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Indie Music Magazines To Watch Out For In 2023

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Author: Melanie Marten, The Coup

A public relations consultant with 15 years of experience under her belt, Melanie empowers purpose-driven people and brands to make their voices heard, for messages that aim to leave a legacy.

With The Coup, she created a large portfolio of global media coverage for startups, brands, global enterprises and their thought leaders.

Who covers the indie music scene in 2023?

Are you an independent artist and are looking to submit your music to music magazines? Or do you want to discover new indie music for your record label, community radio station, or podcast? Watch out for these indie music magazines to read, pitch, and contribute.

Notion magazine

London-based with a network of contributors all over the world, Notion is a space for pioneering talent in pop culture.

Gauchoworld magazine

London-based Gauchoworld is a cultural hub with an alternative perspective, bringing together the world of musicians, athletes and fashion.

Rat World Magazine

Auckland, New Zealand-based Rat World provides "a space for minority creatives (BIPOC and LGBTQI+) who have been traditionally left out from arts platforms, emerging creatives wanting a place to discover their craft and, experienced creatives who want to experiment with something new. At its core, Rat World is about interesting people doing interesting things."

The Face magazine

The Face champions fresh talent in music and flies the flag for provocative, rigorous, long-form journalism; celebrating the best in style.

So Young magazine

So Young is dedicated to the thriving underground guitar music scene and the artwork that accompanies their records.

tmrw magazine

tmrw explodes with thought-provoking content and leads the way in cultural exploration and artistic expression.

Eleven magazine

New women-fronted music magazine Eleven dedicates 132 pages to guitarist photo stories and vintage guitars.

zweikommasieben magazine

With artist interviews and essays, zweikommasieben is the Swiss edition of the documentation of contemporary music.

WaxPoetics magazine

From hip-hop to funk, techno, tropical, jazz and beyond, WaxPoetics explores the musical trailblazers, cultures and stories that shape the sounds of yesterday, today and beyond.

Off Licence magazine

With a focus on hip-hop and rap music, Off Licence magazine, based in Brighton, UK, aims to humanize the creative and music industries through human-centered journalism, contextual photography, highlighting the voices of minority groups and authentically documenting UK underground culture.

Marvin magazine

Marvin - 'A punk rock messianic vision for the future’

The Rodeo magazine

Somewhere between Manchester and the Wild West, The Rodeo is a British music magazine that showcases the best of new music in the alternative, indie and Americana genres.

The Indie Scene

Online publisher Kamala Adams has assembled an indie collective of music lovers who make up the UK-based The Indie Scene. The contributors review new music and publish artist interviews.

Get Familiar Mag

Dutch Get Familiar Magazine explores how hip-hop intersects with culture, politics, and society at large.


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