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Create audio versions of your books. Use Podcastle, Findaway Voices, and ACX to create audiobooks and boost the total addressable market for your message.

Authors, write in public. Crowdsource ideas, get feedback, and build early readership. Launch a community for your readers.

Print hardcover and paperback books from self-publishing with PrintNinja.

Distribute your e-books, audiobooks, comics, and more with StreetLib.

Try Typora, a minimalist markdown editor.

Write, translate, and format your books with Magic Author.

Try Ulysses, the writing app with built-in proofreader and editing assistance.

Create, manage, and publish your writing with Scrivener.

Check the complexity of your writing with Hemingway.

Publish and sell e-books on Gumroad.

Authors: Consider reaching out to popular Bookstagrammers who share book recommendations and reviews via Instagram.

Build an audience by sharing your short stories with the community of Vocal.

Independent writers: Start writing and gain paying subscribers on Substack.

Authors: Crowdfund your book publishing deal with Publishizer.

NASA has a webpage that offers advice to those wanting to write convincing science-fiction.

Get 1 hour of free PR consultancy from PRontheGO founder Melanie Marten with this promotional link.

Start 6 months to a year before your book launch collecting credible testimonials who will build trust with your readership.

Find alternative venues to bookstores for book signings and appearances to grow your audience and the option to sell books.

If you're a children's book author, get in contact with local kids playroom locations and offer to read your book for storytime.

Local media is easier to pitch than national media. Get in contact with the local media outlets in the area of your book tour.

Give away extra content on an online launch to get people excited for your book.

Endorsements and great reviews online will help to sell your book. Try to get as many as possible.

You’ve penned the next great page-turner. Time to sell it with a beautiful book cover. You may consider starting a cover design contest with 99designs.

Your book release: Send review copies to journalists well in advance of your publication date!

Have your Amazon book deal featured by Whisper Reads with a free submission.

You might hand in your book promotion to It's Write Now for a listing.

Have your book promoted with the newsletter and social media channels of Bookzio. The free and paid promotions are available here.

Book Bongo boosts offers social media and on-site promotion for your book.

eBooks Habit spreads your free or discounted ebook promotions. Free or paid submissions available.

You may submit your book deal to

Start a free or paid listing at the book review blog Awesome Gang.

Submit your book promotion to Reading Deals to expose your book to new readers of your genre.

You can add your book to with the submission form here.

You might submit your book promotion deals at Armadillo eBooks.

Indie Publishers might want to test for their book promotion at a very small fee.

Digital Book Today offers paid and free book promotions.

If you have a temporary book promotion on Amazon, have your book featured by

Make sure to list your book on NetGalley - Journalists will send you reading requests for a review.

BOMB magazine accepts submissions of previously unpublished poetry and short fiction.

Have your online article headlines checked for SEO value with the headline optimizer by CoSchedule.

Ask visitors “to pay” for parts of your blog content with a tweet or Facebook like with Social Locker.

Find great cultural media content free to share and use for your online marketing activities at

Did you know: The inventor of Public Relations as we know it nowadays is Edward Bernays, a nephew of Sigmund Freud. Read Bernays’ book PROPAGANDA to learn all about PR.

For your sci-fi stories you may want to use images and videos from Nasa, which are generally not copyrighted.

Find young book bloggers at, get in contact with those you like and provide them with a copy of your book for a review!

Get connected in the NYC Entrepreneurial Journalism and Media Meetup group and join their events.

Authors have your book listed on Goodreads app and start a give-away competition for some copies.

Publish articles at MEDIUM, the leading network to share essays and stories, to boost your chances to be found online.

Have your Magazine publications and Corporate Publishing projects portfolio online with the interactive reader ISSUU. Include the mobile optimized tool onto your website for free.

Join the Hostwriter network to bring cross-border journalistic projects to life.

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