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The Top 5 PR Platforms To Reach the UK

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We asked our PR and growth experts to provide recommendations to entrepreneurs on the best PR platforms they can use to reach audiences in the UK. Which PR platforms offer access to journalists working in the UK? Each of our experts recommends a PR platform and describes how to reach UK journalists through that channel.

See the top 5 PR platforms to reach UK journalists here.

1) Cision UK

Kate Zhang, Founder of Kate Backdrop

"I recommend using a platform like Cision UK. It provides access to a wide range of journalists in different fields, and you can easily pitch them through the platform.

Cision UK is an excellent platform for reaching out to journalists in the UK. It provides access to a wide range of journalists, making it easy to find the right person to pitch your story to. It also has several features that make it easy to craft a pitch that will stand out and get noticed."

2) ResponseSource

Melanie Marten, PR Consultant and Owner of The Coup Public Relations

"Consider sending press releases through the ResponseSource Press Release Wire. ResponseSource provides curated PR opportunities in the UK, connecting entrepreneurs with British media and influencers. With their Journalist Enquiry Service you can subscribe to receive source requests from journalists at national, consumer and trade publications."

3) PressPlugs

Natalia Brzezinska, Marketing & Outreach Manager at PhotoAiD

"My favorite way to contact UK journalists is PressPlugs. It's a journalists' request service, similar to Help a Reporter Out, but including only UK outlets in their database. Simply put, UK journalists turn to PressPlugs for expert commentary on their articles. Writers submit requests describing their topics, and specialists answer them with their insights. For entrepreneurs and managers, it's an opportunity to get media coverage and establish themselves as thought leaders. The most significant advantage of this platform is the variety of topics - regardless of specialization, everyone can find a matter they are familiar with."

4) BuzzStream

Isobel Walster, Senior Digital PR Executive at Absolute Digital Media

"Here at Absolute Digital Media, we use a variety of different tools to help us reach out to journalists. But we have found the best approach is through manual outreach and we use Buzzstream to reach out to the relevant journalists. This approach, along with using Twitter search and tools like Cision has helped us secure coverage for our clients.

For example, our most recent success was a reactive campaign that we shared yesterday about ‘Love Island Compatibility Test: Which Girl Davide Should Couple Up With’. Within a few hours, this campaign had already reached 105 pieces of coverage, and 99 of those were links over DR 40.

We’ve found that it’s super important to make sure that the journalists are relevant to what you are sending and that saying thank you after a successful campaign really does help boost your relationship with the journalist, which helps for future campaigns."

5) PR Fire

Marco Genaro Palma, Head SEO Manager at PRLab

"PR Fire is a great platform for specific and targeted pitching and story release. It is focused on the UK, and has included in its plan a distribution set up, where any user can choose specific journalists that cover specific industries to be able to see their pitches. The platform’s efficiency is rooted in the fact that it is a unified platform for all journalists and PR campaigners, but has the option to filter through and narrow down to only the areas of interest of both users and journalists. When pitching to a journalist, you must keep in mind the target audience, and the style of stories that those journalists deem worth publishing."

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