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Press Pitch vs. Investor Pitch:

Understanding the Key Differences for Media Coverage and Funding Success

In our daily PR work, we realized that many startups attempt to pitch journalists like they pitch investors - with a problem-solution elevator pitch. Yet startups could be more successful in media pitching and interviews if they'd change their tactics.

The critical difference is that journalists must hear what's in it for their readers. While an investor focuses on financial outlooks and market perspectives, a successful press pitch holds a narrative around the what and why you have factually built now.

We asked our PR and growth experts to advise startups about the format of a press pitch versus an investor pitch. They will answer the question: How is a press pitch aimed at getting media coverage different from an investor pitch aimed at getting funding?

Let's hear the experts.

A Press Pitch Needs Newsworthiness.

Emily Reynolds-Bergh, R Public Relations

"A press pitch focuses on capturing the attention of journalists and securing media coverage, highlighting newsworthy aspects, unique angles, and providing valuable information. An investor pitch, on the other hand, is aimed at attracting funding by showcasing the business model, growth potential, and financial projections.

The investor pitch emphasizes the financial aspects and return on investment, while the press pitch emphasizes newsworthiness and public interest."

A Press Pitch Highlights The Relevance Of The Story.

Ashley Teal Minisofer, Zerotrillion

"Press Pitch: A press pitch aims to capture the attention of journalists and secure media coverage for a company or its product. Unlike an investor pitch, which focuses on the problem-solution approach, a press pitch should highlight the newsworthiness and relevance of the story. One key aspect of a press pitch is to emphasize the broader impact of the company or product on the industry or society as a whole. This could include highlighting how the company's innovative solution addresses a pressing societal issue or disrupts traditional norms, making it an intriguing and timely story for journalists to cover.

Investor Pitch: An investor pitch is designed to attract funding from potential investors. While both a press pitch and an investor pitch may address the problem-solution approach, the focus of an investor pitch lies in the business model, market potential, and financial returns. An essential aspect of an investor pitch is to clearly articulate the market opportunity and demonstrate how the company's solution uniquely positions it to capture a significant share of that market. Investors are interested in understanding the scalability, revenue generation, and potential return on investment, making compelling market analysis and financial projections crucial elements of an investor pitch."

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The Press Pitch Focuses On A Compelling Narrative.

Gaven Dumont, MO:PR

"Content is the key difference. The main difference between a press pitch and an investor pitch is the depth of information delivered. In other words the content is extremely different.

A Press Pitch focuses on creating a compelling narrative, highlighting newsworthy aspects, and emphasizing the unique value proposition to attract media attention.

While an Investor Pitch focuses on providing detailed information about the business model, market opportunity, financial projections, growth potential, and return on investment.

While there may be some overlap in the content of a Press Pitch and an Investor Pitch, such as introducing the problem, solution, market opportunity, and value proposition, the emphasis and depth, differ wildly."

A Press Pitch Intends To Build Reputation.

Jessica Gillingham, Abode Worldwide

"The main difference between a press pitch and an investor pitch is around intent.

A press pitch is designed to persuade a publication to feature your brand, c-suite or otherwise publish a story that will directly influence your key stakeholders. This might have an objective of raising awareness, positioning your company as a thought leader, helping you to enter a new market, or attracting talent. Its core objective is to build a reputation or ‘halo effect’ around your brand that has the impact to challenge, change or enhance perceptions.

An investor pitch has a different set of objectives and intended audience. It aims to persuade potential investors to provide funding or financial support for a business or startup. The goal is to showcase the venture's value proposition, market potential, and growth opportunities. It’s much more perspective and focused on the business’s inner workings, market potential and creds."

A Press Pitch Emphasizes On The Relevance Of Your Offering.

Ricci Masero, Intellek

"A press pitch is all about grabbing the attention of journalists with an exciting and captivating story that highlights the unique and impactful aspects of a product or service, making it irresistible for media coverage. By emphasizing the relevance and significance of their offering, entrepreneurs can increase their chances of getting featured in the media.

On the other hand, an investor pitch is aimed at winning over potential investors and securing funding. It revolves around presenting a problem-solving approach, clearly explaining the problem their business solves and showcasing how their solution stands out. Entrepreneurs need to understand the market deeply, emphasizing its size, growth potential, and demand for their offering. They should also highlight the viability of their business, revenue streams, market analysis, and what sets them apart from the competition. By doing so, they can inspire confidence and attract investors who believe in their vision."


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