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How To Boost Your Local Business On Nextdoor

- 36 Ideas for Getting More Engagement in Your Neighborhood App -

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Leonidas holds an MA in International Relations and is currently pursuing an MA in Strategic Communication and Public Relations. At PR ON THE GO, he brings his experience in global newsrooms and brand marketing at 3M to the local business focus.

As a local business, you thrive on the referrals and loyalty of your immediate neighborhood. To connect with your neighbors, we recommend that local business owners proactively participate in their area's popular neighborhood app. Apps like Nextdoor are widely used by residents who like to connect locally and support local businesses.

To inspire you to get more active, I have compiled 36 tips for increasing local engagement through neighborhood apps and beyond.

1) Enhance your business profile

Make sure your Nextdoor business profile is fully updated with precise information, such as your contact details, operating hours and a captivating description.

2) Maximize your reach with Nextdoor Ads

Discover a range of advertising opportunities on Nextdoor to effectively target specific demographics in your community for increased engagement with your promotional content.

3) Educational content

Enrich your brand by sharing compelling educational content related to your industry. Become a valuable resource and showcase your expertise while engaging with your community.

4) Stunning visuals

Make your posts and business profile stand out and catch the eye of residents by incorporating visually stunning images and graphics into your visual content. This will not only grab people's attention but also make your content more engaging.

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5) Staff introductions

Make your business more relatable by featuring your staff and giving customers a peek behind the scenes. This adds a personal touch that can help form a stronger bond with people in your community.

6) Localized hashtags

Grab the attention of your community with localized hashtags. Boost your visibility and expand your reach with relevant hashtags that speak to your local audience.

7) Genuine participation

Fully immerse in local conversations, demonstrating your business's unique character and dedication to the community.

8) Customized promotions

Engage and connect with your community by sharing customized promotions and exclusive offers through Nextdoor's targeted announcements. This powerful tool allows you to reach and cater to the unique interests of your local audience.

9) Consistent updates

Stay connected with your Nextdoor community by consistently providing updates on your business, whether it's new products, upcoming events, or updates on your operations.

10) Prompt responses

Stay connected and attentive on Nextdoor by promptly responding to messages, comments and inquiries from users. Showcasing timely and engaged communication will enhance your business's reputation on the platform.

11) Involve neighbors in event planning

Incorporate residents into event planning and coordination to cultivate a mutually beneficial partnership and showcase your business as a valued member of the community.

12) Shine a spotlight on community involvement

Display your business's impactful endeavours in the local community, whether it be through hosting charitable events, sponsoring important causes, or engaging in other meaningful acts of philanthropy.

13) Support community initiatives

Get involved and make a difference in your community by sponsoring local events and supporting community initiatives. Not only does this showcase your dedication to the community, but it also allows you to personally connect with potential customers, leaving a lasting impression and solidifying your brand's positive image.

14) Local recommendations

Join your local community by actively recommending other businesses on Nextdoor. Your thoughtful suggestions can foster a welcoming atmosphere and ultimately lead to positive relationships and referrals.

15) Local business collaborations

Boost your local reach: Grow your business by collaborating with other local companies or organizations and tapping into their networks to promote your brand within the community.

16) Incorporate influential locals

Team up with prominent influencers and community figures to expand your brand's impact. Utilize their way to connect with a wider audience through localized influencer marketing.

17) Unlock Nextdoor-exclusive deals

Dazzle Nextdoor users with unique discounts or promotions reserved just for them, encouraging them to choose your business over any others.

18) Boost user-generated interaction

Motivate patrons to showcase their interactions with your company by sharing user-generated content, like pictures or reviews, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie around your product.

19) Conduct polls

Gather valuable feedback from your local audience by conducting customer polls and surveys. Engage with them and gain insights on potential offerings, services, or community preferences.

20) Encourage customers to share their feedback

Encourage happy customers to share their positive experiences on Nextdoor, elevating your business's credibility.

21) Keep up with changing seasons and celebrations

Make sure your promotions are in tune with the changing seasons, special occasions, and community celebrations, so you can keep up with the pulse and attract the interest of Nextdoor community members.

22) Start contests

Get your community buzzing: Energize and Engage Your Community with Exciting Contests and Challenges.

23) Loyalty programs

Boost customer loyalty by implementing exclusive loyalty programs on Nextdoor that offer rewards for frequent customers, encouraging them to continue supporting our business.

24) Become a local go-to expert

Demonstrate your knowledge and share helpful tips on local topics related to your business, establishing yourself as a respected figure in the community.

25) Build trust and transparency

Engage with potential customers on Nextdoor by hosting interactive Q&A sessions to address any common questions they may have about your products or services. This will not only create a more fluent flow of conversation but also foster a deeper level of trust in your brand.

26) Monitor local trends and take action

Keep up with the ever-changing pulse of your neighborhood by monitoring local trends and conversations on Nextdoor. Use this valuable insight to tailor your tactics and offerings to meet the evolving needs and interests of the community.

27) Capture the essence of your community

Craft hyper-local content that caters to the distinct identities and diversities of each neighborhood within your vicinity.

28) Share customers' successes

Get inspired by your customers' success stories and share them on Nextdoor. Put a face to your brand and make real connections with potential customers.

29) Consistently observe analytics

Stay up-to-date with Nextdoor analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of your posts, comprehend user interaction, and improve your tactics by utilizing data-based insights.

30) Reassure your customers

Reassure Nextdoor members of your business's dedication to safety by highlighting the various measures implemented, including health protocols, data privacy, and other relevant concerns.

31) Virtual tours

Welcome visitors to your business from the convenience of their own homes by hosting virtual open houses or tours on Nextdoor. Show off your space and engage with potential customers through a seamless online experience.

32) Announce unique hashtags

Boost your social media presence: Develop and spread personalized hashtags that are tailored to your brand or initiatives, inspiring your audience to utilize them and engage in the dialogue.

33) Shine a light on community achievements

Recognize and commemorate significant milestones and anniversaries of your business within Nextdoor, conveying appreciation to the community for their unwavering support throughout the years.

34) Incorporate user feedback

Act on valuable ideas from your Nextdoor community, show your appreciation for their input, and proactively improve their interaction with your business.

35) Show your dedication

Professionally handle negative feedback or reviews by adopting a solution-focused approach, showcasing your dedication to providing excellent customer satisfaction.

36) Empower Your local audience

Offer insightful guides or tips that cater to their specific needs, showcasing your business as a valuable resource within your community.


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