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AI Headshot Generators For Public Relations Activities

We asked our PR and growth experts to advise entrepreneurs on the importance of headshots for public relations. With new AI headshot image generators on the market, these tools promise to deliver polished business headshots by uploading a few simple photos. Our experts share their experiences on which tools they recommend - if any - and how such AI portrait tools can support PR activities.

From accepting AI headshots with real-life accuracy to ensuring brand consistency through AI images, here are the top experiences and thoughts our experts shared.

  • Remember, headshots are meant to build credibility.
  • Create uniform headshots for the entire team
  • AI-generated headshots for chatbots and versatility
  • Solves logistics for remote teams
  • Empowering your visual representation
  • Transform everyday snapshots into professional photos
  • Gauge the effectiveness of your headshot based on viewer perceptions
  • Use AI headshot generators as supplements, not replacements
  • They're an economical resource
  • We recommend Aragon AI from selfie to professional headshot
  • We recommend Dreamwave with infinite background and style possibilities
  • Experiment with different styles, looks, and settings
  • Being authentic and posting real photos is the right thing to do
  • Simulate magazine-style covers
  • It's crucial to submit high-resolution pictures to the AI

Remember, headshots are meant to build credibility.

Emily Reynolds-Bergh, Owner at R Public Relations

"Headshots are an easy way to build credibility. As you begin to publish thought leadership pieces in publications, submit decks for new contracts, and win awards, you’ll want a crisp, professional headshot to accompany your work. I personally recommend old-school photography, not AI tools, to secure a headshot. But if that is outside of your price range, you might consider using tools like Aragon to refine an already existing photo of yourself. Just remember to not go too far overboard with embellishments."

Create uniform headshots for the entire team

Sam Tarantino, Fractional CMO at Harmonic Reach

"Throughout my journey as the founder of Grooveshark, and now as the lead of a Fractional CMO practice, I can attest to the importance of a professional presence in public relations, especially in the music and tech industries. A quality headshot isn't just a luxury but makes an immediate impact on how your individual or company brand is perceived.

I've had first-hand experience with various AI tools, including AI headshot generators. Such tools not only save time and expenses associated with professional photoshoots, but they also allow for personalization and consistency across a myriad of PR activities. For instance, when revamping Grooveshark's branding, we could create uniform headshots for the entire team which resonated more with our user base and gave our brand a more humanized and reliable appeal.

AI headshot generators, such as, have their place in PR activities, especially for startups operating on lean resources. They offer customizable solutions that cater to a brand’s specific aesthetic and personality. In terms of functionality, I found that these tools offer real value in email marketing campaigns, social media profiles and press releases, leading to improved user engagement.

While professional photography often provides a unique touch, AI tools can also yield high-quality headshots without the traditional time and resource investment. It's about finding the right balance and recognizing how such tools can complement and streamline your PR efforts."

AI-generated headshots for chatbots and versatility

Matthew Montez, Founder at The MBC Group

"Having founded MBC Group and introduced AI-driven marketing solutions to our repertoire, my experience with AI, particularly headshot generators have offered interesting insights into their effectiveness. Headshots, professionally done, leave an immediate impression and are crucial for public relations. They not only build a stronger connection with the audience but also convey the brand's professionalism and dedication to quality.

AI-driven headshot generators, like the one we've employed for our AI Chatbot AiDen, make the creation process significantly easier. One example from my experience with MBC Group was when we launched our Chatbot, AiDen. The AI-generated headshot for AiDen instantly made him relateable, leading to increased user engagement.

With the right AI tools, the quality of the headshots isn't compromised. The AI technology used by some of these generators can produce a headshot that is almost indistinguishable from one taken by a professional photographer. Furthermore, the ability to create multiple versions of the headshot allows for versatility and use across different platforms and mediums while maintaining consistency.

Therefore, while it's important to recognize that AI headshot generators might not fully replace the need for professional photographers, they do offer a convenient, cost-effective solution that can certainly support and enhance PR activities, especially in a digital marketing landscape."

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Solving logistics for remote teams

Joe Amaral, Founder/COO at Anthem Software

"Having the opportunity to start three technology companies provided me with valuable insights into the importance of personal branding in public relations and the significant role headshots play in that. The advent of AI headshot generators has certainly brought a revolution in the digital landscape and its implications for public relations activities are critical.

In my experience with launching a Digital Marketing company, we faced an immense need for team headshots to create personal connections with our clients and to lend a face to the work we were doing. With teams spread across locations, organizing professional photoshoots was not only time-consuming but also came with logistic hassles. Here, we leveraged AI headshot generators which provided not only a cost-effective solution but also catered to our need for quick, quality headshots.

AI generators, equipped with machine learning algorithms, can produce headshots that are professional and consistent, and representative of the brand’s persona. For instance, when we transitioned to software and marketing, using such tools significantly eased our rebranding process, allowing smooth consistency of new headshots aligned with our new brand positioning.

