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“What Exactly Do You Do?”

PR Experts Explain Their Role In Public Relations.

We asked our experts to explain their role in Public Relations for a better understanding of their profession. Entrepreneurs find out about what Public Relations entails, who has what kind of specialisations in this field, and about the different kind of services on offer. Find out about other close fields, and different terms for a PR professional, such as communications expert or publicist.

Full-Service To Niche Specializations

Emily Reynolds Bergh, Founder of R Public Relations Firm

"I have been in the comms field for over 13 years now. I started as a junior publicist at a firm in Austin, Texas, and expanded into my own business shortly thereafter. I am the founder of R Public Relations, which specializes in lifestyle PR, and we also have a branch called R Creative dedicated to generalized website, branding, SEO, and marketing needs, as well as R Tech, a niche branch specifically developed to address the growing PR needs of tech and start-up clients. Our full-service menu offers personalized public relations, media relations, event curation, social media curation, and content curation.

In terms of PR professionals, there are publicity types who focus on attention-generating stunts and various hype-building events, then there are the more content-driven pros (like myself and my company) who work solely with earned media relations. PR analysts comprise another specialty area in the field, and there are some marketing pros who do some really good PR too. My suggestion is to find niche specialists in your particular industry—the value of PR truly lies in relationships, so the more specialized, the better!"

Influencer PR

Andrea Sok, Owner at SOK Influencer PR

"At Sok Influencer PR we practice Influencer PR. Influencer PR combines the power of PR and Influencer Marketing for the widest, most authentic reach. Our role in the industry is to help founders craft their story and find the voices and vehicles to deliver it for maximum visibility. Our services include message development, content writing, media list building and outreach as well as influencer acquisition, vetting, outreach, and negotiation. By combining these services we can ensure consistency of message. Similar specialities include media relations and communications strategist, although neither are all encompassing. Influencer PR optimizes budget and delivers results."

Creating A Public Image

Chandra Gore, Publicist & Principal Consultant of Chandra Gore Consulting

"My role in public relations is a combination of Media Agent, Specialty Publicist Consultant and Public Relations. I primarily work to create a public image for businesses, individuals or groups. I work with companies of various sizes across different industries. I start with the foundation of a business and work with them to create a strategic communications plan along with a public relations plan to niche down media that applies to their brand along with assisting them with creating a cohesive message according to their story, mission and value statements. I also feel that my business consulting background helps me to understand the business structure so that I am able to add the public relations/communications component with ease."

Crisis Communications

Evan Nierman, CEO and Founder of Red Banyan

"Public relations is about using strategic communications to build and maintain a positive image for a business or organization. Red Banyan is a PR agency that specializes in crisis communications. We assist people who are the victims of online smear campaigns, pitch stories to the media to garner publicity, handle social media for clients, and create a wide range of content including blogs, op eds, profiles, biographies, talking points and quotes."

Franchise PR

Alana Guggenheim, Account Lead at All Points Public Relations

"All Points Public Relations brings an improved level of service to today’s franchise industry. Our expertise in franchise development and franchise consumer business as a defined niche of public relations comes from work with businesses that vary from well-known, national brands to small systems with less than 100 units to start-ups. Every one of them has a story to tell — All Points PR digs deep to find and leverage them for impactful media coverage."

Award Nominations

Paul Somerville, Editor-in-Chief at Electric Scooter Guide

"Did you suppose every award-giving institution finds winners on its own? Public relations agencies help organisations and their CEOs earn awards, but the award sponsor makes the final decision. There's a prize for every skill, but not all are equally credible. PR pros identify awards that could improve client recognition and evaluate them. Public relations agencies use the organization's messaging and industry trends to write award nominations. Our job isn't done after submission. PR teams maximise a company's award win through content."

Profile & Brand Presence

Chenadra Washington, CEO & Founder at Black Orchids PR

"As an expert brand communication strategist, I help other minority women cultivate strong brand presence and raise their profile through high conversion storytelling, captivating website copy, and building media relationships. We offer a range of services to create lasting and reputable brands."

