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Share your secret sauce: What's your best growth hacking tip for 2024?

We asked our PR and growth experts what every startup, creative or indie maker wants to know from them: their best growth hacking tip. The experts reveal which platforms and technologies to leverage, often untapped shortcuts to reach audiences and traction, and the PR stunts they've observed that could work well for other entrepreneurs.

Explore these powerful tips and unrivaled strategies these experts are using to skyrocket businesses in 2024.

  • Make yourself known live
  • Take advantage of opportunities to repurpose /refresh /reuse content
  • Focus on sustainable growth, but take some creative risks.
  • Resonate deeply with a micro-community
  • Always adapt strategies to current trends and technologies
  • Invest in initiatives to adapt to evolving customer needs
  • Deliver highly targeted and personalized content
  • Engage audiences with high-impact campaigns and content
  • Selling an experience trumps selling a service
  • Don't undervalue blogging
  • Value-driven content with first-hand testimonials and experts
  • Facilitate meaningful interactions
  • Build meaningful products by constantly talking to your users
  • Double down on snackable video content
  • Prioritize hyper-targeted strategies
  • Combine AI with empathetic marketing
  • Use existing networks as a shortcut
  • Spot and take advantage of "micro-moments"
  • Fully leverage cross-promotion
  • Grow sustainably from smaller social networks
  • Capitalize on short-form video trends
  • Utilize shoppable social media posts
  • Explore unexpected collaborations
  • Outperform competition via consistency
  • Leverage user-generated content
  • Tour podcasts for brand exposure
  • Embrace experimental marketing over perfectionism

Make yourself known live

Julia Voloshchenko, PR Manager at Usetech

"Your brand should have a unique, catchy idea, slogan, or breakthrough ad campaign that hooks your audience. You should be a breath of fresh air, giving your audience something new they haven't seen before. To do this, analyze the market and your competitors more often. It is best for startups to make themselves known live: at various industry events, conferences, master classes and exhibitions. But at the same time, do not forget about media relations and social networks. LinkedIn is the most convenient in this respect. Analyze your audience and its interests, the competitive market, and what similar startups have done to reach the next level. Choose a speaker and a public face: it should probably be the CEO. Use a friendly TOV, stay close to the audience, and don't forget the benefits of your brand to the audience. An original PR campaign can help you get ahead, but respect ethical boundaries. You can also use AI, AR, or VR in your campaigns. Many brands are already using generative AI in their promotions. According to Sergei Alexandrov, IT Solutions Consultant at Usetech, AI will continue to evolve in 2024 and more and more companies are starting to actively implement generative AI in their everyday applications."

Take advantage of opportunities to repurpose/refresh/reuse content

Paige Arnof-Fenn, Owner at Mavens & Moguls

"Pick a few things you enjoy doing and do them really well. You cannot be everywhere all the time so choose high impact activities that work for you and play to your strengths. My hacks are to guest post and repurpose content to scale quicker. If you are not committed to blogging at regular intervals (weekly/biweekly/monthly) instead of trying to start your own blog/newsletter, try contributing regularly to existing well trafficked blogs in your industry or newsletters of likeminded organizations reaching the same target audience. If your audience doesn't use Facebook/TwitterX/Instagram to find you then you don't need to make them a priority. For many professional service businesses like mine, leveraging LinkedIn matters the most. Content Marketing is a great way to build your brand/increase your visibility/raise your profile/attract more clients/customers.

To balance quality and quantity and get more bang from your budget, opportunities to repurpose/refresh/reuse content are everywhere. The key is to repurpose content by turning a series of articles/blog postings/newsletters into a book/e–books then turning every piece of content/media hit into a tweet and share links to the content on all your social media platforms. Turn articles into infographics and video your talks to share over social media. It doesn't take much time to repackage articles that contain outdated information or update your keywords, it pays off quickly with increased traffic/engagement."

Focus on sustainable growth, but take some creative risks.

Emily Reynolds-Bergh, Owner at R Public Relations

"I’m not a big believer in growth hacks, but I do think there are a couple of areas startups can focus on to increase their growth. I recommend focusing on SEO optimization by strategically publishing blogs, articles, and other forms of thought leadership specifically catered to your chosen keywords. This will, in turn, increase website traffic and leads. I also recommend taking some risks when it comes to creative campaigns. Beauty brand Colourpop saw great results from a divisive partnership with the Twilight franchise. Love it or hate it, the partnership increased brand awareness and sales for Colourpop."

