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Upload your track on and get discovered by the audience of Audiomack.

Start filming your indie music journey, and submit your film for streaming to Artist Replugged.

Start a PlaylistPush campaign to submit music to Spotify playlist curators and TikTok creators.

Plan your release with the platform EVEN for direct community and fan connection.

Set up your artist profile with Bandsintown for artists to get disovered and build your audience.

Share your tracks with curators, radio stations and music industry professionals on Groover.

Submit your album /single release to AllMusic for a feature in their New Releases section here.

Submit your music to the EHFM online community radio with the submission form here.

Musicians apply to get represented on VEVO, the largest network of music channels on YouTube.

Promote your music video with Genius where a community around musical knowledge meets.

Are you a professional in the world of music and entertainment? You may want to join Rolling Stone Culture Council to increase your thought leadership activities.

Submit your music through the platform Musosoup to have it reviewed by multiple music journalists.

BandZoogle auto-creates an electronic press kit for your band.

SubmitHub connects you with music editors, radio stations and music bloggers. Submit your song here.

Get 1 hour of free PR consultancy from PRontheGO founder Melanie Marten with this promotional link.

Consider DropTrack for your music promotion - a platform that helps indie artists expose their music to a larger audience.

Musicians, join Bandcamp. You can sell directly to your fans with total control over your music and pricing.

Create a Patreon page for paid subscriptions of your music and videos from your fans.

Find music blogs in Germany to pitch your album to at

Share your live music via broadcast with

To get your music business started in Berlin, join the Berlin Music Commission network.

Music Pool Berlin offers a free 45-minute orientation consultation. Also, check out their workshops for more music know-how and networking.

Musicboard Berlin is Berlin's platform for festival funding, grants and residencies for musicians. Together with Pop Kultur Berlin, they run the biggest festival and conference for music in Berlin, as well as a talent development program. Contact them to see what's in it for you!

Get your electronic music or DJ artist profile on Resident Advisor, the premier underground nightlife promotion platform, and be sure to list your gigs.

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