Image Of A Musician

Christian Zelder, PR for Magicien Maartre

"My role as PR for Magicien Maartre is to help create/brand the image of a musician. There are many ways to get that message across, but the goal is to look at musicians who are in the field with top quality content and follow their marketing skills to help the individual who hired you achieve that brand imaging of "Musician" for this example. Other responsibilities are sourcing merch to generate a profit, non stop networking to maintain association with other musicians who are successful and introducing them to one another, not exactly to work on collaborations but to be acquainted because it adds an extra amount of spice to the character/brands image. Finding filmmakers, models, sourcing props and locations to shoot is another responsibility. Looking for billboards in high foot traffic areas to create promotional content with a reasonable budget from $2k - $8k. I also have to reach out to companies that will represent the musician on VEVO which is an exclusive music video hosting company thats part of Youtube."

Turning Information Into Engaging Stories

Marco Genaro Palma, Web Developer & Head SEO Manager at PRLab

"Our role as PR experts is to assist clients in the way they spread information about themselves. We research the industry they’re in, and think of the best ways to transform the information into an engaging story. We also research the best places to spread the story, with attention being paid to audience insight and media platforms. With the main goal being the increase of the brand’s reputation and visibility, these steps ensure that the process goes flawlessly, and the most reach is achieved."

Data-Driven Content

Tristan Harris, Demand Generation Senior PR & Marketing Manager at Thrive Digital Marketing Agency

"Today, a PR expert is creative and focused primarily on data-driven content. Today, we have access to more data than ever before to understand our current target audiences better. Through modern AI tools, we make sure to set aside ample time to research the people we're trying to reach to make the process more efficient for us.

We always hope that the results of our research will provide insights that help us formulate our strategy. It is the data that shapes what we write about! For me, public relations intersect art and science to understand human behaviors and research motivations. With this, I can say that data science has become an increasingly crucial component of PR in recent years.

Finally, we conduct modern, data-driven PR campaigns across various mediums and channels. Typically, earned or owned media content is the most prevalent, with paid advertising on multiple platforms, including social media, to boost impact and engagement."

Communicating People Experience

Kate Derkach, PR Manager at Alty

"My role in the company includes corporate and public relations. I am responsible for the company's image, awareness, service promotion among potential clients and business audience worldwide. For me Public Relations – is about true experience. This is not cool advertising, shouting from the screen how nice the product is, but when the product talks for itself instead – meaning people’ experience. The closest field to PR – is storytelling. A good story, touching specific needs and wishes of customers – makes PR of the product successful ones.

One of the latest PR campaigns organized by Alty was inpartnership with the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We created a mobiletracker of Russian army losses in Ukraine so that everybody had a chance to track how poorly Russian occupants are doing on the invaded territory."

Reflecting The Brand's Values

Victoria Mendoza, CEO of MediaPeanut

"As a PR practitioner and CEO at MediaPeanut, I often define Public Relations as truth-telling to reflect the brand's values and improve its image. Public relations for me is the art of influencing how others perceive and react to a person, brand, or organization. In our practice of corporate public relations for numerous companies and brands, particularly for publicly traded companies, the focus of PR is usually hinged on preserving a positive corporate image while handling media requests and shareholder inquiries. As Public Relations professionals, we help a firm or organization maintain a favorable public image by producing media, such as press releases and social media messages, that influence public perception of the company or organization and raise brand awareness. As a digital PR company, some of our services include media relations, social media management, corporate communications, employee/community relations, and outreach and partnerships."

Holistic Communications Strategy

Alexi McKinley, CEO & Founder at Upwest Social

"Public relations is just that: your relationship with the public and the regard they hold you in. I specialize in growing my clients audience through my signature VAN (visibility, authority, nurture) strategy - which encompasses both PR and Marketing for a holistic communications strategy. I offer Done For You services and DIY mentorship. Most public relations and communications firms work on a consulting basis - stepping into the role as a full-functioning publicist, on different campaigns including: content strategy, influencer partnerships, crisis management, reputation management, visibility strategies, etc."

Fashion PR

Katie McKenna, Founder & Director of Public Relations at Pink Sheep Publicity

"Pink Sheep Publicity is an innovative public relations and digital media & marketing agency, offering services in both the creative and business facets of the fashion industry. Our holistic approach to brand building and public relations make us a one-stop solution for both today and tomorrow’s biggest names in fashion.

