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The Startup Shelf: Essential Books for Biotech Startup Pioneers

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Author: Jia Jia He

Jia Jia is a Molecular & Cell Bio and Business Admin freshman at UC Berkeley. At PR ON THE GO, the science wizard dives deep into the world of biotech and health startups, exploring popular science, highly specialized science media, and the investor side of science startups.

From Lab to Launch

The Biotechnology industry is expanding rapidly with innovative solutions to solve global crises arising frequently. This prospering industry is witnessing the rise of new startups and the following list of new book releases in the space of biotech and classic books provides insightful information on the industry as well as ways to succeed amidst competitors.

We hope you enjoy our recommendations! Some may have been sent as samples, but all have been independently selected by our editors. FYI: PR ON THE GO and its publishing partners may earn a commission and/or other compensation from links on this page.

Biotechnology Entrepreneurship: Starting, Managing, and Leading Biotech Companies by Craig Shimasaki

This book provides a comprehensive analysis of important aspects of the founding and management of biotechnology businesses. Covering subjects including funding, leadership, and strategic planning, it provides a thorough picture of the complex world of biotechnological endeavors.

For Blood and Money: Billionaires, Biotech, and the Quest for a Blockbuster Drug by Nathan Vardi

Taking readers through the intersection of wealth, biotechnological innovation, and the search for game-changing drugs, this investigation dives into the world of high-stakes ventures, where billionaires make substantial investments in the never-ending search for a game-changing medication.

Biotech Challenges by Catherine Regnault-Roger

Available for pre-order now, this book discusses the many difficulties that the biotechnology industry faces, from moral conundrums to complex regulations, and offers helpful advice on how to overcome these difficult obstacles.

Biotech Trading: Specialize in trading stocks of biotechnology companies based on drug development news and events by Blake Mitchell

Focuses on the complex world of biotechnology stock trading, highlighting tactics and approaches developed around the dynamics of drug development news and events.

Building Backwards to Biotech: The Power of Entrepreneurship to Drive Cutting-Edge Science to Market by Stephanie A. Wisner

Explores the crucial role that entrepreneurship plays in bringing cutting-edge biotechnological innovations to market, with a strong focus on the transformative power of creative business strategies.

Plunkett's Biotech, Pharmaceuticals & Genetics Industry Almanac 2024: Biotech, Pharmaceuticals & Genetics Industry Market Research, Statistics, Trends and Leading Companies by Jack W. Plunkett

Offers a comprehensive collection of statistical insights, market research, and trend analyses that capture the ever-changing biotech, pharmaceutical, and genetics industries.

Introduction to Biotech Entrepreneurship: From Idea to Business: A European Perspective by Florentina Matei, Daniela Zirra

Provides a basic overview of the biotechnology entrepreneurship landscape, focusing on the journey from ideation to successful business establishment, with a focus on the European context.

Biotechnology for Beginners by Reinhard Renneberg

Even though it's not specifically designed for entrepreneurs, this book provides a user-friendly introduction to biotechnology and serves as a useful starting point for those who want to start their own business but don't have much experience in it.

How to Start a Biotech Company by Sourish Saha PhD, Samantha Holvey EMHL, Anandhi Narasimhan MD, Anales Debhaumik PhD, Manisha Brahmachary PhD, Mayukh Samanta PhD

Innovative biotechnological advancements help millions of people worldwide. The never-ending cycle of finding, creating, and distributing new drugs continues. This handbook promises a future full of solutions to combat global threats as it navigates the science and procedures for a successful biotech startup.

Superconvergence: How the Genetics, Biotech, and AI Revolutions Will Transform our Lives, Work, and World by Jamie Metzl

Deftly examines the revolutionary possibilities of genome sequencing, gene editing, and AI, highlighting their thrilling but dangerous combination. The book offers a clear road map for the future while navigating the fine line between development and responsible government - available for pre-order now.

Biotechnology: A Guide To Scientific Approach And Technological Innovation (A Comprehensive Book On The Biotech Patent Laws Includes Biotechnology Business) by Stephen Siler

Designed to introduce life science students to the field of biotechnology, this book provides insight into techniques and resources. Take a tour of the basics to improve your skills and succeed in this ever-changing field.

Stop Starvation Marketing: 23 Power Growth Moves for Health Tech, IT, Biotech Companies by Christine Slocumb

Take a tour through the 23 power moves for IT, biotech, and healthcare success. "Stop Starvation Marketing" provides tech leaders looking to improve their marketing with useful advice, true tales, and doable tactics. Any serious marketer should read this brief manual.

Applied Machine Learning for Healthcare and Life Sciences Using AWS: Transformational AI implementations for biotech, clinical, and healthcare organizations by Ujjwal Ratan

This book starts by condensing fundamental machine learning concepts and AWS services before revealing the latent potential of machine learning in healthcare and life sciences. Every chapter covers a particular area, introducing you to AWS machine learning tools and addressing applications and challenges. The final chapters predict trends for the future, giving you the confidence to take on AI challenges in this sector.

In Sight: My Life in Science and Biotech by Julia Levy

"In Sight" delves into the complexities of science and becomes a deeply intimate memoir that follows a woman as she takes a significant scientific treatment from grassroots development to a game-changing commercial success.


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