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Resonate deeply with a micro-community

Paul Chow, CTO & Co-founder at 3DGearZone

"At 3DGearZone, we've cracked the code by focusing on authentic, data-driven strategies tailored to our niche: professional 3D product reviews. Here's our playbook for explosive growth, applicable to any brand with a unique voice:

Instead of chasing broad audiences, become the ultimate authority in your micro-community. Offer in-depth reviews, deep dives, and tutorials that resonate deeply with your target audience. Remember, a loyal micro-community is worth its weight in gold compared to a scattered mega-audience.

Your existing content is a treasure trove. It's a goldmine waiting to be reimagined. Repurpose your podcast episodes into bite-sized YouTube clips, Instagram Reels, and TikTok videos. Extract key insights and data from your reviews to create infographics, blog posts, and social media threads. Amplify your reach by collaborating with other creators in your niche, cross-promoting your content on their channels."

Always adapt strategies to current trends and technologies

Tom Andrew, Founder & Lead Developer at Where to Stream

"In 2024, one effective growth hacking tip for brands is to leverage the power of emerging social media platforms and video content. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels offer a dynamic space for creative and engaging content that can quickly capture audience attention. Short-form videos are not only popular but also have the potential to go viral, providing startups with an opportunity to reach a wider audience. To expedite audience traction, collaborating with influencers or creators on these platforms can amplify the brand's visibility. Additionally, implementing user-generated content strategies encourages audience participation and fosters a sense of community.

As for PR stunts, memorable and shareable experiences can create buzz around a brand. Virtual events, challenges, or interactive campaigns that resonate with the target audience can generate organic word-of-mouth marketing, driving growth in a cost-effective manner. Always adapt strategies to current trends and technologies to stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing."

Invest in initiatives to adapt to evolving customer needs

Tim XU, Marketing Director at GO4MOULD

"Focus on Customer Retention: While acquiring new customers is important, retaining existing customers can be even more valuable. Happy customers not only bring in repeat business but are also likely to refer others. Invest in strategies and initiatives that enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement. This may include personalized experiences, excellent customer support, loyalty programs, and regular communication to understand and meet their evolving needs.

Always stay updated with the latest trends, technologies, and consumer behaviors to tailor your growth hacking strategies to the current business environment in 2024."

Deliver highly targeted and personalized content

Michael Schmied, Lead Financial Consultant at Kredite Schweiz

"In the dynamic landscape of 2024, my best growth hacking tip, drawing from experiences at Kredite Schweiz, centers around leveraging the power of data analytics and personalized content marketing. In an era where digital noise is louder than ever, the key to standing out is not just about being present on various platforms but about delivering highly targeted and personalized content. This approach involves deeply understanding your audience using data analytics tools to glean insights into their behaviors, preferences, and pain points. By tailoring content that addresses these specific areas, startups can create more meaningful engagements, leading to higher conversion rates.

Moreover, a strategy that combines innovative content marketing with smart use of emerging platforms, like short-form video on social media, can significantly amplify a brand’s reach. Engaging in platforms where your target audience spends most of their time and delivering content that resonates with them personally is a powerful growth hack. It's about being where your audience is, with a message that speaks directly to them."

Engage audiences with high-impact campaigns and content

Trent Carter, Nurse Practitioner at Curednation

"PR Stunt with Substance: We've seen success with PR campaigns highlighting the societal impact of addiction and the role of telehealth in reaching underserved communities. This not only helped us raise awareness but also positioned Curednation as a socially responsible brand. So I would suggest other brands run campaigns that support social causes and collaborate with non-profits for impact.

Integrate social media platforms strategically into your marketing and PR campaigns:

Leverage TikTok and Instagram Reels for short, engaging content. Conduct live Q&A sessions or gamify educational content. At Curednation, we've employed this strategy by sharing patient success stories and snippets of our telehealth features through short, informative videos.

