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Start and grow and own your own interactive wellness community space with Mighty Networks.

Become a contributor on Wellbeing Magazine and submit your wellness expertise in articles for publication.

Offer a fitness deal for employees at large enterprises with Perks at Work. You can start your employee perk campaign here.

Fitness Instructors: Start hosting paid, live workouts online for the community of Moxie.

Nutritionists: The Kajabi platform makes it simple to build your nutrition and diet business online.

Language can have a great influence on effectively promoting products. Work on promoting a good mood in your language to experience a significant boost to conversions.

Hosting classes for yoga, meditation or breath work in your area? Set up a group and events at to find interested students.

Studio owners: Encourage the teachers at your studio to self promote on their social media accounts to grow the studio brand and following.

Studio owners: Find a specific goal people have, and start a conversation about that. This will help you differentiate yourself in a crowded market.

Get 1 hour of free PR consultancy from PRontheGO founder Melanie Marten with this promotional link.

Perkville is a top member rewards program for your fitness studio that engages and incentivizes your clients seamlessly.

Try ClubReady, the popular software to manage and grow your memberships.

With the MINDBODY business management software, you’ll get access to the world’s largest fitness, wellness, and beauty network.

When promoting a health effect resulting from your services, research industry insights, statistics or scientific studies that support your statement.

Start building a relationship with local social influencers by inviting them to your studio and offer them free services so they can get to know what you're selling.

When you're marketing a local business, such as a gym, start collaborations with social media influencers in your local area only.

Build up educational content such as on how to diet and exercise properly to earn consumer's trust.

In your PR message, emphasize HOW your products and services improve the user's lifestyle.

Unless you're a hardcore fitness bootcamp, try not to make the impression your service is for athletes only; make it as accessible as possible.

Thinking about working with influencers? Check out Pamela Reif, one of Germany's most successful fitness influencers.

Offer your product and services to companies with a discount to pass onto their employees.

Start a Fitness and Health Challenge that includes your service and spread it via your website, newsletter and social media.

Research the fitness bloggers in the area you're active in. Introduce yourself and offer free subscriptions to your services for coverage.

Emphasize health over beauty in your brand's messaging. The desire to be healthy plays a greater role in motivating people.

Create a free profile on Help A Reporter Out and offer your expertise in Lifestyle and Fitness to journalists.

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