value of your brand while fostering meaningful connections and generating positive publicity. To help you optimize your business growth through press trips, we've gathered insightful tips from CEOs, Co-Founders, and PR experts.

Going Global

Benefits and PR Strategies for Taking Your Local Business International

Learn how even a family farm that started out selling eggs at local farmers' markets has expanded its reach into a nationally recognized brand.

At The Newsstand

Indie Music Magazines To Watch Out For In 2023

Who covers the indie music scene in 2023? Watch out for these indie music magazines to read, pitch, and contribute.

Startup Advice

Harnessing the Power of Brand Ambassadors: A Playbook for Entrepreneurs

In this feature article, we unlock the secrets to building a formidable network of brand ambassadors. Curated by our team of PR and growth experts, this playbook offers invaluable insights into the crucial role brand ambassadors can play for both B2B and consumer brands.

Entrepreneur Advice

Mastering the Art of Bold Public Relations: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

Going bold in your public relations campaign can be highly cost-effective and rewarding in terms of reach. However, there are a few things to consider. Our PR and growth experts share their advice and the latest top examples of bold PR campaigns.

Entrepreneur Interviews

What was the PR success story of your business, and how did you get there?

We interviewed 18 entrepreneurs who grew their businesses with DIY PR and marketing techniques. We asked them: What was the PR success story of your business, and how did you get there?

Film Festival

Film Festival The Athletic Coup Opens Film Submissions

The Athletic Coup was born out of a desire to uncover the inspirational stories of amateur athletes and niche sports performed in remote areas of the world. It premieres in May 2024 in Athens, Greece. Filmmakers from all over the world are now invited to submit their film.

Media News

At the newsstand: My List Of New Lifestyle Magazines To Discover In 2023

PR ON THE GO founder Melanie Marten lists the best new entries in the lifestyle media landscape in 2023. Ready? Read, pitch, and contribute!

Startup Advice

Press Pitch vs. Investor Pitch: Understanding the Key Differences for Media Coverage and Funding Success

We asked our PR and growth experts to advise startups about the format of a press pitch versus an investor pitch. They will answer the question: How is a press pitch aimed at getting media coverage different from an investor pitch aimed at getting funding?

Growth Hacks

The Ultimate Guide To Growth Hacking Strategies For Entrepreneurs

We asked PR & growth experts worldwide for their best growth hacking tips and strategies. See their best 12 growth hacking strategy ideas for indie makers, startups, and creators.

Expert Interview

Meet Kristen Skladd, Publicist and Founder of The KMS Group

Former journalist turned publicist: Kristen Skladd holds nearly 15 years of experience in the media industries. For PRontheGO, Kristen provides an insight into her work as a publicist.

Entrepreneur Book

One Great Mind – A Woman In Business Story From Europe

The debut book by entrepreneur and PR ON THE GO founder Melanie Marten is now available on Amazon.

PR ON THE GO Expert Panel

Meet the PR & growth hacking experts. September 5, 2023. Online. Free.

For entrepreneurs, indie makers and creators, our experts provide insight into the power of PR.

Expert Interview

Meet Andrea Sok, Founder & CEO of SOK Influencer PR

For PR ON THE GO, Andrea shares insights from her extensive experience in influencer marketing and PR. Read her tips for entrepreneurs on how to get started with influencer PR.

PR Advice

Beyond the Pitch: Building Long-Term Relationships in Public Relations

Discover the benefits of nurturing long-term relationships with stakeholders, including journalists, influencers, and clients, as we explore strategies for savvy entrepreneurs in this article.


How Does An Entrepreneur Communicate Effectively With The PR Team?

In this article, guest contributor Julia Voloshchenko shares insights on the importance of effective communications in between the entrepreneur and the PR team. Learn how often you should communicate with your PR team, and what information you need to share for best PR success.


Why Creativity Is Key To Effective Modern Workplace Leadership

In this article, guest contributor Julia Voloshchenko evaluates creative leadership as the foundation to develop unique and unconventional solutions, and how to become a creative leader.

PR Advice

Elevate Your Business with Thought Leadership: Expert Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Thought leadership plays a crucial role in PR by positioning entrepreneurs as authoritative voices within their industries. Our experts share insights and tactics.

