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Going Global: Benefits and PR Strategies for Taking Your Local Business International

Anyone can now start a global business from anywhere. Going global can become your business development strategy to potentially significantly increase your customer base.

We asked our PR and growth experts to advise on how going global can increase your overall PR opportunities and therefore business growth. The experts offer insights into PR strategies for a global launch and examples of traditional local businesses that have gone global.

Learn how even a family farm that started out selling eggs at local farmers' markets has expanded its reach into a nationally recognized brand.

Read on for inspiration on how to expand your business into new markets.

Expert advice

Craft a Globally Inclusive Brand Identity

Emily Reynolds-Bergh, R Public Relations

"When launching your business globally, you’ll need to take a second look at your tone, your visuals, and every part of your brand identity. You will have two options: morph your brand persona to be more inclusive to your new worldwide audiences, or branch your business to speak to your different audiences. If you have a tone or content that is too vague, you won’t be able to connect with your audiences; this is a fine line to walk.

Of course, expanding globally gives you access to all sorts of different media outlets and journalists who might be interested in your product or service. There are many great examples of this type of small business to be found on TikTok and other social media channels. Follow global entrepreneurs that inspire you and take inspiration from their success stories."

Analyze Competitors In Other Countries

Julia Voloshchenko, Usetech

"First, you need to analyze the market you want to enter. It is also worth analyzing communication, work and cultural differences. For example, entering the European market will be different from the Asian market.

Analyze competitors in your niche in other countries: what PR activities they use, on which platforms they are promoted. This will help you form your own PR strategy, as well as a content plan.

If possible, use the services of a PR consultant in the country you are going to enter. A professional's eye will help you see those empty spaces that you may not notice in your strategy. Remember that first you must be well-known at your level — in your city or country, have large cases, proven experience, and a finished product. Also formulate your values and mission with which you plan to move."

Benefit From Global Online PR Opportunities

Ziza Natur, The Voice of Power

"Going global and focusing on mostly online opportunities allowed me to explode my PR: online summits, podcast interviews, collaborations, workshops, global events, magazine contributions, referral partners, meeting thousands of people from across the world which I could have never met, had I not decided to make this shift.

The interesting thing is that you don't even need many logistics for this: all you need is a software to do your meetings (such as Zoom or Google meet), and as you move further you can add anything you feel you need: e-mail marketing software, social media, etc. But on day 1 of making this transition, it's enough to just have a Zoom account and network online.

Since transitioning my company, The Voice of Power, to a global model, I have worked with business owners from over 12 countries (with attendance at in-person events from 3 different countries), spoken at over 80 events, and have been featured twice in Clubhouse Town Hall by the app founders for the weekly room hosted in the Women’s Wisdom Club."

From Local Farm to Global Brand: The Waddle and Cluck's Journey to PR Success

Lindsey Chastain, The Writing Detective

"Expanding reach globally opens up new PR possibilities and room for business growth by providing access to larger and more diverse audiences, media outlets, influencers, and potential partnerships worldwide. Sometimes, that requires a little bit of creative thinking, as it did for The Waddle and Cluck.

The Waddle and Cluck started as a small family farm selling eggs at local farmer's markets in rural Oklahoma. Over the past few months, the owners have expanded their reach into a nationally recognized homesteading and gardening brand by shifting their focus from a local to a global perspective. Their reach expanded based on great content and great PR. The website has since been featured in Homes & Gardens, Beautify Tips, and the CC Creator.

The owners initially created a website to share stories from their small farm and connect with fellow homesteading families. As their DIY tips and natural living advice gained popularity online, The Waddle and Cluck has started to expand into e-commerce, launching their first product, a garden planner, with more plans for expansion."

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Cultural Immersion

James Wilkinson, Balance One Supplements

"Engross yourself in the culture of the foreign location where you seek to set up shop. Keep a close eye on the discussions and narratives on traditional media and on social so that you have a better understanding of who these people are, their collective culture, what’s important to them, what they view as respect and disrespect, and how they communicate with each other. Being in tune with who they are as a people will ensure that your branding, and marketing appeals to them and agrees with how they view themselves and the world around them."

Unlock PR Potential Through Multimarket Visibility

Matt Haycox, Funding Guru

"As a businessman who operates several businesses while in Dubai, I can tell you that launching a business anywhere around the world is not only possible, but is also celebrated and encouraged by today's interconnected world. One example is a local clothing boutique that tapped us to expand their reach worldwide.

