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Check out the startup directory by Eggradients and get placements for your startup.

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Technology innovators: Join Built In’s expert contributor network and share your expertise in a guest article.

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Bugy interviews startup founders about what it takes to create true value. Submit your interview.

PR is all about focusing on your output. Output is 100% in your control. Focusing on what you can control is the best way to get the outcome you want.

Record remote video interviews and podcasts for your high quality content with

Are you a social impact entrepreneur? Consider submitting your press release with Causeartist to get featured with their global community of conscious consumers and impact investors.

Check out Pexels if you need high-quality, copyright-free images that you can modify, copy and distribute for commercial purposes.

Submit your startup to 10words to get featured online and in a newsletter sent to early adopters.

Creators, launch a Substack, the leading content newsletter format, to share your writings or podcasts.

Refresh your content with the creative marketing copy AI tool

Fast track content creation with MarketMuse, for AI-powered content research, intelligence, and writing.

Innovators watch out: Your product-to-market journey is about to get a whole lot easier once you let Growth Content Planner's ultimate ideation tool guide you.

If you have a unique and exciting angle that may interest bloggers and journalists, PRWeb can help you reach a large audience in no time.

Sending a press release is one of the best ways to get PR for your startup. Be clear and concise. State your most newsworthy information in the first paragraph.

Use Wiki for Content Marketing: You can add links to your content for broken links and missing citations. Do this by searching Google for “ [keyword] intext:“dead link” (or “citation needed”)” and see if your link is relevant.

Answer questions from content creators about your expertise and get published with Terkel.

Try OnePitch to identify the most relevant journalists to cover your news.

Contribute to articles about entrepreneurship by answering the journalist requests of Help a B2B Writer.

Join the global movement of Pledge 1% to integrate giving back into the DNA of your startup.

Add the text-to-speech widget WebReader by NaturalReader to your website to give your audience the option to have text read aloud to them.

Fintech startups: Find the best Crypto and Blockchain press for your story with Glyph.

Give journalists an ‘aha’ moment. Journalists are in the business of telling their audiences something they don’t know. Either provide a new story or a new angle on an existing one.

Upgrade your content game with the affordable content and article writing services by Textbroker or iWriter.

Want to reach out to the African market? Distribute your business news with Bizcommunity.

Engage with people on Twitter and Linkedin, especially those in the media who cover the topics and "beats" that are most relevant to your industry.

Include stats and numbers to your media pitch! Journalists love statistics as they provide depth and credibility to a story.

Perfect pitch: Offer context for why a journalist should care about your pitch/news - Reposition your pitch angle to ensure you’re sharing the most relevant story possible for that outlet’s audience.

Give your brand a voice - Create, distribute, and monetize a podcast for free with Anchor by Spotify.

Create a text to speech model of your voice for your content marketing with Descript.

Voice-first content is booming. Create statements of thought leader insights with Voicestory to generate and share short videos in the style of an audio player.

BuzzStream Discovery is a quick way of discovering the best journalists for your pitches.

Identify influential social media accounts and media outlets for your topic with SparkToro.

B2B startups: Build high-quality Case Studies for marketing, matchmaking and lead gen with DigiWhat.

Differentiate your startup through Audio Branding. Implement a unique voice to your marketing collateral with

Manage your press release distribution with Prowly - for smart PR pitches to ready-made media databases.

Provide a discount on your tech solution to early adopters via BetaPage Deals.

Use Whereby to meet over video. It is the easiest and fastest way, since there’s no app or software download required.

Upgrade your Outreach: Find inspiration from those best-performing cold email templates.

Submit your UK targeted business news to for publication.

Create powerful (free) illustrations of people for your project website, ads and presentations with humaaans.

Use the Photoshop plugin Bannerium to generate ad banners faster.

Create Studio let's you easily create Teaser or Explainer videos with fab animations yourself.

Curated: Grow your audience by sharing curated newsletters of truly engaging content from your industry.

Email Verification Addon allows you to verify email addresses right in Google sheets, useful for those outreach lists.

Words that are easier to say are perceived as more trustworthy and valuable. Run website and marketing collateral through a readibility scoring tool such as Readable.

Motivate e-commerce customers to leave a review on a customer review site for their recently purchased product with a 20% discount on their next purchase (subject to the review being validated).

Content, Curated is a source of neverending inspiration when creativity runs low.

Get inspiration for your PR content with The Pudding, a resource that showcases ideas debated in culture with visual essays.

Try Evernote app for jotting down content ideas.

Optimize your website's content with "People Also Search For" data and "Related" keywords provided by Keywords Everywhere.

Create a flawless on-page SEO with SEO Minion.

Try BuzzStream to research influencers and conduct outreach.

Find out who links to your website with Majestic.

Use the Google Search Console to measure your site's search traffic and performance, fix issues, and make your site shine in Google Search results.

Craft the perfect subject line that will get your pitches opened and read with SubjectLine.

Try Ahrefs for finding newsworthy and highly linkable content.

Use SEMRush for your keyword research and unlinked brand mentions.

Muck Rack is a great tool to find out what journalists have been writing and tweeting about.

Find the email address for the contact you want to reach out to with

See what potential costumers are engaging with on YouTube right now with YouTube Trends.

Get 1 hour of free PR consultancy from PRontheGO founder Melanie Marten with this promotional link. provides you with a Hashtag Generator Tool to find the most popular hashtags for your startup.