PR Advice

How Introducing New Terms To Describe Your Brand Can Make You Stand Out

Introducing new terms and keywords to describe your brand can be a highly effective PR strategy to set yourself apart and capture the attention of potential customers.

PR Advice

Collaboration vs. Competition: What Can Entrepreneurs Learn From Each Other?

In this article, guest contributor Julia Voloshchenko shares how competition turned into collaboration will give you and your business a (competitive) advantage.

PR Advice

Breaking Free from the AI Paradox: Embracing Authenticity and Unleashing Human Ingenuity

In this article, PRontheGO founder Melanie Marten shares three ideas for producing content output in ways that artificial intelligence cannot yet cover.


Melanie Marten in interview with HackerNoon

'F*ck It, It Can't Be That Hard to Code' says Melanie Marten of PRontheGO

PR Advice

Pitch-Perfect: The 5 Essential Questions To Ask Before Reaching Out To The Press

In this article, guest contributor Julia Voloshchenko shares the 5 questions entrepreneurs should ask themselves before submitting their media pitch.

Expert Interview

Meet Emily Reynolds Bergh, Founder of R Public Relations Firm

For PR ON THE GO, Emily shares insights on her career path as a PR agency owner and tips for entrepreneurs on how to manage their PR!

PR Advice

Find Your Voice: Defining Your Tone with ChatGPT for PR Success

Our PR & growth experts advise on how to define and activate your unique tone of voice for PR success from ChatGPT's default tone.

PR Advice

Networking 101 for Entrepreneurs: Tips to Build a Strong Network

Our PR & growth experts share insights and strategies to motivate you to build a strong network as an opportunity for business growth.


Entrepreneurial Gold: Discover the Ultimate Reading List for Business Success

We've compiled the ultimate reading list for business success, filled with books that have been recommended by successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. Some of them have reached cult status.

PR 101

The Essential Image Material You Need for a Stand-Out Press Kit

Whether you are a startup, solopreneur, or an established business, having strong image material can make all the difference in the competitive media world. Learn which images you need to provide in your press kit in this article.

Expert Interview

PRontheGO interview with Paige Arnof-Fenn

Introducing Paige Arnof-Fenn - an absolute powerhouse in the world of marketing and entrepreneurship! She is the founder of Mavens & Moguls, an exclusive network of highly experienced marketing professionals with expertise in companies of all sizes.

Expert Interview

Evan Nierman: Mastering Crisis Communication in a World of Cancel Culture

PRontheGO Expert Interview: Learn Effective Crisis Communications from Cancel Culture Curse Author Evan Nierman

PR 101

DIY Public Relations: Tips and Tricks for Creators

DIY PR empowers creators to share their unique vision with the world. Check out these tips to promote your work effectively and build your brand without breaking the bank.

Tone Of Voice

How Does a TOV Affect a Startup and Business Performance?

In this article, guest contributor Julia Voloshchenko emphasizes the importance of Tone Of Voice (TOV) in marketing and PR. It forms early in brand strategy, shaping audience interaction and value communication.

PR Inspiration

This Is How You Increase Your PR Output In 2023

PR is all about focusing on output. Output is 100% in the control of the entrepreneur, and focusing on what we can control is the best way to get the outcome we want. Read the expert guide on how to unlock PR success through output in 2023.

PR Inspiration

Why Does a Startup CEO Need a Personal Blog?

In this article, guest contributor Julia Voloshchenko inspires CEOs to start blogging to successfully develop their business and personal brand.

Entrepreneur Advice

The Rise of AI-Powered Entrepreneurship: Trends and Predictions for the Future

Kristian Kabashi, technologist and visionary on the future of work, explores the latest trends and predictions in AI-powered entrepreneurship.

PR Inspiration

How Do Businesses and CEOs Work Effectively With LinkedIn?

In this article, guest contributor Julia Voloshchenko motivates you to use LinkedIn as an effective social network for business development.

PR Inspiration

Unlock Your Expertise: Why Publishing a Book Is a Major PR Asset

This expert panel explores the benefits of publishing a business book as an entrepreneur to establish thought leadership, attract new customers, and enhance PR efforts.

PR Inspiration

How To Get Creative In Public Relations

With increasing competition and limited reach through traditional PR methods, entrepreneurs must think creatively to get their message across. To help you get started, we've gathered expert advice on how to get creative with public relations and make a lasting impression on your audience.

