Wine Spectator Restaurant Award

Wine PR

If you're a restaurant owner with a good wine list, consider entering for the Wine Spectator Restaurant Award. Entries are accepted in the first month of each year.

Food Dive

Food Tech PR

Distribute your food tech press annoucement with the leading food industry publication Food Dive (fee-based).


Hospitality PR

Food & beverage brands: Promote your news and secure media coverage with the media platform Food4Media.

Low No Drinker magazine

Food Media

Low No Drinker magazine is interested in hearing from alcohol-free brands, contributing writers who are living a sober life, and low alcohol experiences in bars and restaurants.


Food Media

Submit your press release about non-alcoholic beverages or spirits sold in North America to BevNET, the beverage industry news outlet.

Famous for my Dinner Parties

Food Media

This is not a recipe or cooking magazine. Instead, read about futuristic food, how food becomes visually iconic, "automated" restaurants, and fake food news.

PR Consultation

Food PR

Get 1 hour of free PR consultancy from PRontheGO founder Melanie Marten with this promotional link.

Food PR

Find the most popular hashtags in food right now & try's Hashtag Generator Tool.

Google ‘Restaurants near me’

Food PR

‘Restaurants near me’ is the most popular ‘near me’ search query. To be found, your restaurant should be carefully listed with Google, Bing, Yelp, Apple Maps, Foursquare and Trip Advisor.


Food Media

FARE editors visit a different city each issue, exploring the local culture through food, history, and community.

Cake Zine

Food Media

Cake Zine is a hedonistic exploration of history, pop culture, literature, and art through dessert.


Food Media

Serviette is a magazine about food and about the ideas, the conversations, and the connections that surround the cycle of our food.

Handwritten Font

Food PR tip

Design your food brand name in a handwritten font. Studies found that using handwritten fonts increased the perception of human presence. This led to enhancing consumers' emotional connection to the product or brand.

Let your customers watch

Food PR tip

Consumers assess the quality of a product by observing the effort put into delivering it. Let your customers watch you prepare, or let them track each step involved in making their food.

Support your local community

Food PR tip

There is power in making a difference: Help those in need in your community by donating a portion of your food/beverage.


Food Media

Take a journey through the annals of gastronomic history with Eaten. Discover vintage recipes and explore centuries of cooking, eating, and the people involved through a series of essays, interviews, and art.


Food Media

Sandwich magazine uses the iconic sandwich as a lens for cultural essays, features, photo stories and beyond.

Art Culinaire

Food Media

Founded over 30 years ago by a professional chef, Art Culinaire is a glossy, hardcover magazine that features stories from great chefs, large-format, on-location photography, and personal interviews.

Submit calendar listings

Food PR tip

Starting a restaurant? Plan a grand opening and submit calendar listings to the local press to support the announcement.

Cook on local television

Food PR tip

Chefs should consider offering to cook on local television to demonstrate unique recipes, e.g. to celebrate national holidays.


Hospitality PR

Share your food pictures and get free food stock photos at Foodiesfeed.

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