Connect with niche audiences using social communities like Discord or Clubhouse. Participate in conversations, share expertise, and subtly introduce your brand. At Curednation, we proactively engage with our target audience in mental health-focused communities.

Collaborate with micro-influencers aligned with your brand. Their engaged niche followers offer a cost-effective way to reach your target audience. Our strategy includes partnering with mental health influencers for authentic endorsements."

Selling an experience trumps selling a service

Echo Wang, Co-Founder at Cool Travel Vibes

"One significant trend in travel PR is the rise of "digital nomad" destinations. These are places catering specifically to remote workers, offering amenities like high-speed internet, co-working spaces, and community events. This trend reflects the growing shift towards remote work globally.

Looking ahead, I predict a surge in "off-the-grid" travel PR. As people seek escapes from digital saturation, destinations offering disconnected, nature-immersive experiences will become more popular. Travel PR will increasingly focus on promoting these remote, tech-free havens as a way to recharge and reconnect with the natural world."

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Don't undervalue blogging

Scott Gabdullin, Founder at Authority Factors

"Honestly, I'm always surprised by how many brands undervalue blogs. I've worked with a bunch of clients who initially overlooked blogging, but once they got on board, the results were nothing short of a game changer. The trick is in crafting blog content that's not just SEO-friendly, but also unique and truly valuable. It needs to strike a chord with your audience, provide real insight, and answer their questions. Then pair this approach with robust technical SEO and smart link-building practices. I’ve seen this play out with clients time and again – give it six months to a year, and then you start seeing the magic happen. We're talking about a significant bump in organic traffic, which more often than not, translates to an uptick in leads and sales."

Value-driven content with first-hand testimonials and experts

Joanne Schneider, CXO at Oula Health

"Content is still the most potent digital marketing strategy for its staying power. We grew our organic audience base and engaged influencers by appealing to parents with our content and sharing value-driven advice, relatable pregnancy content, and vital women’s health material. For example, a recent post we made on the postpartum period strikes a balance between first-hand testimonials and real doctors’ advice for navigating the postpartum phase of motherhood. This content is highly relevant to our audience and begins to tie together the communities our customers are often searching to build to answer their questions and build support. If you can follow the engagement, you can make your own formula for success."

Facilitate meaningful interactions

Sai Blackbyrn, CEO at Coach Foundation

"My best growth hacking tip for 2024 is to double down on content marketing and community building. In today's crowded digital landscape, capturing attention and building trust is harder than ever. That's why I believe the brands that will win in 2024 are the ones who invest heavily in creating useful, engaging content and fostering genuine connections with their audience.

Rather than interrupting people with disruptive ads, growth in 2024 will come from pulling people in with content that entertains, educates, inspires, or helps them in some way. Whether it's through blogs, social media, podcasts, or other formats, brands should aim to be publishers of sought-after information.

Equally important is building a community around your brand. With more fragmentation and noise than ever before, people are seeking out tribes and groups they identify with. Savvy brands will nurture engaged user communities across platforms, facilitating meaningful interactions and relationships between customers.

In essence, growth in 2024 will belong to those who create value through content and community. Rather than pushing products through one-way messaging, it will be the brands that inform and connect with people in an authentic way that see their audiences expand. By taking a "pull not push" approach, focusing on serving over selling, I believe brands can unlock sustainable growth and loyalty."

Build meaningful products by constantly talking to your users

Will Yang, Head of Growth & Customer Success at Instrumentl

"In 2024, focusing on truly understanding your customers' problems and creating products that solve them will be more important than ever before.

Too often, growth hackers get caught up in vanity metrics and short-term wins. But sustainable growth comes from building real relationships and delivering real value to customers over the long term.

My advice is to constantly talk to your users, iterate based on feedback, and ensure the customer experience is seamless at every touchpoint. Growth hacking tactics like viral loops and referral programs are only successful when you have a product that people genuinely love.

At the end of the day, there are no shortcuts. Rolling out new features your customers don't want or acquiring users through manipulative tricks won't work anymore. The brands that will win in 2024 are the ones that respect their customers and build products that improve people's lives in meaningful ways."

