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Public Relations Hacks: 9 Reasons Why You Need PR as an Artist

Why do artists need PR?

To help you see the importance of public relations (PR) for artists, we asked PR and growth professionals this question for their best insights. From taking care of itineraries to helping artists distinguish themselves creatively, there are several reasons that may help you better appreciate the significant role PR plays in bringing artists into the limelight.

Here are nine reasons why artists need PR:

The Power Of Telling Your Story

Chandra Gore, Publicist & Principal Consultant of Chandra Gore Consulting

"The benefits of having a publicist as an Artist (musical or visual arts) is the ability to reach a larger audience that would be interested in your works. A publicist has the potential to submit your works for reviews, inclusion in roundups and also features that showcase you and your work. A publicist can help you to understand the power of telling your story."

Sharing Your Talents

Emily Reynolds Bergh, Founder of R Public Relations Firm

"Your art needs to live in other places on the internet. If you are like most artists I know you have trouble sharing your talents. Hire a publicist to do that part for you. It will help with gallery and media connections!"

Promote The Artist and Take Care of Itineraries

Baruch Labunski, Rank Secure

"‚Äč‚ÄčArtists, by nature, are not public people. They are friendly and highly sociable but most don't understand or enjoy the nuts and bolts of promoting their work. That's where a good public relations person can work wonders. A PR person not only promotes the artist but schedules events like shows, travel and accommodations, and meet-and-greet activities. These are things that artists need but don't always see their importance."

Get Positive Media Coverage

Bill Lyons, Griffin Funding

"One great reason why artists need PR is so they can get positive media coverage! No matter how good of an artist you are, dealing with the press, journalists, reporters, interviewers, etc. can be quite daunting and annoying at times. If you're not sure how to handle your demeanor, composure, conciseness, and emotions when you're thrown some difficult questions that seem impossible to answer, you may say the wrong thing, act out, or say something that may be taken way out of context. Doing research and acquiring a PR company or representative can do wonders for any form of artists and can attract more positivity, attention, and people to their art!"

Provide Better and Less Expensive Advertising

Kenny Kline, BarBend

"Advertising is Expensive. Advertisements, in my opinion, are influential, significant, and vital. Although advertising might be an effective technique to inform the public about why they require your goods, it does not come cheap. Even local magazine advertisements might cost hundreds of dollars. Furthermore, when the audience is aware that the advertisements are coming directly from the company, they lose their credibility. A publicist can reach the audience for a fraction of the expense of an ad by utilizing strong public relations initiatives. In terms of cost and credibility, public relations is far more cost-effective and efficient."

Create Brand Visibility

Alex Chavarry, Cool Links

"Strong PR provides the necessary visibility for an artist to shine. Talent and drive are two major factors for any artist, but without a proper platform to display what they have to offer, the majority of artists won't get very far. Whatever the method, be it blogs, press releases or social media followings, it all culminates into your brand identity. That identity is what brings the spotlight to an artist's efforts and drives their career forward. Strong PR is a necessity for an artist seeking to become well known."

Focus Artists Within Their Niche

Breanne Millette, BISOULOVELY

"PR helps artists garner the attention of their target audience through features in publications with niche audiences. For instance, let's say an artist is offering a pottery class in NYC. Time Out, a free publication listing all the local monthly happenings and activities, would be the perfect exposure tool for the artist's class. Hyper-focus your PR efforts on the media outlets that capture your ideal reader!"

Reach More People for Sales

Gino Louise Reichert, LSAT Prep Hero

"Artists need PR to generate buzz and build up an audience for their work. By working with a PR firm, artists can get their name and work out there in front of potential fans and ultimately make more sales. In addition, a good PR strategy can help an artist land coveted slots at festivals or other high-profile events, which can jump start their career. In short, artists need PR because it helps them reach more people and sell more art."

Help Artists Distinguish Themselves Creatively

Cesar Cruz, Sebastian Cruz Couture

"As a designer, it was hard at the beginning of my career to make my mark in an already saturated market. Artists need PR to distinguish themselves creatively to get the recognition they deserve. A true artist finds a way to do things differently, and there's an untapped audience waiting to learn about your process."

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