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The Art of Attraction: Creative Content Strategies for Organic Traffic

Looking for innovative ways to generate organic traffic through content marketing? Eighteen industry leaders, including Founders and CEOs, share their unique strategies. From leveraging user-generated content to using Google Trends for content on trending topics, discover the top creative approaches these experts recommend.

  • Optimize For Multiple Mediums
  • Create Interactive Quizzes
  • Utilize Storytelling With Data-Backed Insights
  • Leverage User-Generated Content
  • Collaborate with Influencers for Content Creation
  • Speak at Industry-Led Events
  • Rely on Data-Driven Storytelling
  • Engage Users with Interactive Quizzes
  • Create High-Quality, Valuable Content
  • Add Explainer Videos to Your Site
  • Offer a Free Advertising Guide
  • Compile Blogs into a Comprehensive Post
  • Publish Case Studies to Show Problem-Solving
  • Implement the Pillar-Cluster Model
  • Develop Industry-Relevant Calculators and Guides
  • Write Content for a Single Reader
  • Produce Niche-Relevant Podcast Episodes
  • Use Google Trends for Content on Trending Topics

1) Optimize For Multiple Mediums

Paige Arnof-Fenn, Mavens & Moguls

"You don't exist today if you can't be found online. To drive organic traffic I recommend:

Optimizing for multiple mediums: Searching by text/voice/image must all be addressed going forward. For example voice search adds usability/functionality to your site making it accessible to all users including those with limitations/disabilities. It’s not about complying with the ADA/responsible web design/CSR goals but it is also good for the bottom line by driving more traffic with a broader audience. Page speeds are improving too so if your site doesn’t load quickly (typically 3 seconds or less), your users will go somewhere else and the opportunity will be lost.

Refreshing existing content: It's no longer only about churning out fresh material, refreshing existing content from prior years you not only maximize your previous investment but the traffic drives the rankings too. Repurpose and reuse for best results. Mobile UX helps too in a mobile first world, you have less time to grab people, attention spans are shorter than ever so video will be used even more to boost rankings.

Better use of bold colors and white space: To stand out from the competition the trend toward simplicity and minimalist design means cleaner content with fewer distractions, less is more. People are finding new ways to simplify their lives more than ever. Eliminating all the unnecessary elements helps drive traffic."

2) Create Interactive Quizzes

Emily Reynolds-Bergh, R Public Relations

"One creative content marketing approach is creating interactive quizzes or assessments related to your industry, product, or service. This type of content engages users and encourages sharing. Ensure the results provide actionable insights or personalized recommendations that link back to your product offerings. Promote the quiz across your social media channels and at in-person events, and consider collaborating with influencers for wider reach. The goal is to offer value while subtly promoting your brand, driving organic traffic through shares and referrals."

3) Utilize Storytelling With Data-Backed Insights

Rakesh Bisht, Gleexa

"One creative approach to generate organic traffic using content marketing is to utilize storytelling with data-backed insights. By creating engaging and relatable stories around your brand, products, or services, you can captivate your audience's attention and encourage them to share your content organically across multiple platforms. To add credibility to your stories, incorporate data-backed insights from reputable sources and research studies that directly support your narrative. This not only adds validation to your content but also makes it more appealing for industry influencers to share.

Additionally, consider employing multimedia elements such as infographics, images, videos, and podcasts in your storytelling. These formats cater to various learning styles and can effectively boost user engagement, ultimately driving more organic traffic to your content offerings. Always remember to optimize these formats for mobile devices and share on social media platforms to maximize reach and visibility."

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4) Leverage User-Generated Content

James Parsons, Content Powered

"In 2023, I would recommend leveraging the power of user-generated content (UGC) to generate organic traffic. Encourage your audience, customers, or followers to create and share their content related to your brand, products, or services. This can be in the form of reviews, testimonials, user stories, or even creative user-generated content campaigns. Not only does UGC foster a sense of community and trust around your brand, but it also generates fresh and authentic content that search engines love.

By incorporating UGC into your content strategy, you can harness the enthusiasm of your user base to organically drive traffic, improve SEO, and boost engagement, all while building a strong brand identity."

5) Collaborate with Influencers for Content Creation

Adil Advani, AnySoftwareTools

"One unique approach I've employed to drive organic traffic through content marketing is collaborative content creation. We've partnered with influencers and experts in our industry to co-create content. This not only leverages their established audience but also brings diverse perspectives to our content, making it more appealing and shareable.

By cross-promoting with our collaborators, we reach a wider audience organically. To replicate this, identify key players in your niche, establish mutually beneficial partnerships, and create content together that addresses shared interests or challenges."

6) Speak at Industry-Led Events

>Mei Ping Mak, Weave Asia

"One creative approach to generate organic traffic using content marketing is to be a speaker at multiple industry-led events and publicize your website and articles. Being a speaker will demonstrate your expertise and attract people who want to know more about you by visiting your website and reading your articles."

7) Rely on Data-Driven Storytelling

Farhan Advani, PhotoshopBuzz

"A creative approach I've used to generate organic traffic through content marketing is "data-driven storytelling." We gather and analyze industry-specific data and transform it into compelling narratives in our blog posts and reports.

People are naturally drawn to data-backed stories, and this approach has not only increased our website traffic but also positioned us as authoritative voices in our field. To replicate this strategy, start by collecting relevant data, extracting meaningful insights, and weaving them into engaging narratives that resonate with your target audience."

8) Engage Users with Interactive Quizzes

Onno Halsema, Contentoo

"Interactivity is key for generating organic traffic with content marketing. One of my personal favorite ways to do this is to lean into interactive quizzes and assessments.

