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Meet the Speakers

The Host

Tan Sukhera, Piar, headshot
Piar logo

Tan Sukhera | Piar


Tan is the CEO and Founder of Piar, a media intelligence company based in New York. His experience working with the leading global media intelligence companies globally, serving clients of all shapes and sizes (Startups & NGOs to Fortune 500) puts him at the forefront of global best practices.

The Speakers

Danny Gardner speaker portrait image
Haleon logo

Danny Gardner | Haleon


Danny is Head of Social Media Insights & Analytics at Haleon (fmr. GSK Consumer Healthcare), a social listening content creator, trusted advisor and speaker spanning data & analytics, social media, marketing and pharma/healthcare.

He oversees Haleon's advanced social listening strategy, owned and earned media measurement, vendor/tech stack and social analytics reporting across 25+ of their world-renowned consumer healthcare brands such as Advil, Sensodyne and TUMS to uncover social, consumer and category insights at scale for the North American business.

Angeline Kitman speaker portrait image
Nvidia logo

Angeline Kitman | Nvidia


Angeline Kitman is a seasoned professional in the social media industry, with over 10+ years of experience as both a social media manager and now social intelligence manager. She holds a B.A. in Communication Studies and minor in Marketing from UNLV, and an MBA from California State University, Monterey Bay.

Currently she is the Social Listening Intelligence Manager at NVIDIA, and is responsible for uncovering social insights for teams across the NVIDIA organization. She has a strong passion for social media strategy and teaching teams how to utilize social data to create impactful campaigns.

Angeline currently resides in Washington State with her husband, daughter, and 4 pets.

Frank Gregory speaker portrait image
Nestlé logo

Frank Gregory | Nestlé


After starting his career in marketing strategy & research, Frank has specialized in social listening and related social research methodologies for the past 11 years, becoming a recognized leader in the emerging Social Intelligence space. Due to his accomplishments building out these capabilities for brands such as Audi, Hilton, and now Nestle USA, as well as founding the Social Intelligence Practices at agencies such as MediaCom and consultancies such as NorthStar Solutions Group, Frank has recently been recognized by the Social Intelligence Lab (the leading global trade organization in the space) as a Global Social Intelligence Insider 50 award winner.

Paula Perez speaker portrait image
Oatly logo

Paula Perez | Oatly


Paula specializes in social engagement & community at Oatly, where she leverages social listening to keep community at the forefront and ensure Oatly is never left out of relevant social media moments. She’s passionate about using social listening to better communicate about sustainable food systems, plant-based diets, and climate action.

Ari Lightman speaker portrait image
Carnegie Mellon University logo

Ari Lightman | Carnegie Mellon University


A Distinguished Service Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, Ari has more than 13 years of experience teaching, researching, and consulting at the intersection of marketing and IT. He's passionate about exploring and advancing the fields of social data analytics, organizational disruption, and next generation consumers.

Through his class on Measuring Social, he has partnered with over 85 organizations, including Nike, Netflix, The New York Times, and Microsoft, to provide students with experiential learning opportunities in collecting, organizing, and analyzing unstructured data.

Ellen Tseng speaker portrait image
Cash App logo

Ellen Tseng | Cash App


Ellen is a strategic and motivated social media and marketing leader with 10+ years of progressive experience leading global and domestic teams to exceed expectations through strategy planning, campaign execution, data intelligence insights, marketing research, and digital and social media reporting. Adept at establishing and growing digital and social presence and strengthening brand reputation for diverse brands such as Microsoft, Cash App, Las Vegas Board of Tourism, Boeing, Best Fiends, and Western Digital.

Jorie McLeod speaker portrait image
Uber logo

Jorie McLeod | Uber


Consumer insights professional with 7+ years of experience in marketing strategy and digital analytics. Jorie's innate curiosity fuels her passion for uncovering innovative insights through in-depth data analysis and developing actionable solutions to better inform clients' business decisions. Jorie drives the delivery of impactful brand strategies and marketing plans for a range of Fortune 500 clients. With expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, she excels at identifying and making sense of emerging trends.

Chelsie Hall speaker portrait image
Viral Moment logo

Chelsie Hall | ViralMoment


Chelsie Hall is the CEO and co-founder of ViralMoment, where she empowers brands to unlock the potential of social video and to trends clearly.

ViralMoment is the only AI technology that can watch hundreds of thousands of social videos so that brands can see past the algorithmic fog, enabling them to craft potent strategies, safeguard their reputation, and gain a deeper understanding of their audience.