Know when to follow-up on your email campaign with Hunter's Mailtracker for Gmail.

Brand biographies with underdog narratives that focus on struggles that were overcome with passion and determination can have an overwhelmingly positive effect on the consumer.

Raise visibility by showcasing thought leadership in your industry - Qwoted puts you in contact with business journalists.

Want to roll-out your Crowdfunding Campaign? Have get you press coverage.

Bablic makes managing your global website simple - Choose machine or human translation for your international launch.

SaaS startups, have your SaaS listed at G2 Crowd and ask your clients to write reviews for your listing.

SaaS startups, look at publishing on reputable industry outlets like Saleshacker or MarketingProfs if you’re going after sales/marketers.

Try Alfred to automate connections, messaging and lead generation on Linkedin.

Are you a remote-first founder or are you becoming a remote-first startup? Then you're ahead of most companies and should promote your startup as such.

Get started with Webinars to reach new audiences and engage them. You may try the webinar software ClickMeeting.

Mixkit provides high-quality stock videos completely free of charge for your promotional activities.

We recommend SocialCaptain to gain real Instagram followers automatically. They organically grow your likes, followers and traffic.

Use Forekast to keep track of events to address in your social media and marketing campaigns.

Use the video screen recording web application Screencast O Matic to produce videos that explain your services.

Try the free UI KIT by Material Design for Bootstrap to build responsive, mobile-first and high converting landing pages.

Have your pitches, product info and content marketing pieces proofread by Grammarly, the AI-powered writing assistant.

Parsely Currents shows you in-demand topics where you can engage.

Use these free Google Sheets templates for your Competitor Analysis. Which keywords and backlinks does your competition have, but you do not yet?

Use MailTimers Countdown Timers for Email Marketing to increase urgency, boost engagement and encourage sales.

Start a free website crawling with Seobility to optimize your website, SEO and link building.

In need of a logo for your startup? Try LogoGarden’s free to use logo generator.

Increase ROI with video emails, free online surveys, list segmentation, analytics and more. Check out GetResponse for your online marketing.

Google "An alternative to [your competitor's name]". Add a comment about your product to the articles and forums coming up.

List your app at so users searching for an alternative can find it.

NYC start-ups; Digital NYC lists top startup events to expand your network and skills.

Try Hubspot's Blog Ideas Generator to plan your blog content.

Authority Magazine features interviews with entrepreneurs who have exciting stories to share. Hand in your pitch here.

Shortlist popular influencers and tweets related to your brand's keywords with Twitter's TweetDeck.

Find out which media and blogs report about your competitor with a backlink tracker like MOZ. Pitch your startup to these outlets!

Submit your founder story in an interview with IdeaMensch, a community of entrepreneurs, via this link.

Get yourself out there as an expert in your (tech) industry! Post statements and answer questions in your Quora feed.

Take PR opportunities by following #JournoRequests on Twitter. Subscribe here to get the latest in your inbox.

If you created a single-purpose website or webtool, share it with the Reddit community of r/InternetIsBeautiful.

Create App Pins on Pinterest. These Pins show an install button so people can download your app without leaving Pinterest.

Sign up for HARO /Help A Reporter Out and offer your expertise on the journalist inquiries on your industry.

Find your way into NYC's startup scene by subscribing to Charlie O'Donnell's newsletter. Also, join a local tech dinner.

Use independent photography platforms to find an unique complement for your content marketing activities, such as

Find the Linkedin company profile of the media outlet you want to achieve coverage in, then search the employee connections to find the right editor to get in contact with.

Submit your startup or product to to gain visibility amongst early adopters.

You built a pioneering IT solution? Ask your clients to review it at Gartner Peer Insights.

Make press releases available in different languages by using DeepL Translator.

Startups in Germany can add their profile to the database of

Ask for feedback to get interaction with and gain insights from your users by setting up a Typeform.

Find marketing assets to promote your iOS app here.

Selling digital products? Try SendOwl – they do the painful job of automating ecommerce and have amazing support.

Set up a free startup profile with to connect with corporate brands and investors.

B2B startups might use to accelerate their beta!

Do not only pitch your product to journalists. Offer yourself as a protagonist. Share your founder story, niche know-how and your experiences.

With your MVP, start to collect Testimonials and publish them on your website.

To have in mind when building your MVP: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler“ -Albert Einstein

Find short, available single-word domain names at

Forget newsletter tools for press releases and pitches. Send personalized text emails to journalists and write authentic introductions to the editors instead!

Startup space Factory Berlin is offering startup memberships for 50 € per month including a working desk and free entry to all their high level industry events.

Share your web /mobile app, hardware project, or tech creations with the hunters of Producthunt.

Since most startups are disrupting an industry where they're newbies, carefully analyze the industry publications before pitching.

Let the Reddit community know what you are working on and what you may need some support with by adding your startup to the monthly Share Your Startup thread at r/startups.

Get beta users! Submit your beta to BetaList to get subscribers for your early stage startup.

Find tech editor's Twitter profiles at

Provide a free or discounted deal for your product or service to the F6S community.

Take action to be found: List your startup in the section you're active in at AngelList - The industry uses it as a research tool.

Promote your B2C startup in your local startup scene: Distribute vouchers /flyers to co-working spaces in your city.

Grow your email list with LinkedIn: Export your LinkedIn contacts & import them into a workable Excel file

Introduce your startup to your local startup scene, e.g. in workshops and office hours presented by Startup Safari.

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