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Why Are Top Entrepreneurs Often Masters In Public Relations?

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As an entrepreneur, you likely follow top entrepreneurs in your industry and beyond in the media. Now realize that you wouldn't even know about these individuals if they weren't featured in the media constantly, or if they wouldn't take opportunities to speak on social media, podcasts or stages. Now think about whether these top entrepreneurs would be as successful as they are if they didn't take the stage. You may also be wondering how they get such a large audience. Usually, they come up with compelling content every time they have an opportunity to speak - even if it's just a tweet. These entrepreneurs have mastered the art of public relations.

Most entrepreneurs and leading executives become PR pros over the course of their careers. They may have been working with leading PR firms for decades and received top-notch media training. By closely observing them, you can learn how to leverage the power of PR to grow your business and achieve your goals.

A strong understanding of public relations can give you a significant advantage as a business owner. From building relationships with the media to crafting a compelling brand narrative, the skills that come with PR expertise can help you establish your business as a thought leader and increase your opportunities for growth.

What do the PRontheGO experts advice?

Understand The Value In The Exposure

Paige Arnof-Fenn, owner of the PR agency Mavens & Moguls, says: "Successful entrepreneurs understand that PR is the most cost-efficient way to build a brand, increase visibility, raise your profile and attract more clients. It drives word-of-mouth, attracts influencers which builds your reputation as a leader and helps you scale faster. Every time a new article hits, you speak at an event, or are quoted in the media there is value in that exposure with instant credibility through third party validation which carries a lot more weight than a paid ad.

Posess A Clear Understanding Of The Brand's Mission, Vision & Values

Emily Reynolds-Bergh, Owner of the PR firm R Public Relations Firm, points out: "When launching your business, entrepreneurs must gain a clear understanding of their company’s purpose and differentiators, and get comfortable talking about the business to friends and strangers alike. In fact, possessing a clear understanding of the brand’s mission, vision, and values is often necessary to secure funding, stakeholder buy-in, and customers! All of these storytelling skills translate incredibly well to public relations, which may be why many successful entrepreneurs have acquired excellent PR techniques. A great example is Adam Grant, an author and organizational psychologist, who used thought leadership to turn his expertise in psychology into a lucrative career."

Build A Strong Rapport For Your Business

Qamar Zaman, Founder of KISS PR Brand Story, emphasizes the importance of crisis management skills for entrepreneurs. PR is essential for establishing a good rapport with the public, and entrepreneurs who master these skills can build a strong foundation for their business and ensure its long-term success.

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Master PR Like A Pro

The acquisition of PR skills can help you achieve business success by establishing your brand, building credibility, and gaining more clients and customers. Here are some ways that top entrepreneurs master PR and how you can apply them to your own business:

Develop a strong personal brand: Personal branding is an essential component of PR. As an entrepreneur, you are the face of your business, and establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry can help build credibility and attract more clients and customers. Take a page out of Richard Branson's book and use your personality to your advantage. Branson's adventurous personality and willingness to take risks have helped him build a successful brand with a loyal following.

Speak up and take opportunities to be featured in the media: Getting media coverage is a powerful way to build your brand and attract more clients and customers. Entrepreneurs who are not afraid to speak up and share their insights and experiences can increase their chances of being featured in the media. Mark Cuban, for example, is well known for speaking his mind and sharing his opinions, which has led to numerous media appearances and increased visibility for his businesses.

Leverage social media: Social media can be a highly effective tool for PR. Entrepreneurs who have a strong social media presence can use it to build their brand and engage with their audience. Gary Vaynerchuk, for example, is a master at using social media to build his personal brand and promote his businesses. One top advice is to continue posting, even when behind the facade you are hustling through your first business years and may not always feel like sharing on social media - do it anyways.

Use thought leadership to your advantage: Thought leadership is a powerful PR tool that can help establish you as an expert in your industry. Entrepreneurs who can effectively communicate their insights and ideas can gain more visibility and attract more clients and customers. Take a page out of the playbook of Arianna Huffington, who used thought leadership to build the Huffington Post into a leading online news source. By establishing herself as a thought leader in the media industry, Huffington was able to attract a wide audience and build a successful brand. As an entrepreneur, you can do the same by leveraging your expertise and unique perspective to become a thought leader in your industry. This can be done through speaking engagements, publishing articles or blog posts, and participating in industry events and conferences.

Build relationships with the media: Developing relationships with journalists, bloggers, and other members of the media can be a powerful way to increase your visibility and build your brand. Top entrepreneurs understand the importance of cultivating relationships with the media, and make it a priority to build these connections. You can do the same by reaching out to journalists and offering to provide insights or commentary on topics relevant to your industry. By building these relationships, you can increase your chances of being featured in the media and gain more visibility for your brand.

In conclusion, mastering the art of PR can be a game-changer for entrepreneurs looking to build their brand, establish credibility, and attract more clients and customers. By following the examples of top entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Arianna Huffington, you can develop the skills and strategies needed to succeed in PR and take your business to the next level. Remember to focus on building your personal brand, taking advantage of media opportunities, leveraging social media, using thought leadership to your advantage, and building relationships with the media. With these tips, you can become a master of PR and achieve business success.


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