Chelsie is an expert on the intersection of culture and content, with a passion for understanding the way influence and trends move.

Khalil El-Amin speaker portrait image
Nichefire logo

Khalil El-Amin | Nichefire


Khalil El-Amin is one of the visionary entrepreneurs behind Nichefire, a Predictive Cultural Insights Technology company dedicated to revolutionizing the business landscape through the prism of consumer and competitive brand insights.

At the helm of this groundbreaking AI-powered media intelligence company, he is leading a dynamic team in harnessing the vast expanse of online data, unraveling millions of data points, and utilizing advanced algorithms to unveil previously undiscovered insights that inform strategic decision-making. His proficiency extends to leveraging social metrics for uncovering concealed truths, executing Brand Tactics Analysis, gauging Consumer Sentiment, delivering comprehensive Reporting, and seamlessly integrating with diverse platforms through APIs. The bedrock of Khalil’s approach lies in the deployment of Customized AI solutions, meticulously crafted to address the unique needs of each client.

In his role as the Chief Revenue Officer, he cultivates meaningful relationships with key personnel at major brands like Walmart, Kraft Heinz, Nestlè, and others. Guiding his dedicated team, he harnesses the intelligence derived from these partnerships and cutting-edge AI technology to achieve extraordinary results for Nichefire’s clients.

Christopher Chen speaker portrait image
Warner Bros Discovery logo

Christopher Chen | Warner Bros. Discovery


Market and audience insights executive who has built and trained global research and insights teams in quantitative, qualitative and social analytics. By pioneering cross-functional methodologies to build rich data sets, Chen's teams are consistently involved in the development and validation of short- and long-term strategies. Chen's areas of expertise include: media & entertainment, technology, hospitality, medical, CPG, apparel, and the food industry.

Kim Townend speaker portrait image
Kim Townend logo

Kim Townend | Kim Townend Studio


Kim is a social listening and strategy consultant based in the UK. My work falls into three main areas: Social Strategy, Social Listening / Trends and Audience Insights.

With 17 years' experience, Kim has worked with companies of all sizes, from start-ups to government departments and everything in between.

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March 01, 2024



Tan Sukhera
Frank Gregory, Nestlé
Khalil El-Amin, Nichefire
Angeline Kitman, Nvidia
Ari Lightman, Carnegie Mellon University

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April 05, 2024



Tan Sukhera
Christopher Chen, Warner Bros. Discovery
Danny Gardner, Haleon
Jorie McLeod, Uber
Ellen Tseng, Cash App

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May 03, 2024



Tan Sukhera
Chelsie Hall, ViralMoment
Kim Townend, Kim Townend Studio
Paula Perez, Oatly

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The Topics

The Evolution and Strategic Importance of Social Listening in 2024

Social listening has evolved from a supplementary activity to an essential component of organizational strategy by 2024. The expansion of social media data offers unprecedented insights into market trends and consumer preferences. Enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, social listening tools have become more precise and efficient. This advancement empowers organizations to effectively harness these insights, making social listening a critical element in strategic planning and decision-making.

Embracing Social Listening as a Strategic Imperative

By 2024, Social Intelligence has become a strategic necessity, enabling organizations to proactively address consumer needs, adapt to market shifts, and navigate competitive landscapes. Operationalizing insights from social media amplifies the impact of social listening, integrating it into the core of digital strategy frameworks. Moreover, our collective experiences working in Social Intelligence and reflecting on best practices, we notice the most effective case studies illustrate the transformative role of technology in social listening. Demonstrating how businesses utilize social data for marketing, product development, customer engagement and beyond. These narratives underscore the significance of a culture that supports social listening, emphasizing openness, responsiveness, and adaptability.

Navigating the Social Listening Landscape

The journey from basic media monitoring to sophisticated media intelligence tools marks social listening's growing significance in strategic planning. This evolution makes social listening accessible for businesses of all sizes, highlighting its role in informed decision-making. Effective social listening strategies align with an organization's specific objectives, focusing on tools and methodologies that provide actionable insights.

Engage with our experts! Whether you're establishing a comprehensive social listening framework or refining existing practices, our experts are here to offer their take on things. Don't be shy to ask questions regardless of your organization's sophistication levels as it relates to Social Intelligence. We encourage you to be active in the chat and get involved! Every Social Intelligence professional should be equipped to navigate the digital landscape of 2024. Let's go!

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