To summarize, AI headshot generators can offer real benefits. They support PR activities by simulating the quality of professional headshots while providing a quick, affordable, and convenient solution. However, human touch can be irreplaceable in some contexts, so a balance between AI-created and professionally taken headshots might be the most impactful approach."

Empowering your visual representation

Vaibhav Kakkar, CEO at Digital Web Solutions

"Headshots are crucial for public relations as they provide a visual representation of individuals and their personal brand. The emergence of AI headshot generators has made it easier and more accessible to obtain professional headshots. These AI-powered tools utilize artificial intelligence algorithms to generate high-quality headshots without the need for expensive photoshoots or professional photographers. They democratize the art of photography by allowing individuals to create impressive headshots that capture their essence and professionalism.

AI headshot generators support PR activities by providing individuals with a convenient and cost-effective solution for creating professional-looking headshots. These tools save time and resources by eliminating the need for scheduling and attending photoshoots, making them particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs and professionals who are constantly on the go. They enable individuals to enhance their online presence, build their brand, and make a strong visual impact in the digital world. With AI headshot generators, individuals can easily create headshots for various purposes, such as social media profiles, professional portfolios, resumes, and personal branding. These tools empower individuals to have control over their visual representation and help them establish a professional and polished image in the eyes of their audience.

When it comes to specific tools, there are several options available in the market. Some popular AI headshot generators include Fotor's AI headshot generator, Pixpic AI Headshot Generator, AirBrush, and PFP MakerAI. These tools offer user-friendly interfaces and produce realistic and professional headshots. However, it is recommended to explore different options and consider factors such as pricing, features, and user reviews to find the best fit for individual needs."

Transform everyday snapshots into professional photos

Samantha Odo, Real Estate Sales Representative at PreCondo

"As a real estate sales representative from Canada, I can’t stress enough the importance of headshots for public relations. A good headshot is more than just a professional photograph; it’s a powerful tool for building trust and making a strong first impression. In the real estate business, where personal connections and trust are paramount, a professional headshot can be a game-changer.

In my experience, headshots are crucial for establishing a professional image. They can help potential clients feel more comfortable and create a positive connection. A well-done headshot can convey the quality and commitment that I bring to my work every day.

Now, with the advent of AI, generating professional headshots has become more accessible. I’ve had the opportunity to explore some AI headshot generators, and I must say, they’re quite impressive. One tool that stands out is Fotor’s AI Headshot Generator. It’s user-friendly and can transform everyday snapshots into professional photos effortlessly.

Another tool that I found useful is Headshot Pro, which offers a variety of styles and backdrops. It’s a great tool for both individual and team headshots. Aragon AI and HotPot AI are also worth mentioning for their ability to create custom AI face models based on the images provided.

These AI tools have been a great support in my PR activities. They not only save time but also provide a level of convenience and flexibility that traditional photography can’t match. For instance, AI can help with media monitoring, creating press release outlines, sentiment analysis, generating visuals, summarizing copy, and drafting translations. These tools automate some of the less thought-intensive tasks, allowing me to focus more on strategic decision-making."

Gauge the effectiveness of your headshot based on viewer perceptions

Kate Ross, PR Specialist at Irresistible Me

"I can't stress enough the importance of headshots in public relations. In the world of PR, a professional headshot is like a visual handshake, it's often the first impression you make on your audience, clients, and media professionals. A good headshot conveys professionalism, approachability, and sets the tone for your personal and brand image.

With the advent of new headshot image generators, things have become more interesting and accessible. These AI tools are fantastic for creating professional-looking headshots quickly and cost-effectively. They can be especially useful for startups or individuals who might not have the resources for a professional photoshoot.

From my experience, tools like Photofeeler can help gauge the effectiveness of your headshot based on viewer perceptions, which is invaluable for PR.

However, while these AI tools are convenient, they're not a complete replacement for a professionally taken photograph, especially for high-stakes or very public roles."

Use AI headshot generators as supplements, not replacements

Marissa Sabrina, Creative Director at Lead Learn Leap

"Headshots are vital for PR, offering a visual touch to humanize a brand. While AI headshot generators like or can be handy for certain enhancements, authenticity and quality are crucial.

Genuine, professionally captured photographs are preferred for building trust and a positive public image. Use AI tools judiciously, viewing them as supplements rather than replacements for authentic images."

They're an economical resource

Connor Butterworth, CEO & Owner at Southwestern Rugs Depot

"In the world of public relations, a compelling headshot can speak volumes before a single word is read, offering a glimpse into the brand's human element. Authenticity rings paramount, yet AI headshot generators offer a unique solution when traditional photography is not feasible.

Our experience at Southwestern Rugs Depot with tools like Generated Photos and Rosebud AI has been noteworthy; they fill gaps in marketing materials swiftly while maintaining a degree of personalization. However, these should complement, rather than replace, genuine images to preserve a sense of genuineness in our storytelling.

AI headshot tools bolster PR activities by ensuring consistent visual branding, especially for startups or virtual companies without physical offices. They're an economical and scalable resource, valuable for A/B testing advertisement visuals to gauge audience responses to different personas.