Founder Advice

How Does a Startup Organize a Strong Social Media Community?

In this guest post, PR expert Julia Voloshchenko shares why it is important for a startup or any business to build a strong community around itself, the action steps and the benefits of doing so.

PR 1x1

What Is The Role Of A Boilerplate In Public Relations?

For startups and solopreneurs who want to raise awareness and build their reputation, we'll explain one of the most often overlooked key tools used in communications: the boilerplate.

Founder Advice

Melanie Marten, Founder of PRontheGO, Shares Valuable Insights Into the Power of PR

Read about the vision and mission of PRontheGO in this interview with ValiantCEO: "We are building PRontheGO to provide digital PR intelligence to entrepreneurs worldwide. Our biggest strength is the accessibility of our resources, which is an excellent tool for anyone looking to start or scale a business."

Founder Advice

The Importance Of Owned Media In PR

When it comes to PR, there's no denying the importance of owned media. What is owned media and what are the benefits of using it for PR success? Learn from the experts.

Founder Advice

How To Get Media Exposure For A One-Person Business

Many solopreneurs shy away from public relations because they don't know where to start. See these best PR tips and advice on how to get media exposure for your one-person business.

PR Insights

Why Are Top Entrepreneurs Often Masters In Public Relations?

Learn some of the ways top entrepreneurs master PR and how you can apply them to your own business.

PR Advice

How To Make Your Media Interview Answers Exciting

With several interview opportunities coming in, entrepreneurs often give the same answers. We explain why and how to avoid repetitive interview answers, and the importance of unveiling a different part of the story with each interview.

Founder Advice

PR For A Startup: Where To Start?

In this guest post, PR expert Julia Voloshchenko shares basic actions if you are planning to start implementing PR activities for your startup.

Founder Advice

How Gamification Can Help to Attract New Consumers and Retain Old Ones

In this guest post, PR expert Julia Voloshchenko shares inspiration for entrepreneurs on the topic of gamification.

Founder Advice

How To Generate High-End Prices As A Personal Trainer

In this guest article, self-made consultancy owner Marianne Lehikoinen shares her growth advice for self-employed personal trainers.

Founder Advice

What Kind Of Content Is Best To Publish When You're Just Starting Out?

Where to start with content? PR expert Julia Voloshchenko gives advice and ideas for content strategy and content creation for founders.

Experts Interview

PRontheGO Expert Interview With Kent Lewis Of Deksia

Meet Kent, Chief Marketing Officer, PR veteran, adjunct professor and social entrepreneur. For PRontheGO, Kent gives insights into his digital marketing approach and growth skills.

PR Experts

PRontheGO Expert Interview With Trenice J. Brinkley Of Two Queens Media

Meet Trenice, publisher and communications professional. For PRontheGO, Trenice gives insights into her approach of PR work and tips for new entrepreneurs.

PR Trends

This Is How ChatGPT Will Change Your PR Game

In this article, we explore the ways in which ChatGPT can enhance your PR strategy and help you achieve your goals more efficiently and effectively.

PR Trends

Industry Experts Give Their Predictions For PR In 2023

2023 is kicking off, and we asked our PR and growth experts to give their predictions for PR trends, tools and best practices this year.

PR 1x1

Top 15 Tools for DIY PR

The pool of DIY PR opportunities is increasing. Guest author and PR expert Julia Voloshchenko introduces 15 top PR tools for startups.

Entrepreneur Advice

How PR Drives Investor Relations

Learn from our PR and growth experts' insights about the importance of PR in investor relations.

PR 1x1

How Does A Startup Get Into The Media?

What to talk about and how to get media coverage - Guest author and PR expert Julia Voloshchenko provides insights for startups.

Entrepreneur Advice

What Are Great Examples Of Customer-Centric Communications?

Whether B2B or consumer brand, purchasing decisions are people-driven. We asked our PR and growth experts about great customer-centric communications strategies and PR campaigns.

Growth How-To

How Startups Can Use Quora To Generate Leads And Traffic

Often, startups are faced with the question of a low-budget way to promote their products and services. Guest author Julia Voloshchenko explains how to make use of Quora for growth.