Double down on snackable video content

Shawn Stack, Founder & CEO at Hallmark Timmins

"My best growth hacking tip for 2024 is to double down on video content. With short-form video continuing to explode on platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, video is becoming the preferred content format for younger generations. Brands that fail to have a strong video strategy will get left behind.

The reason video needs to be a priority is simple - it's highly engaging and entertaining. People love watching video content as a quick escape and dopamine hits throughout their day. And with mobile device usage continuing to increase, video is the ideal content format for on-the-go viewers.

Brands that are able to tell compelling stories and connect with audiences through fun, snackable videos will see massive growth in 2024. Now is the time to build up your presence on short-form video platforms, optimize your content for mobile viewers, and develop viral video campaigns that get people talking. Lean into video early and you'll stay ahead of the competition."

Prioritize hyper-targeted strategies

Jon Gordon, Managing Partner & Co-founder at Sheer Velocity

"My best growth hacking tip for 2024 would be to prioritize personalization and hyper-targeting in your marketing strategies. With the ever-increasing amount of data available and the advancements in technology, it has become crucial to tailor your messaging and offerings to individual customers.

Gone are the days of generic one-size-fits-all marketing campaigns. Today's consumers demand personalization and expect businesses to understand their unique needs and preferences. By leveraging the wealth of data at your disposal, you can create highly targeted and personalized experiences that resonate with your audience.

Personalization not only helps you stand out in a crowded marketplace but also allows you to build stronger connections with your customers. By delivering relevant and tailored content, products, and offers, you can show your customers that you understand them and their specific pain points.

Hyper-targeting takes personalization to the next level by identifying and engaging with very specific segments of your audience. Instead of casting a wide net, you can focus your efforts on those individuals who are most likely to convert, resulting in higher conversion rates and a more efficient use of your resources.

By investing in advanced analytics tools and leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, you can gain valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and patterns. This data can inform your marketing strategies, allowing you to create highly targeted campaigns that deliver the right message to the right person at the right time."

Combine AI with empathetic marketing

Trevor Hamilton, B.SC., Founder at The Story Web

"I'm always looking for new ways to drive growth and engagement. In my experience, one of the most effective tactics for 2024 will be leveraging artificial intelligence. AI is advancing rapidly and opening up so many new opportunities to understand users, personalize experiences, and automate processes.

For example, using AI chatbots to engage website visitors can lead to higher conversion rates. The bots can have personalized conversations at scale, guiding each user to relevant content or product recommendations. AI can also help create dynamic, customized landing pages tailored to each visitor.

Additionally, AI will enable hyper-targeted ads and promotions. With advanced machine learning algorithms, marketers can segment users and deliver the right message at the right time. AI takes the guesswork out of ad targeting.

The key is using AI in an ethical, helpful way that benefits users. If done right, AI growth hacking can drive results while providing a better experience. That human touch is still important though. Combining AI with empathetic marketing will be the winning strategy in 2024 and beyond.

My advice is to start exploring how you can apply AI across your customer journey. Look for ways to enhance interactions and remove friction. AI-powered growth hacking done thoughtfully will become a major competitive advantage."

Use existing networks as a shortcut

Katie Devoe, Owner and Co-Founder at CBD Nationwide

"My favorite growth hack to date is engaging with micro-influencers on Instagram. It's simple, yet effective. I recently helped a supplement brand attempting to penetrate the functional food sector with their chia seed and spirulina bars. We partnered with micro-influencers in the health and wellness niche, setting up a unique hashtag campaign for all parties to interact. In the space of 3 months, my client saw a steady uptick in online engagement with their brand and product, as well as a 25% increase in their followers.

In a similar vein, use existing networks as a shortcut to reach potential consumers. Partnerships or collaborations with the right people or businesses are a win-win. For example, we advised a startup in the fitness supplement space to forge partnerships with local gyms and fitness centers. By offering exclusive product samples to these establishments, our client gained immediate exposure to their target market, boosting their audience reach overnight.

As far as PR stunts, we once initiated an 'urban farm' pop-up in downtown Seattle for a client launching a line of ginseng and turmeric plant-based supplements. The farm-to-table setup resonated with urban dwellers and drew quite a crowd, even garnering attention from the local media. The key to a well-executed PR stunt is thorough research, knowing your product and knowing your customers."

