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Pitch-Perfect: The 5 Essential Questions To Ask Before Reaching Out To The Press

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It's every entrepreneur's dream to be featured in the pages of a major media outlet like Forbes or The Wall Street Journal. But before you submit a story and start pitching journalists, I recommend asking yourself a few questions that I will share in this article.

1. Is my story a fit for this media outlet or journalist?

Here you need to check with the media outlet and what the journalist is writing about. For example, some media outlets cover investments or startups, while others cover personal effectiveness or success stories. Getting it right is half the battle of successful pitching, so I recommend taking the time to read the site's editorial policy (I'm sure they all have one), sections and recent publications on similar topics, and, if you're writing to a journalist, reviewing their portfolio.

2. What unique and useful things can I give the audience?

How is your article different from previously published articles?A fresh perspective on the industry, a unique experience, an interesting case or story - try to build on that. The uniqueness and distinctiveness of the story is your highlight. For example, you can tell a success story from your failures, or what or who inspired you. Look for something original and unusual that will captivate your audience and make them want to walk your path with you.

Also, unusual stories are more memorable. The audience will have a strong association with you and your brand.

3. How can my article help?

What is your audience's purpose, and what practical benefit can the reader get from reading your article? In fact, every article should have a purpose. For example, you tell how you solved your client's problem. You share your experience and show a way to solve the problem, and a potential client may come to you with a similar problem. Or the purpose of your article: to tell about mistakes you made in your business journey and help others avoid making them.

Always think about the usefulness of your article. That's what will keep it in demand for a long time.

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4. Why should the media write about me or my company?

That's probably one of the most important questions you have to think about. What new and original things do you have to offer the media? Maybe you have an inspiring story about starting a business, or you've worked with famous people.

Think about your mission or values: by the way, you can also mention them in a product or company story. In addition to you, they may be shared by different audiences.

5. Will this article be relevant in a few years?

As you know, there is an evergreen type of content that is popular regardless of time or trends. It's worth aiming for an article or story that will be useful to your audience for a long time to come.

Of course, these are just the basic questions I recommend asking yourself before writing and submitting an article. Your answers may change over time, and that's okay! But keep them in mind if you want to provide truly valuable material.


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