Growth Expert Panel

30 Reasons You Should Invest in Public Relations

Our PR and growth experts give good reasons and the benefits of increasing PR efforts.

Feature Article

How to Strengthen Brand Resilience in Tough Economic Times

Every right message will act like an extra layer of brick, making the foundation of your brand more resilient.

PR Inspiration

21 Tips To Make Good Public Relations Even Better

How to increase your ongoing PR activities and PR success - 21 tips to inspire your PR action


Why Your PR Campaigns Must Spread Resilience Now More Than Ever

Resilience is the ability to reinvent yourself and build stronger foundations for the future—and these make for great stories. Guest article by PRontheGO founder Melanie Marten for Forbes Agency Council

Public Relations

Great Examples Of Social Impact Activities

We asked our PR and growth experts to give us their insight on the latest trends in social impact activities to inspire entrepreneurs.

Public Relations

What Can Founders Expect From Their First PR Campaign?

Our PR and growth experts outline what new business founders can expect from their first PR campaign, the PR processes, timeframe and successes of a typical small business or startup launch campaign.

Public Relations

Hiring an External PR Service Provider Vs Inhouse

We asked our PR and growth experts: What are the pros and cons of hiring an external PR agency or PR contractor versus hiring employing an inhouse PR person?

Public Relations

Quality Link Building Through PR Activities

How is quality link building organically a part of PR activities? Find out here why SEO teams love PR for link building.

PR 1x1

The Best Ways To Improve Your Brand’s PR

See these tips for improving your PR. If you combine a few of these together, you should notice positive results before long and have a solid platform for success for your business.

Public Relations

How To Spread Enthusiasm With PR In An Age Of Crises

We asked our PR and growth experts to give entrepreneurs examples of positive PR campaigns in a fragile world.


How To Start A Custom Clothing Brand From Scratch

Starting your custom clothing brand is one of the best business startup options for beginners in the industry you can go with.


The Role Of PR In Web3

PRontheGO expert interview with Yuping Xu of Topic News PR about Web3, and the early adoption of PR in this space.


Environmental Action And Social Justice Are Becoming Currency In PR

Forbes Agency Council: In the near future, the most relevant PR news will be about the environmental or social justice aspects of product launches. In other words, social and environmental impact insights are the new currency for achieving press coverage, says Melanie Marten, founder of PRontheGO.

PR 1x1

The Role Of Press Releases In Public Relations

Find out why are press releases are relevant, learn more about the format of a press release and how to distribute it best.


Is Public Relations A Gamble?

Press coverage cannot be guaranteed. Is PR therefore a gamble? Our PR and growth experts answer.

PR Hacks

31 Public Relations Tips to Maximize Your Press Coverage Opportunities

We asked our PR and growth experts how entrepreneurs can maximize press coverage opportunities as part of their PR campaign.

Digital Marketing

What A Global Digital Marketing Agency Can Do For Your Brand

When it comes to marketing your brand, you want to reach as many people as possible with your message. And what’s the best way to do that? By using a global digital marketing agency.


Genuine Enthusiasm As A Success Factor

Forbes Agency Council: Why is it important to protect our enthusiasm in business? PRontheGO founder Melanie Marten talks about true enthusiasm as a limited, sought-after resource - especially in times of crisis.

PR Inspiration

PR Trends In The Beauty Industry 2022

Stay up-to-date with PR trends in the beauty industry with these expert insights.

Public Relations Hacks

How To Stand Out In 2022

Our experts talk about top PR trends in 2022 that we want to see more often.

PR Ideas

10 Top PR Ideas For Nutritionists

To get started with PR as a nutritionist, see these PR ideas from our experts for inspiration.

Public Relations Hacks

The Top 5 PR Platforms To Reach the UK

We asked our PR and growth experts to provide recommendations to entrepreneurs on the best PR platforms they can use to reach audiences in the UK.

Poll of The Day

How Much Should You Invest in PR?

To help you figure out how much to invest in PR, we polled successful business owners and CEOs this question for their best insights.

PR Trends

How to Do Startup Public Relations In 2022

We asked our PR and growth experts to advise entrepreneurs on the 2022 trends in Public Relations for Startups.

Explain Like I'm 5

What the Heck Is Public Relations?

