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Get Fit for PR Success: Public Relations Explained Like a Fitness Journey

Welcome to a unique exploration of the world of Public Relations, where we've teamed up with PR and growth experts to shed light on this dynamic field through the lens of a fitness journey.

As entrepreneurs, you're no strangers to the dedication and discipline required to build a successful business. In a similar fashion, the realm of PR demands strategic planning, consistent effort, and the ability to adapt. Just as a fitness regimen transforms your body, effective PR transforms your brand's perception and reach.

Join us as we embark on this enlightening analogy, delving into the parallels between PR and fitness, uncovering insights that will sculpt your understanding of PR success. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to break a mental sweat, as we guide you through the PR landscape, one fitness-inspired step at a time.

Tailoring Your PR Workout

Emily Reynolds-Bergh, R Public Relations

"I recommend founders of businesses approach public relations just like they would any physical exercise–find what feels good for you and stick with it. PR is not a one-size-fits-all practice, and you’ll need to do some trial and error to find the exercises, or tactics, that work for your business and feel like a good fit. Some discomfort is OK, of course, but you’ll know which tactics are best-suited for your business because you’ll enjoy pursuing them, you’ll see engagement without having too push too hard, and you’ll notice results in a month or two."

Sculpting Your Brand's Strength

Abhi Bavishi, Smartify

"Getting a PR engine running is a lot like "bodybuilding". Robust PR is not just a one-off effort bicep curl, but more of a balanced full-body workout. Just as fitness enthusiasts follow a balanced diet, good PR requires a blend of diverse campaigns, media relations, community engagement, and digital presence.

Think of your PR plan as your "workout routine". Align it with your overall business "fitness" goals. Your target audience is like your fitness trainer. Listen to their feedback, and align your PR strategy accordingly.

Moreover, in fitness, consistency is key. Similarly, you need to remain consistent in your PR efforts. Engaging audiences with relevant and consistent messages is like a muscle that builds resilience over time. Lastly, just as muscles aren't built in one session, brand reputation isn't established overnight."

Mastering the Art of Quick Reflexes

Dana Cass, Cass Content Studios

"PR requires quick reflexes. The news cycle can turn on a dime, and reporters want spokespeople who can provide informed commentary as news breaks. Like a goalie tending a wide net on a soccer field, you need to see potential hits coming from far away and dive on them when they land. Your training regimen should include following your industry’s news and getting good at giving reporters relevant, differentiated quotes."

Precision over Quantity

Shelley Hancock, Shelley Hancock Consulting

"The quality of each repetition will help you succeed – not the total number of repetitions. For example, three quality, personalized pitches are better than ten mediocre messages to journalists. Are you showing up authentically to provide the most valuable and accurate representation in your public relations efforts? Double down on quality, and forget the quantity."

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Cultivating Organic PR Flow

Nick Mathews, Stillwater Behavioral Health

"Like your fitness regimen, PR gets easier and feels more organic with time. At first, your PR and the way you interact with the public might feel forced. As time goes on, however, you’ll have established a rapport that flows and feels natural. You’ll have created an identity for your brand and put a face to the name, having formed a habit out of that identity that sticks like glue."

Strengthening Your Business's Vitality

Dr. Hamdan Abdullah Hamed,

"Public relations is like a fitness routine—it's all about getting your body in shape and staying that way, not just for the sake of looking good, but also to keep you healthy and strong.

Public relations is the way you communicate with the public (and potential investors) about your company. You might think it's just about writing press releases and sending them out to reporters, but really it's so much more than that. It's all about understanding who your target audience is and what they want from you, and then making sure they know how great your product is.

PR is like working out because it requires you to concentrate on what your goals are, how best to achieve them, and how to make sure everyone else knows about them too!"

PR Endurance

Andrew Boyd, Forte Analytica

"Discipline. Physical change takes time. You have to show up repeatedly, work hard, and keeping doing it even though the changes are marginal from one day to the next. PR is very similar. Those incremental wins — a retweet from an influencer, a link from a big website, a mention in a news story — all add up over time. It's a journey. When you're competing in a crowded market, you typically can't show up once and expect it to work out. Just like you can't go to the gym every now and then and expect to see results.

Compare with yourself yesterday, not your competitor today. Don't obsess over what everyone else is doing. Concentrate on what you can do to improve so that you are better today than you were yesterday. In a marketing setting, that means doing original research, putting a study together, networking, sending emails, etc.

You need people around you that care. People have gym buddies for a reason. It keeps them accountable. They are there to eek out that last rep when you think you have nothing left. In marketing, you need people around you to provide feedback, encourage you, and tell you when an idea is bad."

Starting Strong with Simple Steps

Melanie Marten, The Coup

"Get started with what you have. When starting a fitness journey, that could mean simply to grab your running shoes and go for a run outside. Public Relations as a force of growth gives you the same opportunity, where you don't have to pay you're way in like you would with a gym membership compared to ads.

Simply start with endurance work that anyone can do -reach out to potential multipliers such as journalists and associations by introducing yourself. Get involved in conversations that are already happening around your business topic of expertise, until you feel fit enough to bring yourself to the next level and optimize your workout -by bringing your own topics, news and events out there."


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