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Submit your essay for publication to the European Review of Books magazine.

Create a profile at and become a guest to the 70,000 podcasters on the platform.

Consider attending the Writer's Digest Annual Conference for a pitch session with leading literary agents.

Business book authors can pitch for guest articles and submit a book excerpt with Insider.

Consider a news distribution announcing your nonfiction business book launch with Newsfile, as it will get placements in top-tier finance outlets such as Bloomberg.

Project Brazen launched a platform for "Fearless Storytelling", immersive, audio-forward podcasting and on-the-ground documentaries. Pitch your book for a featured project with the platform.

Use #bookstagram to find book lovers on Instagram. Offer them your book for review.

Indie authors: Build a community by writing essays and delivering them via newsletters through Substack.

Get 1 hour of free PR consultancy from PRontheGO founder Melanie Marten with this promotional link.

If you're a children's book author, get in contact with local kids playroom locations and offer to read your book for storytime.

Find alternative venues to bookstores for book signings and appearances to grow your audience and the option to sell books.

If you're looking for expert sources to add use cases for your nonfiction book, you can find them with this toolbox from the Society of Professional Journalists.

Are you a journalist looking to write a book about foreign affairs? Join the Hostwriter network to bring cross-border journalistic projects to life.

Enquire a book listing with NetGalley. Journalists on the platform regularly send reading requests to review your book.

For promoting sci-fi stories, you may want to use images and videos from Nasa, which are generally not copyrighted.

Once your book is published, claim it with an author profile on Goodreads. The platform lets you do giveaway competition to start the interaction with their readers.

When you consider self-publishing, Kindle Direct Publishing is still the best way to go. Run a free, 5-day e-book promotion for the launch to get your first book reviews in.

The Big 5 traditional publishers of the U.S. are

  1. Hachette Book Group
  2. HarperCollins
  3. Macmillan Publishers
  4. Penguin Random House
  5. Simon and Schuster

They only accept submissions by literary agents.

AALA is the leading association for professional literary agents in the United States. Find an agent by their specialty and send them a query for your book submission.

When writing dialogue, get inspired by this accumulation of alternatives by Owlcation for the wording "he said /she said /they said."

Perfect your writing with the free AI proofreader DeepL Write.

Are you a romantic novelist or write nonfiction about love topics? Take your chances to raise your author profile by submitting an essay for the Modern Love section of The New York Times.

The best chance for a successful novel release is to publish a short story of your story in a well-respected media outlet first. Hand in your fiction short story submission to The New Yorker.

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