Expanding dramatically broadens your PR opportunities since your market is not longer limited to a local sphere. It allows for multimarket visibility, letting you engage with global media outlets, influencers, and a more diverse range of customers. A sound PR strategy for a global launch would be to tell your unique story and make it resonate to your audience. Collaborate with local influencers, localize your content, and highlight your brand's universal appeal."

Collaborate with Influencers in New Global Markets

Joshua Host, Thrivelab

"Work with influencers who have viewerships from your new global markets. Creating branded content that targets your new audiences will increase brand awareness, helping you expand your customer base worldwide.

Many people learn about new products and services through platforms like TikTok, and when presented authentically, audiences are usually receptive. A powerful piece of content can change a business overnight."

Borderless Marketing Opportunities

Neal Taparia, Cribbage Online

"Having been in the tech industry for years, reaching a global audience is just a matter of time. The first project created by my business partner and I, the ed-tech programme Imagine Easy Solutions, a citation programme used by students to facilitate their assignments were more focused on the expectations of the schooling system in the US, but with Cribbage Online and Solitaired, we now have a wider reach.

With an online-based game that is accessible worldwide, it is easier to reach a wider audience in terms of marketing, because if you use the internet in conjunction with PR, there are just more frontiers to explore. You can use tools such as social media and streaming services - all of which is accessible by a global audience - to promote."

Pursue Local Partnerships

Dr. Hamdan Abdullah Hamed, MBChB,

"Going global can be a great way to increase your overall PR opportunities and therefore business growth. It's an exciting and challenging process, but there are some great strategies you can use to make sure you're getting the most out of it.

First, try to find a local partner who knows the market well and understands how to communicate in that region's language. This will help you avoid miscommunications that could harm your reputation.

Second, make sure that your product or service is available in all of the regions where you plan to launch (or at least most of them). If people can't buy something online or in stores, they'll have no reason to talk about it—and there won't be much press surrounding your launch!

Third, consider ways that your new brand could benefit from local culture: for example, by using local ingredients or incorporating traditional art styles into packaging or advertising materials."

New Market Entries Give You More PR Angles

Mike Vannelli, Envy Creative

"Leverage digital platforms to easily reach global audiences - ecommerce, social media, online advertising etc. make launching global easier than ever. Consider a company like Centr, a boutique fitness app that launched virtual classes and training app to tap the global market. Their global digital presence expanded reach and revenue.

Going global diversifies your customer base and provides new growth opportunities. It also gives more PR angles - strategic expansion, entering new markets, localization strategies etc.

One big PR strategy is to announce new market entries, highlight local partnerships, share global customer success stories, pitch relevant international media, adapt messaging and assets for local relevance. Work with local PR pros to customize outreach and build relationships with key media in priority global markets."

Virtual Shop Experiences & Top-Notch Photography

Sudhir Khatwani, The Money Mongers, Inc.

"The digital revolution has paved the way for any business to go global, regardless of their geographical location. Take, for instance, Dale of Norway, a traditional knitwear brand. Originally, their customer base was confined to the local and national market. However, by harnessing the power of online shopping, they've successfully introduced their products to a worldwide audience. The virtual shop experience, facilitated by top-notch product photography and comprehensive descriptions, transformed their business, yielding enhanced sales and diversified revenue.

In terms of PR opportunities, global expansion offers an unrivaled scope. As a business goes international, it taps into numerous unique markets, each offering different media outlets, influencers, and events. This was the case for Dale of Norway who expanded their PR footprint by featuring in international fashion magazines, collaborating with influencers worldwide, and sponsoring global events. This strategic move amplified their brand visibility dramatically."

Craft A Universal Brand Story

Yulia Saf, Miss Tourist

"As a travel blogger who's turned my passion into a flourishing remote business -, I've learned firsthand how anyone can launch a global business and leverage worldwide PR opportunities to foster growth. One of the key benefits of going international is the increased exposure in multiple markets, which amplifies PR opportunities across diverse audiences and media platforms.

A perfect example of a traditional local business going global is the Portuguese cork producer, Pelcor. Initially, they operated predominantly within Portugal but saw the opportunity to expand globally by building an online shop. Now, they sell their unique, sustainable cork fashion accessories worldwide, with significant PR boosts from sustainability-focused and fashion-forward platforms.

A good strategy for a global launch would be to craft a compelling, universal brand story that resonates with diverse audience groups and focuses on uniting people in shared values. Moreover, leveraging local influencers and bloggers as brand ambassadors can help foster authenticity and assist in penetrating new markets. Finally, adjusting your PR pitches to convey the relevance for each target region can result in higher uptake of your announcements and news."


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