PR ON THE GO November 24, 2022

How to Strengthen Brand Resilience in Tough Economic Times

Feature Article For New Entrepreneurs

Rising inflation rates are hurting people’s bottom line. They can’t see a way out of this, and when they do, the socio-economic events coupled with new regulations do well to push them back down. As a result, people are not feeling good right now, which gives your small business a slim chance of grabbing their attention.

You can’t make mistakes. Every letter of every word or every sentence of your brand’s message should reach the right audience; relying on trial and error is a thing of the past. Every right message will act like an extra layer of brick, making the foundation of your brand more resilient.

That is why you need a good PR strategy that focuses on weaving your brand’s message that resonates with the audience in a positive way, so they pay attention to what you have to say. That’s not all PR will do for you, however.

Every Dollar Counts

If you have just opened your office, every dollar counts. Your focus is on keeping the lights on, ensuring that your team is paid and the products are delivered. While marketing is not your afterthought, you don’t have enough to spend on it. That’s where PR can step in. With it, you sow the seeds of a positive brand message and start building trust with your would-be customers – and it won’t cost that much, either.

A few good words pouring from the quill of good journalists and influencers can help you hit the ground running when reaching customers on a positive note is your priority.

Better than Advertising

The Nielsen Study reports that PR is 90% more effective than traditional advertising. Just getting a favorable mention of your brand on the pages of a well-known publication site is enough to grab a customer’s attention. The same goes for using testimonials.

The logic behind it comes down to one question – who is the customer more likely to believe? A salesman or a person who has bought/used the product?

PR is a great way to supplement your marketing strategies

As we already mentioned, marketing is not an afterthought for you when you start a small business, but you must have tools to supplement your marketing efforts; PR is one of them.

It focuses on the part of the marketing you can’t implement in standard advertising techniques. With advertisement, your goal is to sell, and your content is built around it. But with a PR, your goal is to educate, inspire, and give something useful. It shows the value of your brand without you trying to sell it, generating interest among the readers, who then feel comfortable enough to engage with your adverts.

Tips to Implement PR to Strengthen your Brand

We have discussed the why so now we are moving to the how and what. PR is not rocket science. All it takes is melding the right elements at the right time and showing them to the right audience, and your brand will become stronger.

Focus on a Great Story

Nothing beats good, old-fashioned storytelling. Let a reporter write about how you came to be. Weave the words to accentuate how your resilience towards creating a business and helping people gave rise to a solution that people can count on.

Focus on the culture of your business, the uniqueness of your product/services, and how you give back to your customers.

Although simple, when weaved gracefully, these elements can push your brand forward.

Subtly Promote your Expertise

PR is not an advertisement. It is not to tell what you can do. It is to show what you can deliver. So, write educational blogs, like unique “how-to” tips. By offering your audience what you can deliver, you subtly promote your expertise which fuels your audience’s interest to buy from you.

Get Influencers to Talk About You

The stronger your relationship with the top voices in your industry, the more resilient your brand will become. Research and find influencers that suit your brand well. Reach out to them to talk about it. Offer them true value so they are ready to speak or write about your brand and bring it in a positive light.

Positive Sentiment is How You Strengthen your Brand

Times are tough, but if your brand has the toughness to match them, it can weather any economic onslaught. The key to that toughness is developing a positive sentiment around your brand, which, unlike the monetary profits, isn’t ephemeral. Focus on putting out the right message to the right audience. Sow the seeds of positive relationships, for they have a longer shelf life. The longer you sustain such relationships, the longer your brand can stay resilient in tough economic times.


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