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10 Top PR Tips For Nutritionists

What is one great PR idea for nutritionists?

To help nutritionists with great PR ideas, we asked PR experts and marketing professionals this question for their best insights. From tying into a lifestyle to becoming your own media company, there are several strategies that may help nutritionists boost visibility and authority for their products and services.

Here are 10 top PR ideas for nutritionists:

Tie Into A Lifestyle

Boye Fajinmi, TheFutureParty

"Healthy eating choices are only part of the wellness journey. Nutritionists looking to boost their brands should work to create a lifestyle of healthy habits, choices and exercises to complement their brands or products. Choose a specific niche of fitness to target. It could be home fitness, high-intensity workouts, healthy and fitness for parents, or anything else related to your brand.

Find ways to incorporate your brand into that facet of health and fitness so that it acts as a supplementary force for your audiences overall health goals. This will create a symbiotic relationship between your brand and your audience's fitness goals. This strategy, when done correctly, provides long-term sustainability and PR options for Nutritionists looking to improve their PR relations."

Follow-Up After Purchase

Gerrid Smith, Fortis Medical Billing

"Once you've made a sale, it's simple to sit back and rely on the merits of your product to entice them back. Failure to follow up after a purchase, on the other hand, is a sure way to lose a potentially devoted customer. Whether you're sending out surveys or simply checking in on a customer's experience, it's critical to continue obtaining data from them once they've demonstrated their willingness to provide it. You can ask the consumer to share a photo with your hashtag, enter food photography competitions, or participate in a rewards program. Using Customer Relations Management software is an excellent method to tap into this resource and reap the advantages long after a purchase has been made. As a smaller food business, you have the advantage of being able to capitalize on new trends and be imaginative and creative with your marketing. Use these tactics to your advantage and begin telling the world about your brand immediately."

Create a Podcast

Miles Beckett, Flossy

"Create a podcast. Nutrition is a complex field, and when you can expand upon concepts relating to nutrition in verbal form, this allows more people to understand what you know. Furthermore, listening to podcasts is a common pastime for people while multitasking, such as cleaning, exercising, or driving. Put yourself out there through podcasting to enhance your PR as a nutritionist."

Go Where The Professionals Roam

Joel Jackson, Lifeforce

"Relying on online professional directories is a smart tactic for public relations or marketing if you’re a nutritionist. If you want new clients, you need to go where there are people who can afford such a service. If you have a niche, or a specialty, those directories give you an opportunity to list them. The more information you provide, the better chance you have for prospective clients to match up with you. You’ll wind up getting a steady flow of requests for nutritional counseling if you find the right place to post and include the right information."

Offer Pro-Bono Services at a Care Home

Ross Kernez, Health Plan One

"Offering pro-bono services to hand-selected individuals at a care home for elderly people in exchange for a documented case study could not only give you an opportunity to collect interesting and emotionally charged case studies. But it could also open the door to a great PR opportunity if the nutritionist contacted local newspapers and the local municipality to request a community initiative working with more elderly care homes and more nutritionists."

Emphasize Tailoring To The Need of The Client

Cathy Liska, Center for Coaching Certification

"While there are nutritional standards and best practices for everyone, each person and their circumstances are unique. When they know that what you offer will be tailored to them specifically, they will be more interested. This is similar to coaching - we have processes and tools and ultimately everything is tailored to the specific individual to best serve them."

Showcase Before-and-After Results

Macy Sarbacker, Macy Michelle

"One great PR tip for nutritionists is to showcase before/after results. This doesn't just have to apply to weight loss! It can be really compelling for someone to read about how crappy someone felt, how they couldn't sleep, etc. and how working with a nutritionist changed that! This could also apply to how someone feels before/after a meal, etc.

There are many ways to utilize before/afters and people LOVE to read and engage with that type of content! Showcase before/afters on your social media pages and on your website! This content is easy to share and is a great way to spread the word about how you can help people!"

Partner With a Local School

Dorota Lysienia, MyPerfectResume

"Healthy eating is a top-trending topic at schools. Parents don't have enough time to prepare nutritious meals for their children, and school canteens often have limited healthy food options. As a nutritionist, you can address this problem by partnering with a local school and providing awareness campaigns to the kids and staff. You can also offer cooking classes and show them on your social media platforms.

By engaging in a local community, you will demonstrate your passion for a healthy diet and help others lead a well-balanced lifestyle. You will also create a positive PR for your personal brand and build meaningful relationships in your industry."

Acquire Mentions

Max Whiteside, Breaking Muscle

"Anyone interested in living a healthy lifestyle, i.e. your target audience, is likely to read respected publications on the subject. Being included in these publications, whether it's a round-up of the best organic oatmeal or a list of which protein powder to bring on a camping trip, is a good way to get recognized by this demographic. And collaborating with an influencer who will actually use your product and show the benefits to their audience is a terrific strategy to help your product go viral."

Become Your Own Media Company

Mariela Azcuy, Carve Communications

"There's a lot of noise in the marketplace - many nutritionists are trying to make their mark. Nutritionists interested in standing out should identify their niche and then communicate their expertise in that niche like a lighthouse. For example, you may know an unusual amount about how food and inflammation are related. List out everything you know in bite-size portions, pick a channel like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Tik Tok, and share your learnings. If you're consistent and have personality, you'll start seeing people coming to you. And if you show you're a resource, the media are more likely to pick you over another inflammation expert because you've proved yourself."

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