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Navigating the Crypto Economy:

A Handbook of Crypto Media & Journalists

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Author: Simos Angelidis

Simos is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Public Relations and Strategic Communications at the American College of Greece. With PR ON THE GO, he's honing his skills in the crypto and blockchain startup and media space.

This is my guide to staying informed in the crypto economy.

Blockchain technology, along with the concept of decentralized finance, has the potential to revolutionize the global financial system. To be honest, when I first heard about bitcoin, I was quite skeptical about what exactly this short technology offers to humanity, but after many hours of research, I deeply believe that decentralization and tokenization is one of the greatest and most promising concepts of the 21st century.

If you're considering getting involved in the cryptoeconomy, this is my guide to staying well informed about the industry.

First of all: Whenever someone tries to convince you to buy a specific token and promises massive returns on your invested capital . . . . DON'T BUY IT.


As one of the most visited websites in the industry, Cointelegraph provides accurate information. They publish an annual list of the 100 most influential people in the industry, along with new research publications, podcasts, and insights into promising projects.


Another reliable source which is appreciated for its simple-to-understand price analysis section even for those not familiar with financial assets is U.Today.


When it comes to data aggregators the most popular choice is CoinMarketCap. A user-friendly platform offering a wide range of data for crypto enthusiasts.


A more sophisticated platform, Messari is a must for traders seeking comprehensive data.

YouTube channels for crypto insights:

Whiteboard Crypto

An excellent channel for understanding even the most complicated concepts. The creator has a natural talent for explaining even the most complicated technological aspects.


James, the creator, provides valuable trading tips backed by credible facts. His objective approach is something you will realise in every video.

Anthony Pompliano

A US-based investor and entrepreneur, Anthony provides financial education and analysis but he also does some interesting podcasts with respectful guests.

Find the crypto sources that resonate with you.

You should always keep in mind that although the crypto industry is a promising one with a lot of innovation and talent, it is also a place full of scams and speculation.

Always do your own research before making a decision and remember that everyone is trying to promote their own interests.

Through media monitoring and social listening, you can find the expert sources that resonate with you. We have compiled a list of respected crypto media and journalists on 🔗 PR ON THE GO X.


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