Spot and take advantage of "micro-moments"

Adam Young, CEO at Event Tickets Center

"I know how important it is to spot and take advantage of "micro-moments." During these times, people use their phones or tablets to meet a need, like to learn, do, watch, or buy something. From what I've seen, delivering timely and relevant information during these micro-moments can make all the difference in getting the attention of potential customers at key decision points.

People are always connected to their phones and other gadgets in today's fast-paced digital world. They look for knowledge, decide what to do, and act in a matter of seconds. This gives companies a one-of-a-kind chance to interact with their customers in real-time.

We've put in place plans that let us be there and help our customers when they need us the most so that we can make the most of micro-moments. Among these are:

1. Figuring out what the customer is trying to do: We use data analytics to figure out what the customer is trying to do when they search and connect with us. We can make sure our materials and services meet their needs if we know what they want.

2. Timely messages: We send timely updates and messages about events that are coming up and ticket availability. This keeps our customers interested and up-to-date, especially when they are thinking about buying.

3. Personalization: We make the user experience unique based on how they've used our service before and what they like. This makes sure that the information we send to each person is very relevant to them.

4. Mobile App that is easy to use: We've made a mobile app that is easy for people to use, so they can quickly look at tickets and buy them on the go. This is good for micro-moments when decisions are often made on the spot.

5. Responsive customer help: We offer responsive customer help through live chat, social media, and other channels. We can then answer questions and deal with issues right away.

We've seen a big rise in customer engagement and conversions during micro-moments since we started using these tactics. It's all about being there for our customers when they need us the most, giving them the information and help they need, and making the whole process of getting tickets easy and smooth. Taking advantage of small moments has become an important part of our success in the fast-paced world of online ticket sales."

Fully leverage cross-promotion

Tasia Duske, CEO at Museum Hack

"One timeless growth hacking tip I stand behind is the power of cross-promotion. Anyone interested in PR already knows the value in partnerships. However, it is important to think beyond a simple team up or shout out. Consider what result you want from the collaboration and how you are going to drive your newfound audience there. For example, instead of simply asking an influencer to tag you in their Instagram post, leverage Instagram buttons to drive their followers to your website so that you can continue interacting with them long after you interact with a post. Instead of simply tagging the subject of an Instagram post, add them as a collaborator (with a follow-up DM nudging them to accept the invite) so that it appears on their feed and gains you better reach. If hosting a virtual event with a featured speaker, ask them to promote it to their own social following and email list so that you can leverage their existing audience to boost attendance at your event and gain new fans for your brand.

Obvious as these tips may seem, it is astounding how many companies lose out on these opportunities -- they expect that partnering up will naturally lead to growth instead of delegating any outreach to their partners. When going this route, my best advice is to make the process as "plug and play" for your collaborators as possible. You can craft copy and assets for them so that they simply have to post -- upping the probability that they will comply and keeping your brand messaging consisting."

Grow sustainably from smaller social networks

John Pennypacker, VP, Sales & Marketing at Deep Cognition

"Growth hacking is a fast process. The objectives are trying out experimental procedures, accepting or rejecting them, and then moving on to the next step. Other than growth, there is no long-term objective here.

Why is that relevant? Since expansion can build or ruin a small or startup company. You may have heard that a lot of eateries close their doors shortly after they open. This results from their inability to grow to a point where they could make money.

You won't be able to control Twitter or Facebook if your sector is competitive. Look at smaller social networks for creatives, like The Dots.

You have free rein to your audience when you can outperform your rivals on a social media platform. You may also direct traffic from the social media platform to your website and vice versa, making it easier to leverage your following.

There are numerous approaches to using this growth hack. You may have heard people in your audience discussing a website, so you look it up. After that, you begin posting. You'll quickly find yourself with a devoted following."

Capitalize on short-form video trends

Daniel Willmott, Founder at

"As the owner of a short-form video editing and marketing agency, my best tip is to dive headfirst into the social media short-form video craze. Whether it's TikTok, Instagram Reels, or whatever new platform is making waves, utilize the power of these videos and connect them with your business.

