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8 Top Examples Of PR For Wellness Brands

What is one great example of PR for a wellness brand?

To help you get inspiration for your wellness brand PR, we asked business owners and PR professionals this question for their best examples. From WW Good by Weight Watchers to environmental awareness campaigns, there are several great PR examples that may inspire your wellness brand’s next campaign.

Here are eight great examples of PR and tips for wellness brands:

WW Good By Weight Watchers

Caroline Lee, CocoSign

"The best PR example for a wellness brand is the WW Good campaign by Weight Watchers. We all know that Weight Watchers is one of the biggest wellness brands working commendably to make people aware of well-being and pink health. The PR campaign, WW Good, aimed to make health-related support accessible to under-served communities. The campaign involved its global customers and encouraged them to explain what good health means to the people of under-served communities. The campaign involved many other giants of the fitness and wellness industry such as Wholesome Wave and WE. All in all, it was huge and impactful."

The Story of Joe Cross

Natalia Brzezinska, PhotoAiD

"One great example of PR for a wellness brand is the story of Joe Cross, who documented his own 30-day juice cleanse in the film "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead".

By telling his personal story, Cross was able to connect with people on an emotional level and help them see how juicing could not only improve their health, but also change their lives. The film was a huge success, and it helped to bring awareness to the benefits of juicing and healthy living."

Use Emotional Marketing

Kenny Kline, BarBend

"I truly believe that all humans feel first and think later. That is why e-marketing is so effective. Consumers who are emotionally linked to your brand are more engaged and make more purchases, in my opinion. Users today, I believe, require experiences rather than just information. You may create unique experiences for your audience by eliciting different emotions."

The Modere Example

Andre Oentoro, Breadnbeyond

"Modere stands out the most with its PR strategy. The brand went beyond simply providing free samples or gift baskets to these well-known health and fitness bloggers and vloggers. It entered into exclusive partnerships with them, which meant that these top influencers could offer their followers special deals on Modere products. This kind of strategic marketing helped raise awareness about the brand and drove significant sales. And it was all thanks to a well-executed PR strategy."

Interactive Event By 23andMe

Samantha Odo, Precondo

"23andMe, a genetic testing firm, came up with the concept of holding an event in New York City where individuals could learn more about their DNA. This was a fantastic chance for them to interact with the public, but it was rare enough that it would be covered by the media.

How to use this PR approach to your company: Consider how you could host an interactive event in your community, and make sure you know how to produce an event news release. It simply has to be for one day, but there must be a genuine experience aspect to give it news worth. For example, a hotel chain placed one of its rooms near a London railway station so that customers could test out its bedding."

Authentic Backstory

Chandra Gore, Publicist & Principal Consultant of Chandra Gore Consulting

"A great example of PR for wellness brands is to have an authentic backstory. With any product the story is what connects the consumer. As more and more individuals make lifestyle changes and look to trusted brands to support their efforts a wellness brand has to do the Prove they understand their audience, create an honest profile and have messaging that connects with their potential consumer. A great example of a wellness brand that meets all of these criteria is Leah Heals. Founded by Leah Frazier, Esq., CMT her company has created a profile that showcases their authentic brand story that connects."

Environmental Awareness Campaigns

Nina Paczka, MyPerfectResume

"As a wellness brand, you care about the well-being of your target audience. Make your actions even more meaningful by committing to a campaign supporting environmental well-being. Create a campaign around an environmental issue of your choice - saving water, reducing plastic consumption or caring for bees. Whatever you decide. Make it have a slogan and clear objectives. Describe the specific results you will achieve with it. You can engage influencers or use it to position yourself as an expert on a topic. But the most important is to show that you really align with a cause."

Watch Out To Provide Credentials

Emily Reynolds Bergh, Founder of R Public Relations Firm

"Wellness is a huge media target and category—but be sure you have the credentials to support your efforts; if you want media exposure, you need to be a certified professional. I’ve seen firsthand some great campaigns that never got too far due to lack of registered dietitian or certified coach status, for example. Sure, you can launch a campaign without this foundation—if so, you’ll want to accentuate really exceptional, stand-out branding—but the media does check credentials, and the top tier likely won’t cover you if you don’t have them."

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