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Learn From The Masters Of Product Launches

The art of a flawless product launch is nothing short of a finely crafted masterpiece. In this expert panel, we uncover the emotional resonance that fuels successful product launch campaigns and the calculated risks that set them apart.

Drawing from both the entertainment and technology sectors, our experts invite you to be inspired by examples of launch campaigns that distill invaluable lessons from the annals of recent PR triumphs.

Slack's Confidence

Daniel Díez, GachaGuru

"Slack's "Dear Microsoft" campaign is a successful example of a product launch PR campaign in the technology industry. In 2016, when Microsoft announced its new team communication product, Microsoft Teams, Slack published an open letter to Microsoft as a full-page ad in the New York Times. This move generated a lot of attention on social media and in the press, raising awareness of Slack and positioning it as a confident competitor to Microsoft.

Entrepreneurs can learn from this campaign to be bold and think outside of the box. You should highlight your product's strengths, engage with competitors by leveraging the power of PR, and be prepared for criticism!"

Authenticity in Dove's Real Beauty Campaign

Talita Moraes, Tarotoo

"One campaign that really struck a chord with me is Dove's Real Beauty Campaign. I remember scrolling through my social media feed and suddenly being greeted by images of everyday women, not just the usual airbrushed models.

Dove showed people like my sister, my neighbor, and even shades of myself, all to broaden the definition of beauty. What made it especially impactful was how the brand didn't just "talk the talk"—they walked it by showcasing these real stories in multiple media outlets, not just social media. What we can learn here is the power of authenticity. People can smell a marketing ploy a mile away."

Emotion's Power in Old Spice's Rebranding

Alexandru Contes, ReviewGrower

"In my years of managing online reputations, few campaigns have stuck with me as much as Old Spice's "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like." It masterfully combined humor, relatability, and shock value, taking a stagnant brand and rejuvenating it almost overnight.

Now, what's the lesson here? It's that emotion sells. In one fell swoop, Old Spice shifted their image from a dated brand your grandfather used to the go-to for modern, youthful consumers. It was a stark reminder for me—and should be for anyone in PR or product management—that tapping into cultural currents and emotions can not only capture attention but transform perception."

The Element Of Surprise by Beyoncé

Emily Reynolds-Bergh, R Public Relations

"Entrepreneurs and PR pros can learn from Beyoncé's "Lemonade" launch. The key takeaway here is the element of surprise. Beyoncé dropped her visual album unexpectedly, accompanied by a one-hour film. This approach generated massive media coverage and social media buzz, keeping fans and the public intrigued. PR experts can apply this to their campaigns by crafting launches without teasers that captivate their audiences and create a sense of exclusivity, ultimately driving curiosity and engagement."

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The Original Approach Of The Xbox Mini Fridge

Jin Young Woo, Like Dreams

"Authentic narrative and the element of surprise are frequently key components of successful product debuts. This may be seen in Taylor Swift's "Folklore" album from 2020, when a surprise release paired with the artist's moving stories caused enthusiasm to spread.

Similar to how it did with the Xbox Mini Fridge, Microsoft exploited comedy to transform a joke into a real sensation. Both instances demonstrate the effectiveness of original approaches, whether they be sincere narrative or lighthearted humor, in connecting with people. Entrepreneurs, take note: innovative launches occasionally result from thinking outside the box. When a business speaks straight to the heart or makes people laugh, true PR magic happens."

Memorable Experiences in Airbnb's Floating House Campaign

Gerrid Smith, Texas Property Tax Loan Pros

"Airbnb's publicity stunt for a property on the water during the London Olympics was, in my opinion, a great example of the company's skill at creating unique and enjoyable events. They came up with a novel idea at the right time, and the media took notice.

Personally, I believe the major point is that creating an unforgettable experience around your product or service may be a successful PR approach."

Personalization's Impact in Coca-Cola's Campaign

Ryan Steinolfson, Accelerate Marketing

"In my experience running a digital marketing agency, one campaign that stands out for its sheer impact is Coca-Cola's "Share a Coke" initiative. The genius lay not in extravagant graphics or high-dollar ad spots, but in personalization.

Coke swapped out their iconic logo with common first names. Sounds simple, right? But, oh, what a splash it made! Our clients watched and learned; they realized the immense value of making customers feel seen.

We followed suit with a local restaurant chain, incorporating customer names into our email marketing. Sales rose, and customer engagement hit an all-time high. "Share a Coke" taught us that sometimes the most potent PR moves are those that touch the heart, not just the mind."

Suspense and Urgency in Sony's PS5 Launch

Johannes Larsson,

"Sony's PS5 launch campaign was a PR masterclass. They built up massive anticipation with teaser trailers and social media buzz. Then, they had an epic live-streamed event that revealed the console and showcased its mind-blowing features. The pre-order email frenzy also induced a sense of urgency for avid fans, creating even more hype.

So, what can we learn from this? First, creating suspense and building anticipation is key. Tease your audience with snippets of information to get them excited. Second, make your product launch event an experience—make it interactive, engaging, and memorable. Last, create scarcity to drive demand—limited quantities or exclusive offers can create a sense of urgency."

Risk-Taking in Tesla's Cybertruck Reveal

Cindi Keller, The Criminal Defense Firm

"Tesla's Cybertruck unveiling was a perfect illustration of how being bold and unorthodox can attract attention. Elon Musk's unconventional presenting manner, as well as the truck's futuristic look, drew widespread media attention and social media buzz.

The most important takeaway for public relations professionals is that standing out from the crowd, even if it involves taking risks, can pay off handsomely."


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