The Ultimate Glossary of Terms About Public Relations

We provide you with a comprehensive glossary of common PR terms, as well as trending PR buzz words.


Public Relations

Short 'PR' includes all activities to raise awareness and /or attract a favourable opinion of a company, brand, product or person. The attention of the desired target audience(s) is achieved through media placements and influencer relations.

A PR Consultant or Publicist uses a variety of PR tools to reach an audience and connect or convince. Amongst the most popular tools used are press releases, press events, press trips, brand ambassadorships, sponsoring, give away campaigns, partnerships.

Press Release

Is the way to introduce your story /brand to journalists. The text follows a general form - a catchy headline, a brief summary followed by most important facts first down to more detailed information and a boilerplate. The press release becomes part of a PressKit, where photo material is provided to use for journalists who will cover your story.

A press release is distributed to your target media. The most important rule: The announcement in the press release needs to be newsworthy!



Brand Messaging

Brand messages are the foundation of consistency in your brand communications, and will ultimately lead to your brand positioning. Your PR expert defines them with you based on your brand's values, mission, vision and differentiation from competitors.

Those key messages are not to be mixed up with a catchy claim or a slogan, but are the most important benefits to set you apart from other startups. They are then repeated throughout all channels, be it website and marketing copy, or in interviews.

Brand Positioning

The strategic task to deeply understand your industry, competitors, and trends to see where you can occupy a niche based on your brand's benefits to customers. The goal is to be perceived as favourable, different, and credible in consumers’ minds, in a category that is not fully occupied yet.

A PR expert develops communications based on this positioning strategy and reinforces your brand's differentiating qualities in the media, as well as establishes an emotional connection with prospects and customers throughout all comms channels.



Thought Leadership

Solo-preneurs and startups profit from a thought leadership in their area of business, which is their field of expertise. A thought leader steps forward under their personal name, to become recognized as a go-to resource in their field, and to boost their company by being mentioned as a source in the media. Think Elon Musk on Twitter for Tesla.

PR experts help you gain audience by publishing articles and providing expert commentary under your name in special interest media, and on relevant platforms.

Brand Ambassador

A paid engagement with a person that embodies your brand's values. Especially lifestyle brands profit from brand ambassador engagements, where they agree on a certain amount of activity to create outreach within the brand ambassador's audience.

Ambassadors can create a word-of-mouth marketing that is known to be the most effective to generate business. Activities includes endorsing your brand throughout their social channels, being a testimonial for PR material, and to be present at brand events.



Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty focuses on the choice of consumers to use a particular business or buy a particular product/ service over and over, rather than use other businesses or products. As a result, it is widely seen as a key determinant of a firm’s profitability.

Retaining customers is found to be less expensive than acquiring new ones. PR focuses on Community Management along the Customer Journey as a most cost-effective way to drive customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty.

White Paper

An in-depth report on a specific topic, used as a growth tool by B2B firms/startups. Based on the research of the company's industry, marketers use it for inbound strategies, usually requiring the registration via an email address on a landing page with a consent to be contacted, in order to download the White Paper with its valuable information.

Within Media Planning, PR experts partner up with special interest media that'll publish the piece in their outlet and distribute it via their network.



Case Study

The go-to marketing tool for B2B startups - A use case with a problem-solution approach for the different products offered and industries targeted. Each case study refers to a former client or project either by naming them (permission is needed) or by describing the client, e.g. as a 'Fortune500 firm in the finance industry’. Case studies involve hard facts including figures about the achievements.

PR experts publish case studies on relevant platforms and distribute them with analysts and special interest media.

Audience Engagement

The way you engage with your brand's community, typically via social media platforms. It is a form of public relations that invites consumers to participate in, distribute, and influence the messaging behind your brand.

Publicists and creatives build campaigns around current topics that are interactive and easily shareable among consumers. Audience Engagement needs to be understand as an ongoing conversation shaped daily, by audiences and popular culture alike.




Companies include a boilerplate under their press releases. This is a template that introduces the key facts about your company or startup usually within 2 small paragraphs.

A boilerplate ensures that the company does not need to be introduced over and over again within the news announcement. It provides journalists with selected facts, e.g. the founding date, name of the founders, the overall mission or vision, the location of offices, number of employees, awards, achievements, partnerships.

Earned Media

Also called Publicity, a term used to describe press placements that were secured by press release outreach and pitching from a PR expert to the media. It is any kind of coverage about you or your business that you haven't paid for or created yourself.

This kind of exposure is much more valuable than their opponent paid media (including sponsored articles, ads), since it provides credibility from a journalist and their media outlet to endorse you. Earned media is the main goal to achieve in PR.