Buzzfeed, for example, has a whole section of their site dedicated to various community-made quizzes. This forms one of the central pillars of their entire offering, despite being a gossip news site at heart. It brings people in or provides them another activity to do beyond reading when they are already on the site. People love to test their knowledge or personality, share their results, and bring in more traffic by having their friends take it too."

9) Create High-Quality, Valuable Content

Abdullah Prem, Bloggersneed

"One creative approach to generate organic traffic using content marketing is to focus on creating high-quality, valuable content that is tailored to the specific needs and interests of your target audience.

By understanding their pain points and providing solutions through your content, you can build trust and credibility with your audience, increasing the likelihood that they will share your content with others. For example, a fitness blog could create a comprehensive guide on how to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, addressing common challenges and providing actionable tips.

By delivering valuable content that resonates with their audience, they can attract organic traffic through word-of-mouth referrals and social media shares."

10) Add Explainer Videos to Your Site

Diana Royanto, Milkwhale

"Explainer videos are visually engaging, making them more likely to capture and retain viewers' attention. People are more likely to watch a video than read a text article. Adding an explainer video can increase user retention and generate organic traffic on your site.

When viewers find value in your video, they may share it with their followers. This expands your reach and potentially brings in more organic traffic from social platforms."

11) Offer a Free Advertising Guide

Shane McEvoy, LeadFly

"A brand is truly distinguished by the genuine value it brings to the table. This is the reason behind the production of a guide detailing all the places to get free advertising. The guide aims to demystify online advertising, offering insights on where to find free advertising opportunities and how to optimize those listings to their fullest potential. Reducing valuable content and giving it away for free is about building trust.

By sharing knowledge without a catch, attention is drawn to LeadFly and a bond of trust with the audience is established. Upon seeing the commitment to their success, potential clients view not just as a service but as a partner. This guide isn't just about boosting traffic but forging lasting relationships. We’re in it for the long haul, and we hope that the guide reflects that commitment."

12) Compile Blogs into a Comprehensive Post

David Rubie-Todd, Sticker It

"A great strategy is to compile all of your blogs about a core topic into one comprehensive blog post, complete with a table of contents. This makes it easy for users to access all the information in one place. For instance, if you've been sharing three tips every year on how to generate leads, over the course of seven years, you'd have a blog post with 21 invaluable tips.

This becomes a one-stop shop for readers looking to boost their lead generation strategies. It's like building a digital book chapter by chapter, but in this case, it's a blog post. This approach doesn't just enhance user experience; it also potentially boosts your SEO rankings due to the depth and comprehensiveness of the content."

13) Publish Case Studies to Show Problem-Solving

Scott Lieberman, Touchdown Money

"Publishing case studies is the number one way to generate quality traffic because it shows readers how your product or service solves their problems.

For example, one of my mentees sold self-playing pianos to restaurants and bars. However, he wasn't generating much organic traffic. All his sales were coming from ads and referrals. So, I suggested publishing case studies showing how his clients saved money and increased revenue by installing his pianos.

After five months of consistently publishing case studies, he tripled his web traffic and brought in 40 new customers."

14) Implement the Pillar-Cluster Model

Marco Genaro Palma, TechNews180

"A creative approach we've employed to generate organic traffic using content marketing is the pillar-cluster model. First, we pick a broad topic that resonates with our audience and is super relevant to our business. Once we have that foundational topic, we craft more detailed articles, or "clusters," around it.

Each cluster dives deeper into specific aspects of the main pillar. This strategy ensures that our content remains interlinked and organized, and casts a wide net over search queries related to our chosen topic. It's a method that has been particularly beneficial in enhancing our SEO efforts, making our content easily discoverable, and driving organic traffic."

15) Develop Industry-Relevant Calculators and Guides

Victoria Wildhorn, Wildhorn Group

"Having industry-relevant calculators, how-to guides, and other sought-after resources poses a great opportunity for SERP rank, backlinks, and ultimately, organic traffic. Lean on keyword research tools to strategically select high-volume, low-difficulty terms to ensure your resources are being best spent on an attainable goal.

Creating such calculators and guides generally requires much more effort than your standard piece of content, but when done right, the rewards are worth the work."

16) Write Content for a Single Reader

Neil Hodgson Coyle, PRLab

"Write content for a single reader. One creative approach to generate organic traffic is to visualize and write content for a single reader, fostering a sense of personal connection.

By frequently using the word "you" and offering valuable insights, marketers can captivate the audience and build trust. This reader-centric method not only enhances engagement but also encourages shares and recommendations, organically boosting traffic as readers feel the content speaks directly to them."

17) Produce Niche-Relevant Podcast Episodes

Harry Morton, Lower Street

"You'd be surprised at how effective high-quality, niche-relevant podcast episodes are in generating organic traffic and boosting SEO. The content itself needs to offer valuable insights or feature relevant guests for this to work. Once you have the content in place and have recorded the podcast, transcribe these episodes into blog posts, optimizing them with relevant keywords.

Nowadays, more people use voice assistants and smart speakers to find information, and podcasts can also help you rank for voice search queries. You can go on to promote your podcast episodes on social media and podcast directories to reach a broader audience, driving more organic traffic. This multifold strategy is effective because it combines the power of audio content with SEO-optimized written content to engage your audience and ultimately enhance your online presence."

18) Use Google Trends for Content on Trending Topics

Miranda Bence, Cheery Picks Reviews

"The best creative approach is to write content on trending topics; however, they can vary based on your niche. People are keen to know about current events, and the best tool to cover them is Google Trends. It is a free, but powerful, data-exploration tool that lets marketers better understand what audiences are interested in and curious about. It lets you see how search interest varies across regions, countries, and cities.

This can provide insights into where a particular topic or search term is most popular. You can increase your organic visitors by focusing on those areas."


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