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Download 350+ journalist email contacts for $29
Workable spreadsheet
Email contacts of editorial departments and editors

We provide you with a database in a spreadsheet containing over 350 international art and design media editor contacts.

The spreadsheet includes the following media contacts: International art, design, interior and architecture magazines, bloggers, and freelance editor contacts.

Most contacts are from the USA, Canada, UK, and Germany, supplemented by media contacts from other European countries and Asia-Pacific.

These media contacts will be most beneficial to emerging artists, art galleries, architecture firms, and art directors.

We provide complete contact information wherever possible, including media outlet name, format, address, city/state, zip, country, phone number, first and last name, email address, and website.

The contact information has been made publicly available by media outlets and editors.

The database is updated monthly, and we will provide you with more than 350 contacts in case some emails have changed in the meantime.

Once you've made an online payment, we'll provide you with a downloadable link within 1 business day (often sooner) so you can get started right away.

License Agreement

tl;dr = don't share or publish PR ON THE GO databases.

These are conditions of purchase of media lists between you ("The Buyer") and PR ON THE GO ("The Seller").

1. Lifetime license. The Buyer is purchasing a non-transferable license to a PR ON THE GO media list ("The Database") from The Seller. The Buyer can use The Database indefinitely per the terms of this agreement.

2. "In-house" use only. The Buyer agrees not to sell, publish or distribute The Database to any 3rd party, contractor, client, or customer in any form including derivatives or subsets of The Database.

3. No Warranty. All information in The Database is provided "as is". The Seller makes no warranties regarding the accuracy or completeness of The Database.

4. Updates. The Seller may issue updates to The Database from time to time. The Buyer is entitled to complimentary updates to The Database within 3 months of purchase upon request.

5. No Refunds. The Buyer agrees that due to the nature of digital downloads, no refunds are available.

We provide journalists' contacts so you can pitch to gain media coverage for your startup.

All our media lists are delivered as workable spreadsheets and contain the media outlet, title, and email contacts of editorial departments and journalists who publish their contact details for submissions.

The information was publicly provided by media outlets and journalists. We update our lists monthly and only charge for our office services.

To find out how to properly use the media lists for your PR activities, click here.

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