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The Host

PRontheGO expert Melanie Marten headshot

Melanie Marten | The Coup


With The Coup Public Relations, Melanie creates a portfolio of global media coverage for startups, brands, global enterprises and their thought leaders. The Coup has been operating out of Europe - Berlin and Athens - since 2010. Melanie Marten has more than 15 years of experience in public relations as a driving force for business development. She is the founder of the growth hacking network PR ON THE GO.

Upcoming Expert Panels

PRontheGO expert Kristen Skladd headshot

Kristen Skladd | The KMS Group


Former journalist turned publicist: Kristen Skladd holds nearly 15 years of experience in the public relations and media industry, Kristen assists her clients with sharpening their image and gaining exposure on a national scale. Kristen helps brands elevate their messaging with proven results through a combined approach.

Topics that we'll cover:

  • Why it's critical for journalists and PR to understand one another's roles
  • Tips for helping to making your pitch stand out
  • Why PR is about much more than just connections

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Coming Up

Expert panel with Kristen Skladd

October 17, 2023

Los Angeles, CA, USA 9AM
New York, NY, USA 12PM
London, United Kingdom 5PM
Athens, Greece 7PM

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The Topics

The current status of entrepreneurship & the media landscape

Entrepreneurship is booming. Indie makers, creators, and freelancers are setting out to pursue their own businesses in the midst of the advancement of artificial intelligence that comes at the speed of light.

The media landscape is more accessible than ever to promote your business. Yet there are more entrepreneurs than ever.

For each to successfully pursue their niche, the greatest opportunity lies in community building.

Trending Examples of Pursuing PR

A new wave of entrepreneurs represents the much-needed next generation of diversity and transparency. The trending techniques to build a following often come in this way: Through YouTube Live, build-in-public through Discord, or LinkedIn thought leadership.

You can't be everywhere. The medium is the message, so the media you choose to position yourself in says something about you as an entrepreneur. We'll provide an insight of what's working right now and will be worth investing your time and efforts in.

Questions & Answers. Ask the experts about your specific PR challenge

What are the media strategies that meet the current needs of the audience and are likely to resonate with them? Should you focus on writing guest articles for special interest magazines? Should you spend your time building a YouTube channel? Should you invest in Twitter verification and engage in tweets?

We'll evaluate based on your needs. Tell us about your business and goals, and the experts will answer where you're likely to find your audience and how to reach them.

FAQ for participating entrepreneurs

Simply add the event to your calendar and meet us on on the day on this landing page. Here you'll find the access to the live streaming panel.
No. This is a free event, and we're not selling you anything.
Yes, our speakers are available for your enquiries. Please find their contact information on the page PR ON THE GO Experts.
Yes, you are strongly encouraged to ask questions and tell us about your specific needs.
Yes, the recording will go live on the PR ON THE GO YouTube channel after the panel.
Find the studio link to join us on the day on this page. You can ask your questions to the experts via the chat function or call in to join the talk.