With attention spans getting shorter than ever, these clips can effectively showcase your brand, products, or services in a way that's quick, engaging, and shareable. Be creative, tell your story in 15 to 60 seconds, and you can surely watch your audience grow. As a marketer myself, I believe that the best way to grow a business is to ride the wave of the latest trends."

Utilize shoppable social media posts

Neil Hodgson-Coyle, COO at TechNews180

"Our best growth-hacking tip for 2024 is leveraging shoppable social media posts. By making your content directly purchasable, you're turning your social media platforms into seamless sales channels.

It not only enhances the user experience by reducing friction in the purchase journey but also capitalizes on the impulse-buying behavior of your target audience. Shoppable posts create a direct pathway from discovery to conversion, accelerating our growth and improving overall sales performance for your business."

Explore unexpected collaborations

Ben Richardson, Director at Acuity Training

"My go-to growth-hacking tip for 2024 involves tapping into the power of unexpected collaborations. In a recent project, rather than solely focusing on industry partnerships, we joined forces with non-traditional allies. The surprising synergy between our brand and a seemingly unrelated entity not only expanded our reach but also brought in a diverse audience.

This offbeat strategy not only added a unique flavor to our growth approach but also demonstrated that sometimes, the most unconventional partnerships can be the catalyst for exponential expansion. It's a reminder that growth hacking is not always about the expected channels but about finding the untapped potential in unexpected collaborations."

Outperform competition via consistency

Sebastian Jania, CEO at Ontario Property Buyers

"My best growth-hacking tip for 2024 is to be more consistent than anyone else. For our business, we are primarily focused on getting leads and generating business through SEO. What I find in my space is that most companies initially start out by building their SEO but stop when they try to scale with Facebook ads and Google ads.

For us, our goal is to be more consistent than anyone else in building backlinks through pitches and cold outreach. By being more consistent than anyone else instead of being focused on the results, we essentially have the mindset of being a machine, and by default, we win and grow faster and larger than any of our competition.

For anyone looking for a growth-hacking tip for 2024, it's important not to look for the shiny object but instead focus on what has been working and be as consistent as possible, and by default, you'll win."

Leverage user-generated content

Nicolas Krauss, Founder & CEO at dasFlow Custom Sublimation Apparel

"In 2024, the best growth-hacking tip is to leverage user-generated content (UGC). At DasFlow, we've seen tremendous growth by encouraging our customers to share their experiences with our athleisure wear. This approach not only provides authentic content for marketing but also fosters a community around our brand.

People trust peer recommendations more than traditional advertising, making UGC a powerful, cost-effective tool for expanding reach and enhancing credibility. By integrating UGC into our marketing strategy, we've tapped into a vein of genuine customer engagement, driving growth and brand loyalty."

Tour podcasts for brand exposure

Robert Brill, CEO at Brill Media

"Take a podcast tour. Make a concerted effort to attain guest spots on podcasts about your industry. There are several benefits to this approach.

First, you can introduce your story and your business to new audiences.

Second, you will attain backlinks to your site that will help you rank higher in the search engine results page (SERP) for the keywords that apply to your business.

Third, you are putting in time to perfect your storytelling approach by repeating your story. This can have a dramatic impact on brand positioning and insights about your business. It can improve your sales techniques and allow you to show up more confidently in meetings.

Fourth, podcast hosts can easily become business partners, provide referral opportunities, or unlock a more valuable professional network.

Fifth, podcast creators do all the hard work to create clips for you to share on social media and expose you to their audience by tagging you."

Embrace experimental marketing over perfectionism

Martin Gasparian, Attorney & Owner at Maison Law

"My best tip for growth hacking in 2024 and beyond is to let go of perfectionism. This process is experimental, and you learn as you go. If you don't take creative risks and try new things, you will have no data to learn from, and you need that information. It's data that will determine your decisions moving forward. You have to accept that some strategies might not be successful, and that's okay, as long as you have measurable results.

There are some instances where being a perfectionist is an advantage. When I'm working on a case, I'm extremely conscientious, and rightly so. My clients need to know I give them my all. However, in marketing and business management, being a perfectionist can hold you back. You need to move fast, be responsive, and think outside the box, and you can't do this if you're second-, third-, and fourth-guessing yourself all the time. Aim for progress, not perfection, and remember that every mistake is an opportunity to learn."


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