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The Essential Image Material Every Entrepreneur Needs for a Stand-Out Press Kit

PR 101

Whether you are a startup, solopreneur, or an established business, having strong image material can make all the difference in the competitive media world. When it comes to promoting your business and gaining media coverage, providing the right selection of image material in high resolution is essential. From headshots of all founders to product photos and campaign images, it’s important to have the images needed for press coverage ready in your press kit to start your PR campaign.

Picture Perfect Makes The Publication

Missing or poor quality image material can be a real disadvantage when it comes to getting media coverage. Journalists often have tight deadlines, and if they can’t find the right images quickly, they may decide to cover another story instead. On the other hand, having a variety of high-quality images available can help journalists tell a better story about your brand, increasing the chances of media coverage. In addition, having regular headshots of you as an entrepreneur taken can help to humanize your brand and create a personal connection with your audience.

What The Experts Say

Images greatly enhance the overall messaging of a brand.

PR expert Emily Reynolds-Bergh, Owner at R Public Relations, emphasizes the importance of prioritizing high-quality images in your press kit and PR campaign. She says:

"High-quality images can greatly enhance the overall messaging of a brand, effectively communicating key values and messages to target audiences. It is essential to include a variety of images such as headshots of all founders, brand logo, team photos, product photos, and campaign images in your press kit. It gives the company a professional and polished look and creates a personal connection with stakeholders. Missing photo material can be detrimental to a PR campaign, as it can result in a less impactful and less professional overall message. A lack of visual aids can leave audiences with a less clear understanding of the brand or product being promoted, which can lead to a lack of interest and engagement."

Photos personalize your brand

Andrea Sok, Owner of SOK Influencer PR, notes: " Photos personalize your brand and help illustrate your vision and mission to the end user. Adding images, such as CEO headshots, employee photos, product photos, and people interacting with your product or service allow consumers to form a more personal connection with your brand, mission, and purpose. Without imagery, you leave the consumer to question your legitimacy and challenge them to see themselves in your product or service. Make the connection for them with strong images, a professional logo, and photos of the people behind the brand."

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Visuals Play A Huge Role In The Perception Of Materials

Julia Voloshchenko, PR Manager at Usetech, advises creators and startups: "The visual part plays a huge role in the perception of materials: it allows you to get an idea of the person or brand, to clearly see their completed projects, and much more. First of all, the press kit with images helps companies to tell about their business in a short and comprehensive way and to tell about themselves. This document allows you to show the most advantageous advantages and achievements of the company. When you talk about your company, the following elements are needed:

1) A photo of the CEO and the team (several photos in the office or studio). This will help the audience understand that there are real people behind the brand.

2) A photo of the office to give an impression of how the brand lives.

3) If you're releasing a physical product, a photo of the demonstration.

4) Analytical data and statistics.

5) Graphical feedback from customers, if any.

6) You can graphically design existing publications about you and your business.

This will increase your expertise and credibility. Also, don't forget to include your company's logo, but it's better not to include the rest of the elements of the brand book (it's a separate tool). The absence of graphic elements in the press kit may suggest that you are not serious about positioning your brand."

What We Want You To Do ;-)

Bring in a photographer on a regular basis to take pictures of you as an entrepreneur, your work environment, your team, and the product in interaction. Have photos taken in landscape format, also for your headshots, since this is the preferred format in press coverage. Providing a variety of headshots mixes it up with different interviews and guest article placements, further enhancing unique content and Google search results.


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