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PR Hacks: What Journalists Would Love to See in Your PressKit

How can you make your presskit stand out?

We asked our PR and growth experts to advise founders on assets to include in a presskit. What other materials can or should be included in a presskit other than the current press release? Each of our experts lists a resource journalists will love, so this will maximize your chances of getting press coverage.

Let's check it out:

Professional Photos

Chandra Gore, Publicist & Principal Consultant of Chandra Gore Consulting

"Your press kit should always include a link to professional photos, all social/website links and .doc version of your press release. Make sure that photos are professional and clear. Photos are the first impression of you and your brand. You want to make sure you are putting your best out first. Absolutely No Selfies - this is not an option. Having photos that showcase your brand and yourself are important. Be sure to include the photographer credit as well."

A Press Room On Your Website

Kachelle Pratcher, Owner at K. Pratcher Media

"I worked as a TV producer for the last 8 years before transitioning to the PR side. As a journalist I loved when companies included the following in their press kits: an attention grabbing boilerplate, founder bios, high-resolution product images, product fact sheet, and contact information that includes social media handles. I think the most important asset is housing your press kit on your website in a branded company press room/newsroom. You can provide the journalist with a link to the site, it's very professional and cuts down on sending multiple links to journalists."

Your Voice For Podcast Pitching

Shannon Peel, Host of BrandAPeel

"When I get press kits from potential podcast guests, I like to be able to hear their voice. By embedding or linking to a podcast they were a guest on, you provide proof that they are going to be a good guest and able to talk about their topic with experience. When choosing guests, I want to know that they are not going to sell or talk about their product and service without giving valuable insights for listeners. That, and I need to know their voices don't sound like nails on a chalkboard."

Use Cases

Cody Candee, Founder and CEO of Bounce

"A press kit is not supposed to simply be a carbon copy of your website, as journalists want additional information that backs your claims, which is why it is important to include case studies. Providing a journalist with concise, non promotional material that reinforces your business’s claims, and that they can cite in their own materials, establishes credibility and trust. By including case studies, you can provide reference and quotable information that not only enhances your products and services, but establishes your authority within the industry."

Images With A High Resolution

Sara Johansson, Customer Success Manager at Onsiter

"If you've been fortunate enough to receive media attention, you know how important it is to have high-quality photographs on hand. When providing photos to the press, a common guideline is that the larger the image, the better."

Audio And Video Files

Sep Niakan, Managing Broker at Condoblackbook

"Did you know that multimedia press releases receive up to 9.7 times the number of views as text-only releases? Using photographs in your press release doubles the likelihood of it being spotted; including video quadruples the likelihood of it being discovered.

Whether you include video in your media kit will be determined by your target audience and the industry in which you operate, but the general rule is that if there is an opportunity to do so, take advantage of it."


Loic Claveau, CMO of

"One thing all press kits need are testimonials. A testimonial can come from a variety of different sources and is an incredibly versatile tool for brands. Having written endorsements about one’s brand shows the reach a company has and the quality of their image. Additionally, a testimonial can be used to address one specific feature to better highlight or showcase it."

Previous Coverage

Yuvi Alpert, Founder, Creative Director & CEO of Noémie

"Journalists, just like in many professions, don’t always want to be the first one through the wall, so including and highlighting previous quality press coverage in your media kit can be a great motivator. Including articles about your business, interviews with ownership and management, and even links to podcasts, can establish your credibility and authority within your marketspace. In addition, by including this previous coverage, you can engender confidence in a journalist that you have a strong comfort level with this type of coverage, which will increase confidence that you can aid them in producing a quality content piece."


Joel Jackson, Co-Founder of Lifeforce

"Include biographical information on the pertinent person or persons.

If you can provide names, titles and background information on the most pivotal people involved in the grand opening, or ground-breaking or any other event that you’ve invited the media to, that would be helpful.

It’s always beneficial for journalists to have that information in hand, especially if they’re turning a story fast. It saves them a Google search or phone call."

Fact Sheet

Lyle Florez, Founder at EasyPeopleSearch

"These days, press kits are still one of the most important things for both online and offline businesses. But many companies now add an electronic press kit to their websites for journalists to find important information quickly and easily according to them.

Often, businesses find themselves stuck in what to include in their press kit. In my opinion, there is one particular thing that must be present in every press kit & the thing is Fact Sheets. Your press kit must include a thing that can help a journalist form a story about your business & it is not possible without the fact sheet. This sheet includes all the factful data that you obtained in your business by moving forward every day & some exact statistics that can help you stand out."

An Evident Purpose

Denise L. Berkhalter, APR, National Director of Communications at Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship

"Purpose-driven businesses are fire! We’re in a moment when many audiences are unapologetically motivated by their values. They do business with businesses that share their interests and desire for meaningful solutions to common societal ills. A huge benefit of making your purpose evident in your brand story is it connects you with the socially aware market and journalists who care about them. Add your brand story to the press kit. Weave your purpose into your biography. Include cause-based photos and news coverage. Warning: be authentic to your brand’s mission, values and customer base, or your stated purpose won’t resonate."

Research And A Secondary Source

Oliver Hays, Director of PR at Zen Media

"A press release is no longer enough to get the attention of an editor or reporter. This has actually been the case for a long time. There is an overabundance of "news" which is a challenge to break through all the noise to get to the top of the pile. The best way to break through is to provide data, research, and a secondary source to back up the news, as well as tie ins to major global happenings (i.e. supply chain, the pandemic etc.). Talking about what your company is doing is only going to make waves if you are a huge household name, relating your story back to the broader picture will make you stand out from the crowd and allow you to become part of the conversation."

Direct Contact Info

Zachary Colman, CEO of Creatitive

"Journalists juggle multiple stories in a short period of time.. Having a presskit makes it easy for them to locate information about you and your business, and you will have a better chance of gaining exposure. The most important thing that you should have on your press kit is your contact information. Of course, the journalist should have a direct and clear line of communication with you if they need to ask additional questions or if they want to quote you on something."

Data and Statistics

Andrea Sok, Owner at SOK Influencer PR

"The most desired and often overlooked part of a press kit is the Data and Statistics section. The Data and Statistics section should include cited, independent, third party data that supports the importance or relevance of your product, service, event or announcement. This is a huge time saver for journalists and they will thank you!"

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