We specialize in running strategic campaigns for fashion brands that incorporate traditional public relations tactics and media outreach with celebrity seeding and digital marketing campaigns. As a full-service provider, in addition to PR & digital marketing, we offer social media management, photo shoot production, wholesale, affiliate and email marketing, content creation and brand development services. By aligning public relations objectives with a strategic digital marketing plan, our team constructs and implements compelling strategies that get each of our brands in front of their target audience in ameaningful and memorable way that leads to consistent growth and long-termsuccess."

Broadcast PR

Samantha Jacobson, Founder & CEO of TenXPR

"I am a Broadcast PR professional and the founder of TENXPR, where I work with CEOs of major corporations, founders, experts, and other industry leaders to land them the media exposure they desire. In addition to supporting my own clients, I have a niche for helping other PR professionals get their clients on TV. I began my career as a producer before transitioning into a role as Vice President of PR. With over 20 years of experience in the industry and 4 Emmy nominations, I am an expert at securing media placements for brands and finding newsworthy hooks."

Earned Traditional Media Relations

Derek Serafin, Director of PR at Motion

"At one time, the answer to this was as easy as saying “maintaining a positive public image for a person or brand.” But as media continues to evolve, the definition of public relations becomes broader. Now, public relations can include everything from traditional earned media relations for a product, thought leadership for high-ranking business leaders, crisis communications for brands, or offering counsel on social media. And that only scratches the surface.

My area of specialization lies more in earned traditional media relations. Heavily researching media contacts to learn what they cover and then creating compelling stories that will pique their interest and get them to review products, interview C-suite executives, or even accept bylined content created by our clients.

Motion is a fully integrated agency. We offer clients everything ranging from traditional media relations expertise, digital and social media guidance, strategic creative, and brand strategy.

There are PR specialists for almost anything. The field is as diverse as experts in crisis communications, consumer packaged goods, tech, or healthcare. If it is a burgeoning industry, it most likely has a dedicated PR professional.

I feel an often-overlooked field that has a lot of crossover to PR is journalism. The writing skills learned from the world of journalism are invaluable and can easily transfer over to work in the media relations field. Plus, having a sense of how reporters think and what they find newsworthy can help you better understand what is and is not worth pitching to certain reporters."

Key To Growth

Cathy Hayes, Associate Vice President at Hemsworth Communications

"The goal of public relations is to generate positive brand image through developing relationships between an organization or brand and their target audience. Public relations efforts include tactics such as securing earned media coverage, creating strategies for communication to stakeholders, promoting thought leadership, building plans for community involvement, handling crisis communications and managing content and engagement on social media platforms.

Hemsworth Communications is a full-service public relations and communications agency that specializes in a broad range of services catering to travel and tourism, food, wine and spirits, and franchise and business services. Our diverse team and experience includes capabilities that range from brand strategy, corporate communications, promotions, media relations and special events—to guerilla marketing, social media, CSR programming, crisis management and securing thought leadership opportunities. From launching a brand-new cruise line to managing communications for franchise brands with hundreds of locations nationwide, the Hemsworth team serves as an extension of our clients for behind the scenes messaging and all company announcements.

Publicists are what most people think about when they envision public relations. They work with celebrities, government officials and industry leaders to manage the public image of their personal brands. Tactics include (but are not limited to) creating publicity events, managing press conferences, and mitigating crisis situations.

As an essential component of any brand, public relations efforts are key to promoting the image and growth of any brand or organization."

Internal Audiences & External Target Populations

Katie McAdams, Account Executive at Ruder Finn

"The ultimate description of my job in public relations is helping clients leverage a customized variety of tools, based on a client’s goal(s), to build a positive relationship (perception) with internal audiences and external target populations including stakeholders, media, and consumers. By building these positive relationships, clients can strengthen their brand’s reputation and in turn, the bottom line. The kind of PR delivered to client depends on industry (corporate, non-profit, government, technology, healthcare, etc.), platform (print, digital, social media, etc.), budget (what can the client afford?) and goal (what is the ideal outcome?). Some example of specializations in PR include (but are certainly not limited to): Crisis, Media Relations, Events, Executive Thought Leadership and more."

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