To help you understand Public Relations in simple terms, we asked PR managers and business leaders this question for their best insights.

PR Experts

What Is Reputation Management?

Who is responsible for reputation management? When do you need it? How is this a part of PR? Our experts answer.

Wellness Industry

8 Top Examples Of PR For Wellness Brands

To help you discover the best examples of wellness brand PR, see these suggestions from PR and growth experts.

Creator Economy

Build In Public For Maximum PR Success

Find out how Building In Public is the most promising strategy for the booming creator economy.

“What Exactly Do You Do?”

PR Experts Explain Their Role In Public Relations.

Gain a better understanding of the profession and services offered.

Fitness Industry

8 PR Tips And Hacks For Fitness Brands

To help fitness brands improve their public relations efforts, we collected these tips for inspiration.

Public Relations Hacks

Benefits Of Using a Newswire to Distribute Your Press Release

Find out if a newswire service will boost your PR success.

Public Relations Hacks

9 Reasons Why You Need PR as an Artist

Are you considering whether or not you need PR as an artist? Read ahead to find out about the benefits.

Public Relations Hacks

What Journalists Would Love to See in Your PressKit

Our experts advise entrepreneurs on assets to include in a presskit for maximum PR success.

Public Relations Hacks

9 Ways to Get Publicity For Your Book

Authors watch out for these top tips from our experts on how to market your book.

Top PR Books

Exposure: Insider Secrets to Make Your Business a Go-To Authority for Journalists

Interview with media relations coach Felicity Cowie on her new book.

PR Hacks

16 Recommended Tools to Build Your Public Relations

What are the best tools for DIY PR? This is the question we asked our PR and growth experts to support entrepreneurs in their PR efforts.

Public Relations Hacks

Top PR Tips For Food Brands

What is your best PR tip for food brands? To help you best promote your food brand, we asked CEOs and PR professionals this question for their best strategies.

Public Relations Hacks

Top Ways To Increase Press Coverage

We asked our PR and growth experts to provide entrepreneurs with a top tip to increase press coverage from Public Relations efforts. Find examples for PR tactics to gain extended earned media here.

Public Relations Hacks

How To Best Pitch International Business Press

Why can business media coverage be a game changer for startup success? We asked our PR and growth experts to provide entrepreneurs with their top tips.

Experts Answer.

This Is How PR Can Drive Audience Engagement

How can PR drive audience engagement? To help you get your audience to engage more with your brand, we asked CEOs and PR leaders this question for their best ideas.

B2B Startups

Top Ideas /Examples for Thought Leadership for B2B Startups

To help you create thought leadership content as a B2B startup, we asked entrepreneurs and growth experts for their best advice.

Public Relations Hacks

Presenting Quotes in Press Releases

What is your best PR tip for fashion designers? To help designers navigate the world of PR, we asked PR experts and fashion designers this question for their best insights. From knowing timelines for desired publications to expressing authenticity, there are several tips that may help you get started and succeed in PR efforts for the fashion industry.

Fashion Designers

How To Get Started In PR For Fashion Designers: 6 Top Tips

What is your best PR tip for fashion designers? To help designers navigate the world of PR, we asked PR experts and fashion designers this question for their best insights. From knowing timelines for desired publications to expressing authenticity, there are several tips that may help you get started and succeed in PR efforts for the fashion industry.

Creator Economy

10 Ways to Boost Your Creator Business With PR

What is one top PR tip for creators? To help you boost your creator business with public relations, we asked marketing experts and entrepreneurs this question for their best tips. From studying scandals to publicizing your process, there are several recommendations that may help you promote your creator business.

Social Impact

Why The Social Impact Of Your Business Is Important For Your Public Relations

We asked our PR and growth experts to advise entrepreneurs on the importance of a business’s social impact and why it not only matters but is of great importance for PR success. Read here why you should start your social impact activities and about PR campaigns based on social impact.


We Need Crisis-Proof PR And Marketing Solutions

We have to face the fact that we are living in a time of no shortage of crises. In this article, PR expert Melanie Marten evaluates talks about PR campaigns in times of crisis. "Right at the beginning of my career, I was given the advice to create business solutions that are crisis-proof. I was told that only if a business model holds up in times of economic downturn or crisis, will you manage to build a thriving business."

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