In our digital ecosystem where immediacy merges with innovation, AI-generated imagery can be pivotal. Nevertheless, discernment is key—use these tools judiciously to augment your PR narrative without diluting the authenticity that builds trust with your audience."

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We recommend Aragon AI from selfie to professional headshot

Tristan Harris, Demand Generation Senior Marketing Manager at Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

"The importance of a professional headshot in the era of digital representation cannot be emphasized. Your headshot gives people a glimpse into your personality, whether you're a young professional entering the corporate world, an experienced business leader, or an aspiring entrepreneur.

Aragon AI is the first program on our list of the top AI headshot creators. Aragon, one of the most well-liked products on our list, is produced by former Microsoft and Meta tech experts and generates over 1.4 million monthly headshots. You must upload at least 14 excellent selfies to Aragon to use it. After that, an AI model trained explicitly on your images is created. Consequently, Aragon produces at least 40 perfect, professional headshots in more than an hour.

One of Aragon's best features is the ability to enter a text prompt to define the style you're striving for. There are two reasons why this function is excellent. It first helps the AI understand better what kind of headshot you want to create. Second, you can ask it to supply photos for particular applications. For instance, a bank manager and a social media influencer might require different headshots.

Aragon is an excellent tool for taking head shot pictures. Use high-quality photographs as a starting point for the most significant outcomes. A few oddities are possible, just like with any AI. As a result, we recommend the Basic plan, which, for $39, gets you 80 images and over 40 styles."

We recommend Dreamwave with infinite background and style possibilities

John Pennypacker, VP, Sales & Marketing at Deep Cognition

"By using artificial intelligence, these state-of-the-art systems can create spotless and professional headshots, thereby democratizing the practice of photography. Imagine creating a flawless photo that perfectly expresses who you are without ever having to enter a studio.

An excellent AI headshot generator that can create headshots of a high caliber is Dreamwave. This one requires 5-8 source images compared to other processes on our list. Additionally, it produces effects faster—on average, within an hour. Dreamwave, created by AI specialists formerly working for MIT and Google, uses a proprietary algorithm to deliver higher-resolution, more lifelike visuals.

Dreamwave's infinite background and style possibilities are among its most vital features. In contrast to other products on our list, Dreamwave lets you create images with any background, attire, or style, which makes it an excellent option for people in any industry. Additionally, it's a fantastic option for businesses looking to produce less conventional headshots.

Dreamwave is an excellent option for people and businesses wanting total creative control over their headshot styling. Teams can create fun, wacky, or professional headshots with various styles and backgrounds."

Experiment with different styles, looks, and settings

Danilo Miranda, Managing Director at Presenteverso

"To be honest, I have no issues using AI-generated headshots for PR purposes, as long as I can recognize the person when meeting them in real life or on Zoom. Professional photographers can be expensive, and AI evens the playing field for those who don't want to make that investment.

The accessibility of AI headshot creation is another significant advantage. All you need is a device and access to online AI tools, which makes it available to a broader audience, especially individuals or small businesses with limited resources. Moreover, these tools make it easy to experiment with different styles, looks, and settings, allowing users to find the perfect headshot. In my opinion, they're even better than taking a selfie."

Being authentic and posting real photos is the right thing to do

Martin Gasparian, Attorney & Owner at Maison Law

"Professionals often love using AI headshot generators to create photos for their social media profiles. I once had an AI-generated headshot on my LinkedIn, and it didn't go over well as many people were asking whether the photo was authentic. These AI headshot generators can create amazing images for your public relations campaigns, as it's only a headshot, not a full-body image.

Headshot Pro and Airbrush AI are examples of AI tools I've used to create my social media profile pictures. I believe that it's always good to be authentic and truthful in our public relations campaigns. How we present ourselves to the public is important, and AI-generated headshot photos do not reflect these ideals.

It's unethical to cosmetically present ourselves as painted by some AI tool. Just being authentic and posting real photos in our headshots is the right thing to do and always reflects well with our audience and stakeholders."

Simulate magazine-style covers

Michael Chen, Head of Growth at Notta

"In my PR endeavors, the AI headshot generator morphed into our “Virtual Vanity Fair.” It not only perfected professional portraits but also simulated magazine-style covers tailored to each team member. This whimsical touch not only showcased individual personalities but also injected a dose of creativity into our PR visuals.

The result was a series of headshots that went beyond the ordinary, transforming our team into cover stars and injecting a refreshing, unexpected flair into our public image."

It's crucial to submit high-resolution pictures to the AI

David Rubie-Todd, Co-Founder & Marketing Head at Sticker It

"I've had the opportunity to use AI headshot generators from Aragon and Secta Labs in my PR events and activities. To be honest, they're not bad. The issue, however, is that the generated photos always appear to be Photoshopped and in high resolution. So, it's crucial to pair them with a high-resolution picture for consistency.

If, for instance, you submit a low-quality photo, there will be a noticeable discrepancy as the AI-generated face will appear more HD than the rest. It's something to be mindful of when using these tools."


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